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  1. I've been down with COVID for a while but I'm finally getting better and will be getting back to work on the mod.

    1. cukkoo


      Wow if i were you i would probably got in the ICU.Because i have a very thin trachea

    2. Next_Star_Industries


      Stay away from this stuff then it's nasty thought I was going to die.

    3. verniervonkerman


      glad ur back and most importantly, safe!

      Good luck modding! It will be a bit easier with no more ksp 1 updates...

  2. I'll be releasing Next Star Industries v2.4.2"Expanding the Field" minor updates 2 tomorrow Friday 10-22-2020. Performing final update checks today.  

    Removal of the NSI folder will be required before updating to v2.4.2 due to file structure changes and removal of some parts.  

    This should fix the turret issues along with many config file balancing updates and finalize the "Expanding the Field" update. Next up "Retro Style" this update will concentrate around some of the classic "UFO"  designs such as this "Classic 55" saucer style design :cool:.  

    I also have updated "Roster Manager" to include the NSI professions for Kerbals and will be included in the download.  


  3. My mod adds a lifespan to Kerbals get it here: https://spacedock.info/mod/2506/Next Star Industries
  4. I use a patch like this to add a cat with custom icons. You simply use the part name to add parts to list. ODCAT { folderName = NSI normalPath = NSI/Category/NSIIcon selectedPath = NSI/Category/NSIIconActive title = Next Star Industries } CUSTOM_PARTLIST_CATEGORY { categoryName = NSI icon = NSI/Category/NSIIconActive SUBCATEGORY { name = Engines icon = Squad/PartList/SimpleIcons/R&D_node_icon_advancedmotors PARTS { part = NSILV-1 } } SUBCATEGORY { name = Probes icon = Squad/PartList/SimpleIcons/R&D_node_icon_basicprobes PARTS { part = NSI1m-PCC part = TDS22 part = Peacekeeper part = MQ9 } } SUBCATEGORY { name = Weapons icon = Squad/PartList/SimpleIcons/R&D_node_icon_experimentalelectrics PARTS { part = B61m12GPS part = Diamondback part = Typhoon part = exocetMM40b3 part = FatMan part = Pumpkin Bomb part = LittleBoy part = W87 part = Peacekeeper part = MK24 part = MK81GPS part = MK81Laser part = MK81UGB part = MK82GPS part = MK82Laser part = MK82UGB part = MK83GPS part = MK83Laser part = MK83UGB part = MK84GPS part = MK84Laser part = MK84UGB part = R23r part = R27r part = R33 part = R37 part = R60 part = R73 part = Honest John Conventional LR GPS part = Honest John Conventional UGM part = Honest John Nuclear LR GPS part = Honest John Nuclear UGM ` part = Honest John Improved Conventional UGM part = Honest John Improved Nuclear UGM } } }
  5. New reflective textures for "TDS22".YedW_rnrcoAz7H3ekF1jJCe7EOm-C_gYMt8xT7X2k7wT5jFi3SVyq0h3QTplhPXedTUx_DiQjz-fz-Ue

  6. Coming Soon! 38 Full scale, fully functional "Warships". Here's the Albany Cruiser.ACtC-3dRGs0DXY51unPCnO07S3wEdj17mdyXC8sA

  7. Not sure haven't added that MOD. I don't have a thread for Next Star Industries please send comments or what not to here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/profile/178686-next_star_industries/ or use the issue tab here: https://github.com/NextStarIndustries/Next-Star-Industries/issues Thank you. This thread is now dead.
  8. My mod adds a sonic boom effect. https://spacedock.info/mod/2506/Next Star Industries
  9. In the process of creating this .
  10. You can always check out my weapons mod here. It adds hundreds of weapons to BDAc plus more. https://spacedock.info/mod/2506/Next Star Industries
  11. Space dock shows my mod "Next Star industries" listed to CKAN but it's not in the list when I use ckan, it's updated to the latest version. Is there a reason for this so I can fix it?
  12. Yes just add the MODULE to any part config file. It works through the plugin not the actual part, I just made that part to test with and ended up leaving it.
  13. I don't think you're understanding me. You need to match what I've done on the repo for your mod to work correctly. I've went through and changed everything and made a proper mod. I've made the changes to the cs file that will need changed on your end. If you recompile the plugin with the changes I've made to the cs file and upload it to the master branch of the repo it'll make your mod work finally. Follow what I've done to the config files of parts and your set. You'll be set to do an update of your mod that revives NKD, aside from adding your module to the config files of what ever parts. There is nothing else I can do, the way I set up your repo is the proper way to build a mod for ksp. You'll also need to change the licence to the way harpowner has his, it has to match BDAc.
  14. I've made a lot of changes to the github repo . There are several changes that need made for the next update on your local side. The very first thing is the North Kerbin Dynamics folder name in the download needs changed to NKDR. Everything needs to match how I have it on the repo so it won't mess up others installs. Next update your local cs file to match what I've changed to the cs file on the repo dev branch and recompile the plugin and upload that plugin to the master branch of the repo for me, this should stop the errors. All versions of NKD will need removed from installs before installing the next update as conflicts are occuring if not and people will need warned of the change so crafts aren't broken. Merge the current pull request to the master branch.
  15. Alright I know what's going on then, BDAc must not be auto changing the old style cfg file blast radius, blast power, and heat values to the new damage system. I could of swore their code done this it'self. Either way easy fix I just need to add the BDAc module to the parts if it's not doing it.
  16. If you go to the github page https://github.com/NextStarIndustries/Next-Star-Industries you'll see the updates I've made if you want them early. You can always get the latest files I've updated before a release is made from there. Anything I change gets added instantly. Not sure why they aren't doing damage though I'll get to look at things a lot closer the rest of this week. Just for clarification you do have KSP v1.9.1 or above and BDAc v1.3.4 and it's dependencies installed?
  17. I have an update out actually now. It can be downloaded here: https://spacedock.info/mod/2506/Next Star Industries

    1. Santiago F.

      Santiago F.

      Oh thank you, I have not visited the KSP forum for a while so I never noticed the update lol.

  18. I make images 1920x1080 for the loading screens any image, I use png files easier to compress in my opinion, saving ram. I'll get on github and find you. Place images in the loadingscreen folder in the "Main" KSP directory.
  19. Nice can't wait to check it out, let me know if you need any help. Plus check out github to store then others can help develop if you wish.
  20. It's not your code your modifying mine which is totally fine and I encourage, however it could cause conflicts later if you create a plugin. My plugin creates a realistic space explosion. All you'd see of one is a bright light not fire there's no oxygen to burn to produce a flame. In the slow motion videos of real space detonations the ball of plasma created only lasts milliseconds as a result in real time it's just a light flash. It does however cause damage but not like in the atmosphere. Now you can create some kind of fantasy type explosionfx and you do that with Unity and Part Tools. My plugin mearly adds an altitude check and can chose a different model for different altitudes. Nukes don't make the same mushroom cloud when detonated up in the air as when detonated close to the ground and even more different in space. So anything below 500 meters will do a ground explosion, anything 501m to 69,999m will do an air explosion and above 70,000m a space explosion on any planet or moon. If you are trying to use any fx above 70,000m with my plugin you can't it doesn't call one you'll have to use BDAc's without the altitude checks. *Edit I guess I could modify the plugin to call an fx
  21. Yes I'm working on that now and will be in the next update v2.3.1. It's taking a bit to get all the config files lined out, I've been noticing some of the PEW issues as well. You can always place issues here: https://github.com/NextStarIndustries/Next-Star-Industries/issues
  22. It looks like you are trying to modify my code here. There is no need as I'm actively updating my plugin. You're not using Detonate right in code. I've already tried adding a Detonate button and never got it to work exactly right and is the reason it's not in my code.
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