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  1. Summary - MKS flex-o-tubes don't show up in the parts list in the VAB. I think I have all required prerequisite modules. The part didn't show up. I checked the flexotube config file, it said I had to have tech advanced construction, and I do. The part shows as owned in the tech under the research tree. The docs for flexotube only said I needed KAS. I checked KSP.log, it said flexotube needed ConnectedLivingSpace. Downloaded, installed, restarted, no joy. Checked KSP.log again and it now said I needed DeadlyReentry for that part. Downloaded, installed, restarted, no joy. KSP.log doesn't report any further problems with flexotube but I still don't see it in the VAB. Am I missing something? Am I doing something wrong? This driving me nuts, I have a base on Minmus I'm trying to finish and the docking ports won't line up... Running: Steam KSP 1.2.2 000_AT_Utils 000_USITools 0.8.18 CommunityCategoryKit 1.2.2 CommunityResourcePack 0.6.6 CommunityTechTree 3.0.3 ConnectedLivingSpace DeadlyReentry 7.5.0 Firespitter 7.5.1 GroundConstruction KAS 0.6.2 KIS 1.4.3 MechJeb2 2- ModuleManager 2.7.5 USI MKS USI Konstruction 0.1.12 USI Kontainers (no version but was bundled with MKS) Thanks for any help!