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  1. Ok, so turns out it helps if you install the mod dependencies. Derp. Yeah, clean install, just THIS mod, loads fine, can't click on (most) buildings. Debug menu shows errors any time I try to click on buttons, making me stop and think to myself, "There are mod dependencies aren't there...? Yeah, pretty sure the Kottabos Gaming video that led me to this mod mentioned them....yep. There they are. I'm a moron." So, yeah. Follow the install steps. Usually works best if you do.
  2. Running current version of KSP (1.8.1) Game doesn't crash or anything, just gets stuck at the loading screen. Only module manager and MMPatch logs available. ModuleManager: [LOG 09:32:45.168] Applying update ReStock/PatchesMH/FuelTank/restock-mh-fueltanks-1875/@PART[Size1p5_Size0_Adapter_01]:HAS[~RestockIgnore[*]]:FOR[ReStock] to SquadExpansion/MakingHistory/Parts/FuelTank/Size1p5_Size0_Adapter_01.cfg/PART[Size1p5_Size0_Adapter_01] [LOG 09:32:45.170] Applying update ReStock/PatchesMH/FuelTank/restock-mh-fueltanks-1875/@PART[Size1p5_Size2_Adapter_01]:HAS[~RestockIgnore[*]]:FOR[ReStock] to SquadExpansion/MakingHistory/Parts/FuelTank/Size1p5_Size2_Adapter_01.cfg/PART[Size1p5_Size2_Adapter_01] [LOG 09:32:45.172] Applying update ReStock/PatchesMH/FuelTank/restock-mh-fueltanks-rcs/@PART[monopropMiniSphere]:HAS[~RestockIgnore[*]]:FOR[ReStock] to SquadExpansion/MakingHistory/Parts/FuelTank/MonoPropMini.cfg/PART[monopropMiniSphere] [LOG 09:32:45.175] Applying update ReStock/PatchesMH/FuelTank/restock-mh-fueltanks-rcs/@PART[Size1p5_Monoprop]:HAS[~RestockIgnore[*]]:FOR[ReStock] to SquadExpansion/MakingHistory/Parts/FuelTank/Size1p5_Monoprop.cfg/PART[Size1p5_Monoprop] [LOG 09:32:45.177] Applying update ReStock/PatchesMH/Payload/restock-mh-fairing-bases/@PART[fairingSize1p5]:HAS[~RestockIgnore[*]]:FOR[ReStock] to SquadExpansion/MakingHistory/Parts/Payload/fairingSize1p5.cfg/PART[fairingSize1p5] [LOG 09:32:45.179] :AFTER[RESTOCK] pass [LOG 09:32:45.179] :BEFORE[SQUAD] pass [LOG 09:32:45.179] :FOR[SQUAD] pass [LOG 09:32:45.179] :AFTER[SQUAD] pass [LOG 09:32:45.179] :BEFORE[SQUADEXPANSION] pass [LOG 09:32:45.179] :FOR[SQUADEXPANSION] pass [LOG 09:32:45.179] :AFTER[SQUADEXPANSION] pass [LOG 09:32:45.180] :LAST[ASSEMBLY-CSHARP] pass [LOG 09:32:45.180] :LAST[KRND] pass [LOG 09:32:45.180] :LAST[KSPSTEAMCTRLR] pass [LOG 09:32:45.180] :LAST[MECHJEB2] pass [LOG 09:32:45.180] :LAST[MINIAVC] pass [LOG 09:32:45.180] :LAST[MODULEMANAGER] pass [LOG 09:32:45.180] :LAST[RESTOCK] pass [LOG 09:32:45.180] :LAST[SQUAD] pass [LOG 09:32:45.180] :LAST[SQUADEXPANSION] pass [LOG 09:32:45.180] :FINAL pass [LOG 09:32:45.180] Done patching [LOG 09:32:45.181] Saving Cache [LOG 09:32:46.997] Done! #### END PATCH LOG #### [LOG 09:50:55.046] ModuleManager: 749 patches loaded from cache [LOG 09:50:55.046] Ran in 2.998s [LOG 09:50:55.100] Done! Gonna try running JUST KRnD and see if anything happens
  3. just did a fresh install of ksp, and got stuck on loading with "Mod(s) DLL that are not compatible with this version of KSP KRnD GameData\KRnD\Plugins\KRnD.dll "
  4. It's been a while since I've loaded up ksp, and just noticed on the SpaceDock, that ksp has updated to 1.4.5 and so has BDA. Has anything significantly changed for the new version, or just keeping up to date for ksp versions?
  5. Advanced Systemcare 11. And it seems that was the issue. It kept popping up that "Ksp.exe is trying to access buildID64.txt. Allow?" and because the game was constantly going fullscreen, the window with "yes" kept timing out and defaulting to "no". I have 2 monitors, so I was able to click out of the game fast enough to click into the window so I could click yes and "remember this selection". The thing is, I had already done that, so I assumed that it wouldn't be the problem, but now I can put the buildID64.txt back into the game folder and it runs perfectly fine. Can we possibly pin this topic? I have seen some people have the same exact issue, and none of the threads seem to have a solution of any kind. As it turns out, it really is your antivirus just being overprotective and labelling the .txt file as an "essential text file" that needs protection from programs. I wound up getting the file protection window to pop up by moving the game install folder from the external drive, to my desktop, so maybe move it from one drive to another (flash drive might work for this), then try to run it as administrator from there. Your antivirus should pop up asking if you want to give ksp.exe access. Make sure you click the "Remember this" checkbox if one shows up, and it should work fine from then on.
  6. That was one of the first things I tried. No dice. *Edit: I seem to have found a rather stupid, but functional workaround. I removed the buildID64.txt from the folder, and the game loads now. Still looking for a proper fix if anyone knows how to give the game access to the file manually.
  7. I typically do launch from the .exe and typically it takes maybe 30 or so seconds to load a splash screen for my machine. I started up the game and then went to go do some chores while I waited for it to load. about 20 minutes later, the screen was still blank. Also, I was apparently mistaken on the lack of log file. I'm seeing some "UnauthorizedAccessException" in there a couple of times, but I have no idea as to why it's coming up
  8. So, I feel like I should preface this post with a little bit of context. I recently had a pretty catastrophic virus, and had to resort to wiping my internal drive, and reinstall windows. I spent the following days updating drivers, installing antivirus, and making sure that my external drive was clean. I have all my drivers updated, and all of the hardware is installed properly and I'm back up and running. Every other game that I've played runs properly (Before I break them with mods and have to reinstall) Now, for some reason, when I try to launch ksp, all I get when I start it up is a completely black screen with nothing but the in-game cursor. No loading bar/splash screen/witty loading text at all. I figured something happened with the install, so I deleted it, and downloaded the latest installer from the site, got the game installed, but noticed something else a little odd. The launcher seems to be missing the background image, and is just replaced with white. My blanked out launcher I have tried updating every driver I can think of, I have tried running it as an administrator, I have tried troubleshooting compatibility, I have tried reinstalling multiple times to different locations, I have gone into the config to change the resolution settings, but for some reason, KSP is the only game that is giving me a hard time, and I can't seem to pin down the reason. I would provide a log, but it's not giving me one to post. I haven't changed any hardware out from before when it ran perfectly fine before the windows reinstall (Windows 10, 64bit btw) Because of the launchers missing images, I think it's just not rendering the game for some reason, but that's just a shot in the dark from me, and I have no idea what I would do to fix that if I was right.
  9. Is anyone else having issues with craft textures glitching out while in-flight? I'm only noticing it when I have BDAc installed. It's like when you have parts clipping and the textures of multiple parts are fighting to display (Can't remember the actual term for this). It actually gets worse and worse over the duration of a flight, and I think it might be something to do with physics range extender, because it seems to get worse once another craft is loaded in. Normally, I would be able to ignore this as minor, but it gets really bad, and actually makes the parts and whole craft wobble. I have no idea what could be making this happen. I've tried it in both versions of KSP (32/64 bit) and it did the same thing in ksp 1.4.2 and I was hoping it was something that got fixed in the 1.4.3 recompile.
  10. Nice to see this being updated again. Always liked the alternative for rover wheels. Just a quick FYI, your link to the Curse page is broken. Here is a working link for those who were wondering. https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/id-ice-engines-transmissions-wheels-for-ksp-1-3?gameCategorySlug=ksp-mods&projectID=223934 Or you could just search ICE on the ksp curse.
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