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  1. To Whom may Concern I had been doing Korean subbed localization since the patch, and the problem is that whenever I apply KO in the build file and initiate the localized file, there's ingame problem of all pannels of Astronaut Complex becoming a blank. I had expected it to be fixed after several patches, however ive noticed that it hasnt been. Although theres no problem with Korean Sub in other parts except the complex, the problem hasn't been changed for a long time. So i would like ask if you can deal with this problem The following screen shot below shows the current p
  2. 혹시 한글을 읽을 수 있는 분 계신가요?
  3. 혹시 한국인이십니까? 아니면 한국어를 읽으실 수 있는 분이신가요? Are you korean? or can you read korean language?
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