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  1. I suck at making rockets in RSS. As the tittle says, any stock rocket that can reach LEO in RSS? If you have one, please provide a link (kerbalX only ) . Thanks.
  2. Launch : SLS Block 1 ( made by unknown , source : KerbalX ) Mission : sub-orbital flight Real Solar System Liftoff : Booster Seperation : 1st Stage Seperation : 2nd stage burn : Apoapsis height : 400,000 m approx. Top speed : 2000 m/s approx. 3rd Stage Seperation : Last stage seperate (capsule) : Reentery : Chute deploy : no image Main chute deploy : Touchdown : no image Flag planting : As you can see, there is not much explaination since I am in a hurry. The flight did end well. This is one of my longest post ever with many pictures. KSP version 1.2.2 no cheats.
  3. Hello everyone, I tried to make a rocket to reach orbit or sub-orbit (at least) in RSS but couldn't. So I just downloaded a Falcon 9 Dragon from somebody (I don't remember) and loaded it up. Liftoff starts well. After 2 and a half minutes (I think so) stage 1 were seperated But then, something went wrong. One of the tanks exploded a little which caused the whole ship to loose control. This forced me to abort the mission. I fired up the draco engines to reduce the speed of the capsule. Again, something went horribly wrong. The draco engines ran out of fuel. And they are no parachutes on the dragon. So there is only one option : doing an EVA ^ Image above shows dragon capsule exploded (right) So I (no, Jeb) prepared for the worst. ^ Jeb was falling down very fast Jeb plummeted to the ground at approx 50 m/s Luckily I reverted the flight to the beginning, and Jeb was safe.
  4. KSP : Real Solar System (RSS) Today I launched my first rocket made in 10 minutes. It went on a suborbital flight. Its name is abc_xyz . Image below shows rocket on launchpad before launch : Liftoff! First stage seperation : 2nd stage burn : Exiting the atmosphere : I It all went well. I checked my map and sure enough, it made a sub-orbital orbit. After that, I forgot to take screen shots (sorry for that). But the flight did end well and splashed down in the ocean.
  5. Alright, thanks for the tips guys, I will be trying to get to LEO this time in RSS.
  6. Hello everyone, Is there a way to make orbit in RSS? I was worst at making rockets (probably) and I hope you guys can give me some tips.