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  1. I suck at making rockets in RSS. As the tittle says, any stock rocket that can reach LEO in RSS? If you have one, please provide a link (kerbalX only ) . Thanks.
  2. Launch : SLS Block 1 ( made by unknown , source : KerbalX ) Mission : sub-orbital flight Real Solar System Liftoff : Booster Seperation : 1st Stage Seperation : 2nd stage burn : Apoapsis height : 400,000 m approx. Top speed : 2000 m/s approx. 3rd Stage Seperation : Last stage seperate (capsule) : Reentery : Chute deploy : no image Main chute deploy : Touchdown : no image Flag planting : As you can see, th
  3. Hello everyone, I tried to make a rocket to reach orbit or sub-orbit (at least) in RSS but couldn't. So I just downloaded a Falcon 9 Dragon from somebody (I don't remember) and loaded it up. Liftoff starts well. After 2 and a half minutes (I think so) stage 1 were seperated But then, something went wrong. One of the tanks exploded a little which caused the whole ship to loose control. This forced me to abort the mission. I fired up the draco engines to reduce the speed of the capsule. Again, something went horribly wrong. The d
  4. KSP : Real Solar System (RSS) Today I launched my first rocket made in 10 minutes. It went on a suborbital flight. Its name is abc_xyz . Image below shows rocket on launchpad before launch : Liftoff! First stage seperation : 2nd stage burn : Exiting the atmosphere : I It all went well. I checked my map and sure enough, it made a sub-orbital orbit. After that, I forgot to take screen shots (sorry for that). But the flight did end well and splashed down in the ocean.
  5. Alright, thanks for the tips guys, I will be trying to get to LEO this time in RSS.
  6. Hello everyone, Is there a way to make orbit in RSS? I was worst at making rockets (probably) and I hope you guys can give me some tips.
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