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    [1.4.3] ♦ Chaka Monkey Evolution 1.4.3

    Hi do you have a Wiki explaning what each part does and which docking ports can dock with another docking port. Right now I am docking like to like but the NASA II docking port is not liking to dock with another NASA II docking port any help would be apriciated thanks Gerald

    Konstellation HLV

    Hi love this mod trying to set up a small base on mun first to iron out any issues before going to duna but I am missing the iva;s and cannot eva my kerbals To paraphase a comercial the kerbials check in but they do not check out. It is not crashing so I have no report s to send any help woild be apricaiated thanks Gerald
  3. HI Love the Mod but as of the last version for 1.3 I am unable to unzip the folder or install it I ran into this before and the person building the mod changed the zip format I am running windows 10 without any zip programs just the widows native unzip program. PLease repost with a zip format that is supported by windows thank you Gerald

    Convair NEXUS - super heavy Historical Launch Vehicle

    Yes manualy or just dragging it over or using ckan I am unable to copy the data from the zip file . I have manualy downloaded it from space dock and tried the one from ckan the error is the same. it says the following windows cannot complete the extraction the destination file could not be created. I was able to retrive and install it via ckan Thanks for updateing it Gerald

    Convair NEXUS - super heavy Historical Launch Vehicle

    Hi love the mod Is there an issue with the file on spacedock as I can not get it to unzip or save corectly. thanks Gerald