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  1. Is there a mod for ksp 1.4.x that gives you planetary stats? Things like gravity ASL, surface temperature ASL, atmospheric pressure ASL, etc, etc.
  2. Is this backwards compatible with 1.4.2 or am i going to have to update? Edit: i'll try it out.
  3. Dear @linuxgurugamer. I would like to apologize for being a Dunce. I was about to register a compliant when I noticed that the error was not between the mod and the game, but between the chair and the keyboard. (Forgot to download the dependencies. *Hangs head in shame*). You are doing a fantastic job, i just thought you should know that.
  4. Just a through. Could you make this work for debris in orbit too? Or would that be to difficult?
  5. Am i doing something wrong? None of the downloads (.zip is all I've tried so far.) contain .exe files. Just .file .sln .sh and .csproj files plz help. I need something like this.
  6. This + 20% default Ablator patch. Ohh, this ain't going to be good. (Downloading)
  7. Sorry for practicing necromancy but does this still work with 1.4.2?
  8. Any way i could hotfix (or juryrig) it to work with 1.4.2? Its a several mile walk from here to the nearest wifi and my cellular provider doesn't allow for wifi hotspots or tethering so I can't update ksp just yet.
  9. Thank you, Scott Manley, Matt Lowne, The Kraken and all the other Gods of ksp. This actually works, Dragon Aerospace is a space program again. (As well as my other save files)
  10. Umm. Really stupid question. Does anyone have a users manual i can look at ???
  11. Is there an Idiots Guide to making ASTEROIDGROUP configs? I've been trying for the last five hours to make a ring around kerbin in 1.2 (call me sentimental) with no luck.
  12. Ahh, that explains it. I've only got about a 5.6 success probability on that beacon. Oh well, plan b. To park a beacon at the edge of Jool's SOI and just build USI bases on the outer moons. Sorry for bugging you.
  13. That's what i was afraid of. And why i asked if anyone could tell me the optimum altitudes. Please.
  14. The beacon and jump ship were parked right at the edge of the SOI, Laythe for the beacon and Kerbin for the jump ship.
  15. Can anyone tell me the optimum beacon and jump altitudes for the stock planets and moons please. I tried to jump to Laythe and my ship exploded.
  16. No joy yet on the antivirus. Could it be because my cpu came out of a crackerjack box?
  17. I downloaded KSP-AVC and it told me the only compatibly issue was ModularFlightIntegrator so I downloaded the 1.2.0 version, still no joy.
  18. FerramAerospaceResearch > FARPartModule.cfg. CustomFARAeroData.cfg. CustomFARAeroStress.cfg. CustomFARGUIColors.cfg. FARAeroData.cfg. FARAeroStress.cfg. FARAnimOverrides.cfg. FARGUIColors.cfg. FARPartModuleTransformExceptions.cfg. FARPM.cfg. FARVoxelGeometryOverrides.cfg. FerramAerospaceResearch.cfg. speedometerReplacement.cfg. stockEngineGimbalIncrease.cfg Plugins > PluginData > FerramAerospaceResearch > config.XML. FerramAerospaceResearch.dll ferramGraph.dll Scale_Redist.dll RealChuteLite > Sounds > sound_parachute_cut.wav sound_parachute_repack.wav. RealChuteLite.cfg Shaders > farshaders.ksp Textures > icon_button_blizzy.png. icon_button_stock.png. sprite_debug_voxel.png I hope this is understandable.
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