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  1. I wonder how it scales with 10.6x rescale.
  2. Huh! I KNEW my solar panels were reacting to Ciro when I was rotating my craft towards them, but couldn't find the pattern. That explains it, thanks a lot for the update!
  3. [1.2.*, 1.3.*] Triple-Z Radio Astronomy Telescope

    Oh, thanks! Somehow the link from the thread in your signature doesn't visualize titles after "SmartStage", so I didn't see it. Opening full spreadsheet helped: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vS3F56EmMcfPgLPiMJrmlGo_Op1iLJoxYoEarnXpVNg/pubhtml
  4. [1.2.*, 1.3.*] Triple-Z Radio Astronomy Telescope

    Hey @linuxgurugamer, are you still maintaining this mod? Didn't find it in your mod statuses spreadsheet, and the mod itself is looking very promising.
  5. That's really cool! I've also found a wiki for SCANSat. One thing which I wasn't aware of is that the mod allows you to predict the coverage you'll be making of a body thanks to the small dots in the middle of the "Big map". It simulates the next 100 orbits and provides you a handy overview:
  6. [1.3.1] The Kaptain's Log

    Congrats on the release Really looking forward to using this mod.
  7. From what I understand, SCANSat operates the best at "Ideal" altitude. If you right-click the instrument, it says if it's "sub-optimal", "Ideal" or "too high!" (it stops working when too high). Still, interesting info, thanks!
  8. Yeah, that's correct. Version 1.5+ allows you to install OPM as a secondary system around Grannus. Totally optional ofc.
  9. That's an amazing gallery @Poodmund! One question: which onboard computer do you use? Pretty sure I haven't seen these visuals/interface in RPM. Overall, those IVA cockpits are amazing. Would like to have some source
  10. It's all gone (fps issues)! Thanks, now I can really start enjoying this amazing mod! I don't have QuickGoto, but I have QuickSearch and Janitor's Closet, yeah.
  11. Double-checked. After uninstalling the mod, VAB fps jumps back significantly. Will try to get more precise data if you need me to, but tomorrow.
  12. I've checked out the mod. Great job and incredible progress in these few weeks! Some bug reports based on the latest version: Typos Kaptain's log intro window Overall, I recommend you to make a double-spacing removal pass, unless it's intentional. Global pane: "to use global settings forall the settings". Overall, this and other paragraphs have a bit too many "settings" words in them. In many cases, you can simply skip the word or replace with pronoun. General Settings pane "thunbnails should be saved"; Double spacing on the following paragraph "The option __ Use Bliniear". "If your thumbnails aren't clear". Recommended new phrase here. Initial Display Columns pane "which columsn are shown". Evt Pause Settings pane Last phrase requires colon: "Not that this button does not stay enabled: once all... " Missing period at the very end. Evt Screenshot Settings pane missing space after comma, lost "which" word: "specifies which events which,when captured" Feedback Game performance Unfortunately, performance issues didn't go away on my heavily mod game. This is specifically noticeable in KSC and Editor scenes, where performance drops to 7-10 fps. Strangely enough, during the flight itself, where all the monitoring should happen, there's no noticeable impact. It's still pretty annoying when designing vessels.
  13. Galileo's Planet Pack Workshop

    I haven't really looked at the code, but there's potentially a lot of stuff to fix, even if description-wise. For example, while I can understand Iota being called "Moon", missions like "Minmus X" leave no doubts. I could look at the code/descriptions myself, but probably not earlier than this weekend. I would say though that Homeworld()-style references are actually what gives this contract pack much of its flexibility. Better to leave them as is, and try to find references to inner planets. Overall, I'm a bit torn by this contract pack so far. It has a lot of things which are the mod great, like accounting for rescaling and such. However, it aims to be "Jack of all trades" type of mod: one contract pack to rule them all, and ends up being a bit generic.