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  1. I have got to say, this is one great mod. It's very high-caliber. Keep it up!
  2. I ran it again with Final Frontier and the other mods, and it seems that I might just have goofed up on my part controlling craft. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. So anyway, false alarm! Although, that information is useful, so thanks anyways. I've done that same method when something is acting up while a modded install a few times, and it works.
  3. Just wanted to give a heads-up, but there's a problem that I have when this is installed on my copy of KSP. Whenever I try to fly a plane (or any craft in general) with this installed, it never flies straight, no matter what design, and even with SAS disabled, and at that point, I might as well have called it the "Plane Crazy Kraken". I uninstalled Final Frontier, and it works just fine. I'm not sure if it's an interaction with another mod, or the mod itself. I've ruled out anything relate to hardware, and it just too much to deal with if I have it installed. Can anyone else confirm this? If a mod list is needed, I can provide one. It seems to be like a problem I had with the Blizzy toolbar in 1.2.2., and another with the most recent (albeit outdated) version of RasterPropMoniter, where when I had it installed, Kerbals' EVA jetpacks would keep thrusting up in orbit when they were enabled, until they were either disabled, or the pack ran out of propellant. Hopefully, someone can replicate it.