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  1. Wow! Is that an interplanetary skyscraper? @hoioh good luck bro, that sounds like an amazing architecture challenge as well!
  2. Hah, I suppose we do in that case! So you have several outpost scattered around the planet? Or just some supplies?
  3. True, that's why I'll have a look at my overall mission plan as well in order to make a well-balanced choice. Hey as long as you're enjoying your challenge! I just ended my latest career mode campaign after killing more than a dozen kerbals and achieving a -99% reputation score... Granted, I was playing with Kerbalism for the first time (quite a few Kerbals died of radiation and CO2 poisoning!) but it was also my impromptu play style which ended the program prematurely. My personal challenge is to plan ahead a little more and of course leave some room for improvisation where necessary.
  4. Thanks for checking the graph! I didn't realise until now that the first launch is indeed on day 40, not on day 1, so yes, that does affect the numbers. Another mistake I made was to round down the launches per launch window and forgot that any 'unused days' for the delivery cycle carry over to the next launch window... So the updated graph does differ a bit: Up to 40 tons, a 36t NPM turns out to be the most effective now! But to answer your other comment... Well, check out this: Clearly, you're right when it comes to bigger launches becoming more efficient. The last value on the graph shows the highest NPM possible when you are still able to do two launches in 10 years time. After that, the graph just increases linearly as you are limited to only one launch. So it's possible to get 2009t to LKO in two launches, or any infinite amount in just one launch. So I devised a new plan: strap some boosters to Kerbin and launch the entire planet to Duna (we'd solve global warming as a bonus!). However, after checking with some experts on Kraken, 2-body physics, and computational power, I realised that this plan has some flaws. I'll probably stick to 36 tons....
  5. I love the concept of this challenge, so I'm in! After some corporate IP theft from Elon Kerman & co calculations using Transfer Window Planner and Excel, I came up with the following graph to estimate the ideal NPM given the five available launch windows and delivery cycles (it quickly turned out that a non-reusable SLV is not a viable option). So, as I don't think doing about 1,0000 1-ton launches will be very.... fun.... to play, I will go with the big spike up on the top right, which means my SLV will have to have an NPM of 37.5 tons to LKO, which coincidentally (or not, given that this must be an ideal payload given the graph) gives me a delivery cycle of 225 days, which is just short enough to make the very first launch window at year 1, day 235. So, with that part done, time to send those maths Kerbals home (for now) and bring in the rocket designers! By the way, I think this will be my modslist (using the latest version of KSP): @Death Engineering hope these are 'allowed'. If not, I still have time to take out some. Cheers!
  6. That's really amazing work, looking forward to seeing it in action!
  7. You , sir,certainly deserve the topic-bump-of-the-year award. Anyhow, this idea still sounds great! Anyone taking up the challenge?
  8. Thumbs up for that; I think this mod beats RP-0 when it comes to value of the contracts. It actually teaches something about space history while playing!
  9. I just have to say, Fillipuster, that although I have no idea on how to solve your problem, I really LOVE the concept. Best of luck with it, I'll keep a close eye on your work!
  10. I also just got this bug for the first time - it didn't happen yesterday when I first installed the mod. Strange. Apart from that, I love the added effects. Together with EVE/Scatterer, it completely changes the way KSP looks!
  11. I see nobody replied to this yet, but... thanks! Great little mod that does what it's intended to do; I always found the restriction kind of arbitrary as you could still simply stick a few fuel tanks together.
  12. This mod might help if you want to maintain your spin throughout warp:
  13. Hah yeah, I didn't recognise the visuals as I have (the RSS modified) EVE and scatterer on my RSS install, and I had Astronomer's visual pack installed for stock until I saw your screenshots. Now I immediately switched!
  14. Hey just a quick question (off-topic); what visual mod(s) do you use? I love the lighting on Kerbin!
  15. Thanks for posting this! I'd love to learn a bit more about the actual math needed to calculate reentries, and this is a great start. How did you get your value of 1.2 though? Is there a way to calculate this without trial & error? The point of using this kind of math would be to avoid that (very Kerbal!) style of playing of course. By the way, coincidentally just saw that movie Hidden Figures a few days ago. It covers a lot of different topics, from spaceflight to human rights; I'd recommend watching it!