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  1. Despactio. I despise that song yet it haunts me every day of my life.
  2. I gotta say Eve cause I like the purple, and its really fun to see how many ways i can destroy my ship there. Also Gilly is perfect for refuelling stations and just screwing around in general.
  3. Moho is probably the most aesthetically annoying planet I could think of, the sun is annoyingly huge in the sky and the surface is so dark that it constantly makes me think the sun is setting. (its perfect for my gulags though)
  4. Decouplers that separate the ship into a bunch of pieces, some of which have parachutes (not practical at all but definitely entertaining)
  5. The worst for me is when a station (especially a big one) starts wobbling around.
  6. I'd recommend the Better Time Warp mod. Its extremely useful for really long missions
  7. made everything half transparent by hyperediting my ship a quintillionish meters from the sun, even reverting didnt fix it.
  8. Is there any particular reason to use the toroidal tank? I've been trying to find one but I can't think of anything (other than for aesthetic purposes)
  9. I got the meter to go up to X (exameters?) before it looks like it loops back around to meters. Then my ship/the universe stopped existing after going higher, reverting to launch didn't seem to fix it