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  1. MISSION INFORMATION Date: 24-25th June Time from Launch - Splashdown: 10:48PM - 12:25AM Game mode: Science Crew: Jebediah K. and Bob K. Video version of this mission report (I suggest reading, it's way faster but you can watch it anyway) BACKGROUND INFORMATION The reason I call this first 'official' mission is because I have done a few practices before. One of them hit the face of Mun too hard, resulting in a crash. The others landed 'safely' but tipped over after landing, resulting a "no-return" to Kerbin (I have tried to apply full thrust and point above the horizon, but it crashed into the terrain). The last one though, still tipped over after landing. But this time, I managed to bring it back into a stable orbit and return back to Kerbin. That means the latest prototype is worth enough for the real mission (There were two scrubbed prototypes). Of course, no Kerbonauts were injured or killed, thanks to the revert button done after each practice. THE ROCKET The rocket itself isn't much, it's powered by a bunch of boosters and designed to fit 2 crew (Jeb and Bob) using the MK1 command pod and MK1 lander can. There's a reason I do not want to leave Jeb for the mission. This is also Bob's first mission. The rocket itself might be overkill, but I am not a rocket scientist so it's up to you. THE MISSION Launch! First stage separation and second stage burn. Stable orbit Maneuver Bob's first spacewalk... for Science! Maneuver burn To Mun! Bob doing his favourite stuff, Science! Goodbye Kerbin! Another spacewalk Mun Burn 1 Second stage separation + third stage burn Spacewalk again. Landing Finally landed on Mun! (My first upright landing) Kerbalkind first step on Mun! Bob missed his first step! ouch Flag-planting ceremony Goodbye, Mun! Burn to orbit Orbit burn Another EVA Final burn to Kerbin Back with Kerbin \ Last stage separation Re-entry Parachute deployment And finally, splashdown!
  2. I've been wanting this since the trailer is released! This mod is awesome, but the texture for the arms could have more detail as in the image above if that's possible. Anyways, great mod!
  3. When you quit KSP and then started playing again. Like me.
  4. Yesterday I tried to launch a small cube telescope to space with my Arrowel rocket, it was suffocating me and my brain was almost exploding because the Gyro Krakens were attacking me. I tried again, but yet those mad Krakens were attacking me again. Then I tried to launch from Zebedee Polar Launch Facility with the Falcon 9, luckily no Krakens but well the first stage landed on 40m/s and the payload crashed back into Kerbin
  5. I do play it but went bankrupt in beginners world just after starting. Guess I could never start my own airline.
  6. KSP PARTS LIMITER MOD This mod limits only a single type of command pod, fuel tank, engine, and blah, blah blah, what category is out there for use. For instance, if you want to make a Mun lander, you would have to use the same engine as the first stage of the rocket for landing and the same command pod. Q&A 1. Which part will it limit? It will choose a random part. 2. When does it apply? It applies when you first create a new world (doesn't care whether its sandbox, science or career). That means you'll be getting stuck with the same part and have to use the same one over and over again. Screenshots: Good luck. May the Kraken be with you.
  7. Welcome to the community, @AstroGio! Hope you enjoy here.
  8. Just some test launching my upcoming KSC missile 2000m/s is pretty fast, I have to admit and they say radiator panels don't work in re-entry they do this time. Now, this thing won't even launch..
  9. Announcement - Mun SCANsat-2 will be launched soon Else, we are happy to announce that other Mun SCANsats will be, hopefully, launched using the Arrowel III, the latest of the Arrowel series. The Arrowel III, however, is not a stock rocket and the SRBs are provided by SpaceY Heavy Lifters pack.
  10. Expected end of the mission is in August 2018. The Arrowel 2 craft is available for download: https://kerbalx.com/KerbalNetwork/Arrowel-2 MUN SCANsat codenamed Arrowel SCANsat satellite: The first launch will be done on the 14th of January, GMT+8:00. The second and other launches will be announced soon. Staff members: Staff members in-charge of launching and managing the mission are KerbalNetwork Irfzwan Mission Reports Announcement of Mun SCANsat-1 status Mun SCANsat-1 Overview: Launch status: Successful Payload: Successfully deployed approximately 270 km on perigee and 340 km on apogee Amount of fuel left: Estimated 3 second of full burn
  11. Hey guys! It's been a long time since I was away If you want to know it anyway this spoiler is for you Anyway, my second or third fan art!
  12. You're welcome! A bit late but have a happy new year!
  13. Welcome and have fun! Hope you'll enjoy the forums!
  14. Thanks Squad and others even though I replied late!
  15. Green and Modern KSP Forum Greetings fellow people, I made a Stylish theme for this website (forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com) and I would like to share it to you. If you don't know what Stylish is, it is a browser extension that enables you to change the website's theme by downloading 'Styles' created by users. So first of all, once you downloaded the style, it will change the font to Calibri Light or Avenir Next for those computers that had not installed Calibri font. Unfortunately, it will override post fonts for example like this post once you had the style activated. The theme for this style is green and white. The KSP Forum Homepage: Example Profile Page: Drop-Down menu Font shown is Avenir Next. If you want to install Stylish/Stylus extension, follow the instructions here (redirects you to Stylish website) For Chrome users: https://userstyles.org/help/stylish_chrome You can still install Stylish/Stylus on some other browsers. The link to the style is here : https://userstyles.org/styles/145555/green-modern-ksp-forum The style is still in development. If you think you found any bug or a colour that remains the original state that should be fixed/changed, please PM me. I appreciate it alot.
  16. I've posted a post at the wrong place today, and for the first time.
  17. Welcome to the community! Hope you will enjoy your time here!
  18. Greetings people, Today I want to show you the third version of my Arrowel Rocket series, Arrowel III! The third version of the original rocket is two staged, and it's second stage has alot amount of fuel tanks. It might be heavy, but thanks to SpaceY SRBs the rocket can lift off at a TWR of 3.25! The download link for the rocket is not ready yet, but I'll let you know. Here's the demo video.
  19. -Stealing Jeb's knowledge -Exploding KSC -Relaunching rockets -Scrubbing launches -Fixing Satellites -Recovering Rockets -Adding new SRBs
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