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  1. Pretty rational with a touch of explosions
  2. I set a ion engine to a power of 1 to get a perfect geostationary orbit within the meter
  3. Hmmm, tried to see if Astronomer's Visual Enhancements is glitched too but it seems to be working fine
  4. Yeah. something funky, maybe my rocket boosters heated the ice caps EDIT: 3rd new install and it still happens Gamedata Folder, im sure i've got everything installed correctly
  5. Can barely see terrain from orbit, is this normal? I'm sure I've installed it correctly as on the first time it worked perfectly EDIT: it appears to do something with kopernicus or scatterer because i can see the peaks of mountains poking out of the ocean
  6. Removed scatter because it was too buggy, but this mod is still stunning without it!
  7. I can't access Spacedock.
  8. Burning up in the atmosphere, I'm sure he's fine.
  9. I dock Explosively. Kinda cool if you ask me.
  10. I have completed this challenge but the video is taking too long to upload, I'll get the video finished by the end of the day.
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