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  1. Yes actually, I grabbed a bunch of new mods at once on ckan so I'm not sure what's what, but something definitely has changed my parachutes. I'll try again with non-stock chutes and see if it works.
  2. First, I love love love this mod, thank you! Small issue: I couldn't find if this has been addressed, but I'm having trouble attaching parachutes to the Rodan capsule. In both the provided craft files, and ones I've made myself, the parachutes start swinging around, like an elliptical orbit around the craft's centre. In some cases I can get them steady with autostrut to grandparent part, but then doing anything (like decoupling a launch pad part) causes them to fly around again. Has anyone encountered this issue?
  3. Sounds good! Just in time to head home and try it out
  4. Any plans to update for 1.5.x? Or has anyone tried it?
  5. I played Orbiter first, and learned some of the basics of getting to orbit, and some docking and maneuvering (but not rendezvous) but I was still in over my head. I actually held off of trying Kerbal for a long time, thinking it was dumb and goofy, and wrote it off in favour of orbiter (even though I couldn't do anything in orbiter) I thought that since I hate minions, I'd hate the little green kerbals. But I stumlbed across a scott manley career mode playthrough on youtube and that got me to give ksp another try, and then it's consumed my life ever since. But knowing what I know now, I'd be into trying orbiter again and seeing how much I can use its wealth of avionics.
  6. I'm fine with the mechanics of it, but would love to see more and more varied science experiments. Like a radial-mount Science Jr like SSTU has. Maybe some lower-profile goo experiment part also. Add radiation sensors to the list of basic rerunnable experiments. Or some later-in-the-tech-tree part that contains all the basic rerunnable experiments. Or something kerbal-deployable you can bring along and leave on the surface, which accrues science over time like a mini lab. Some smaller atmospheric sensors that you can mount on smaller probes, and get smaller amounts of data to transmit from smaller antennae. Maybe an option for a mission-long experiment running in the background, like a kerbal wearing a med sensor and you get science points at the end for the med data gathered. Maybe even some imaging parts where you can frame, zoom, and shoot amazing in-game photos, transmit them back, and get science points, and also sell the images to the press or something for money and reputation points. Their value can decrease, so the first close-up image of Duna will be super valuable, then decrease with each subsequent image, maybe per biome. Maybe have the planets in tracking station be basic sphere geo without the proper planet model, which is only revealed when you actually get a craft to fly by, orbit, or land. I could go on, but this is just a wish list. I've been enjoying the science system as-is personally.
  7. Nice truss sections, @mechanicH ! Can't wait to open your craft file and see how you made them.
  8. Ah, perfect. Thank you! Next challenge for me: achieve orbit!
  9. I just downloaded RSS and RO for the first time on a fresh install of 1.3.1 Just opened it to poke around the new solar system in the tacking station, and everything seems to work except I'm seeing all orbits heavily inclined to their parent bodies. I'm not sure if the mod is meant to be this way, but after a bunch of wikipedia searches of various planets' and moons' inclinations, I'm at least certain the actual solar system shouldn't be like this. The moon is in a heavily-inclined orbit around Earth, the four Galilean moons are in the same plane as each other but heavily inclined around Jupiter (extra evident ith Jupiter's horizontal cloud bands) and all planets in the same heavy inclination relative to the sun. Is this a known issue? If not, I can provide more info as needed.
  10. Adding to the 'be sure to have the specified parts', alway click the little plus signs '+' to expand each parameter and be sure you aren't missing anything I've had issues using add-on parts that sometimes get recognized for contracts, sometimes not. I'll often test fly and Alt+F12 as needed to be sure the parts and craft work for the contract before proceeding for real.
  11. Yes, but not to push a manoeuvre. Instead my craft had gone dead on an interplanetary trip when the panels had drifted out of alignment with the sun. I sent my kerbal out to push the ship and change its attitude, the hop back in and use the SAS to stop the rotation once I had power. I've done similar operations IRL on the highway...
  12. I'd like to cast my vote for this as well, and even to keep them accessible in the VAB/SPH, even if only in some hidden legacy tab. The more parts the better I'm a heavy SSTU user but I'm very excited for all these parts and craft, and can't wait for this expansion.
  13. Hi All, I've been having power supply issues and my computer recently shut down mid-game. When I next tried to play, the game runs normally but my good save gives the above error when I try to open it: Error accessing this save, and below it says Argument cannot be null. Do you know of any way to retrieve the save? Some line I can edit to revert to the last saved state? Please let me know if you need any other info to help me diagnose this issue. I was pretty invested in this particular career game. Thanks!