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  1. Yesterday I tried to launch a small cube telescope to space with my Arrowel rocket, it was suffocating me and my brain was almost exploding because the Gyro Krakens were attacking me. I tried again, but yet those mad Krakens were attacking me again. Then I tried to launch from Zebedee Polar Launch Facility with the Falcon 9, luckily no Krakens but well the first stage landed on 40m/s and the payload crashed back into Kerbin
  2. I do play it but went bankrupt in beginners world just after starting. Guess I could never start my own airline.
  3. KSP PARTS LIMITER MOD This mod limits only a single type of command pod, fuel tank, engine, and blah, blah blah, what category is out there for use. For instance, if you want to make a Mun lander, you would have to use the same engine as the first stage of the rocket for landing and the same command pod. Q&A 1. Which part will it limit? It will choose a random part. 2. When does it apply? It applies when you first create a new world (doesn't care whether its sandbox, science or career). That means you'll be getting stuck with the same part and have to use the same one over and over again. Screenshots: Good luck. May the Kraken be with you.
  4. Welcome to the community, @AstroGio! Hope you enjoy here.
  5. Just some test launching my upcoming KSC missile 2000m/s is pretty fast, I have to admit and they say radiator panels don't work in re-entry they do this time. Now, this thing won't even launch..
  6. Announcement - Mun SCANsat-2 will be launched soon Else, we are happy to announce that other Mun SCANsats will be, hopefully, launched using the Arrowel III, the latest of the Arrowel series. The Arrowel III, however, is not a stock rocket and the SRBs are provided by SpaceY Heavy Lifters pack.
  7. Expected end of the mission is in August 2018. The Arrowel 2 craft is available for download: MUN SCANsat codenamed Arrowel SCANsat satellite: The first launch will be done on the 14th of January, GMT+8:00. The second and other launches will be announced soon. Staff members: Staff members in-charge of launching and managing the mission are KerbalNetwork Irfzwan Mission Reports Announcement of Mun SCANsat-1 status Mun SCANsat-1 Overview: Launch status: Successful Payload: Successfully deployed approximately 270 km on perigee and 340 km on apogee Amount of fuel left: Estimated 3 second of full burn
  8. Hey guys! It's been a long time since I was away If you want to know it anyway this spoiler is for you Anyway, my second or third fan art!
  9. You're welcome! A bit late but have a happy new year!
  10. Welcome and have fun! Hope you'll enjoy the forums!