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  1. I have looked at this post; [snip] The topic was about some chinese localization that had some sexist phrase. Looks like squad changed it and some players got angry about it. IMHO it's an important discussion about the game. If the company goes with some unapropriate text I will not buy anything anymore from then, like the upcoming expansion, but if they are fixing it despite the angry reviews against, wich seems to be the case, it's very good points for them and I stand up for this. I think the KSP discussion section of the forum is the place to discuss this kind of thing too. If it's not there should be somewere to discuss. There is a topic for more than a week discussing the EULA in this section, talk about what the company do is important. [snip]
  2. Nice mission! Have done some interesting decisions. Must had been very fun to do. I really enjoy this early game. By what you said I suposse you have tracking station lvl1. Makes me remember my first mun fly-by. Didn't go manned like you, was a simple stayputnik, some batteries (didn't had solar panels unlocked), science, and hope. I think now you are planning to make Jeb's shoes dirt with that Mun dust.
  3. @HvP Big thanks!! It was it. Pretty simple but I didn't know the Alt shortcut. Thanks!
  4. I'm having a similar problem. The diference is it's a sat, not a rover. Cargo bay mkII. Of the 2 docking ports only one (or in some tests none) shows the undock option. When undock the button to undock goes away but the 2 didn't part. When I try to cycle between crafts It didn't show 2 diferents. (Sry, not at home to put screenshots) Edit: Some screenshots. I have tracked the problem to the docking ports, despite the cargo bay, or what is in it. Think it's the same problem of OP. If it's not I would gladly open another post.
  5. If you burn constantly tracking towards target you could end with some speed (sorry if I mistake the correct term) horizontal to the target. In other words. Usually, I burn at 5km from target towards it (if remeber correct the purple circle?) to something like 50m/s and wait, when its close to the target my prograde is not aligned with it. The farther you are the greater will be any error done at the inicial burn. If you try to correct "on the fly", by tracking the target you could end with some of this vector thats passing the target. You need to kill this horizontal vector or you will drift away. (I have intended to make some drawing to show this but I'm at work now, sry). What I suggest, and this helped me a lot; In your case, if you are at 200m of the target (first if hadn't killed your speed relative to it, set navball to target, retrograde and burn) aim at target and go for 10-15m/s. Wait, when at maybe 100m go 0m/s again, target again an bo to 10-5m/s. Wait, at 30-20m go 0m/s again. With some slow and careful simple steps you will easily come close to the target and stop relative to it. At this ponit you start the doking. In no time you will get it and you do without so much burn and brake. Will be more efficient too. It worked for me. The navball, if it's in target mode, retrograde is to zero ir vector relative to the target. If you burn anti-target you will target to go away from it, retrograde you get you to an orbit where you stop relative to your target (hope it helps).
  6. It's pretty simple, but I never thought it. Thanks! By the way, not sure if there isn't a way, but it would be nice if on sandbox you could check or uncheck on the science build what techs you like to use. For me it would be great, don't know if it deserve to be a feature.
  7. Tried this, didn't had the patience to swap ships between saves. hauahuaha. And, as I'm in the middle of the tech tree I found sometimes a little dificult to remeber what I had reserched and what I didn't when on the sandbox. But somethings I mess things up and could go back to some previous state and end with some stranded ship or some unwanted mission (or the worst, losted jeb). But, this is a good example of the cheat concept. The game offer tools. Use it to have fun. Both of us are doing very similar things, those test pipelines, with diferent ways and I'm sure that are other out there that play without those tests.
  8. Think the point is not exactly it's singleplayer, it's more because it's a sim. It gives you some flexibility in what you want to play and what you didn't. It didn't have a final, or goal so you play by your rules. Like to see the stock as a base, or somewhat in the middle of everything. You chance some variables to make your group of rules. In itself you start chosing the sandbox or carrer for start. And more than it you chose how you would play, no restart of mission led to more mission develop on the sheet. Or if you restrict your credits it forces you into some other form of play where the adm building and more consevative mission comes into play. Or you just plug the normal dificult and go do the next mission the game throws at you. And if the variables inside it isn't for your taste you can expand, like if you would like the design of crafts and mission, but not to much the pilot part, than you can plug mechjeb, for example. I started recently some more complex mission, and use the cheatmenu as an evaluation method. I didn't do calcs for the game,use only the vannila and what it offers. So on a minmus mission, for example, I first develop the lander, jump it to the orbit I would use it and test if it can go and return. When it is ok I revert and build it in the final rocket with all the stages, to orbit, to minmus, the lander and back. And start thinkering with this stages. And even after knowing the physical part can do the mission I still need to do it. Even if knowing the lander can do the landing if I make some mistake and end crashing the lander than it's a rescue mission. But it's my set of rules. The game is there for your fun. The concept of cheat only comes into play when you are going for a similar goal in comparasion with other atempts (it could be yours or from others). The advantage of staying in some group of common rules is to compare results, other than it play like your heart want.
  9. Sorry if I misunderstand it, but shift and ctrl go up/down on eva.
  10. This kind of problem makes us really mad. hahuahua no one's like them. Just reinforce what our friends said above; 1-The better would be images, but try to describe better to us. It explodes before you could launch, just above ground or some time in the air? Is the rocket wobling? 2-Don't know about the bugs describe above, but you could try some tests. Try to remove something and launch. If your problem is on the launchpad, when the pyshycs kicks in you don't need the rocket to be full. ex; remove the shell, if it still explodes, put it back on and try something else, like removing some rocket (make it on some smart guess, like something that may be coliding with another thing). If you remove something and it didn't explode you found where your problem is and can adjust. 3-It's never bad to remeber, are your staging correct? Aren't something that was not supossed to fire starting earlier? I had this kinf of problem with planes. And some tweking with the landing gear, etc, solved. It's a pain, take some time but in the end it's rewarding.
  11. Hi! Sorry, newbie too, so newbie answer. By what you say I can only think of 2 possible things; 1-because of your low orbit you need to start the burn so earlier that you're starting the burn towards Kerbin; 2-You are inverting your orbit; I don't think 2 is the case. But if it was than at some point your orbit would go straight down kerbin and than start to circularize again. But, to the more interesting, the 1. @Deddly is ponting a good solution. I would add that I would look how much is my orbit time (sorry I'm not that into the correct terms) and divide the burn to something that made than start, guessing here, not more than 45º os so before the node. And not everyone the same time, like 3x20min. After every burn your orbit will becomes "larger" and you will get a greater window to burn. Even if it ends with a diferent result from the original node because the longer time to finish the burn it's really easy, and cheap, to do some adjustments on the middle of the travel to Duna. Other solution is what you pointed, get a higher orbit. This way you will have more time "aligned" with your node, not burning towards Kerbin. I didn't do calcs, so others could point better what solution is less expensive. Hope it helps! PS: while in orbit, rightAlt + > or < adjust the physics warp by default
  12. After some tries, finally could land a poorly designed lander on the moon. It was to thin, to tall, so always fall to the sides. After landed I discovered, not a single time I had extended the legs. landed on the engine. "Maybe I can get an EVA report while reentry? No my Kerbal couldn't hold the stair at this speed. Bye bye, our time togheter was nice." And the more commons. Launched a probe, nice going, than, no antenna, no signal..... Launched a probe, Karbin orbit, burn to destination, go do other thing, come back to see had forgot to hibernate, no power. Sudently the probe to get science turned into a brick to the stars.
  13. Thanks everyone. Made some tests yesterday after reading your answers and narrowed my choices to either make a manned mission or get the tech. Unfortunately the contract I'm doing needs to make more than one pass around Duna, it's the one's that you need to take temp from x points above x altitude, and I can't do this with the limited control. This tyoe of orbit I can't fine tune without the mannuever nodes. Have almost 1k science to spent so think I will go with the tech. Two question that grow and I couldn't find a satisfatory answer; If I have a craft with pilot and a porb within range of this craft but both isn't connected to Kerbin, can I control the probe? Like if I go to Duna with a manned ship that lost signal to Kerbin, and this ship drops a unmmaned rover on the surface, could it be remote controled by the ship crew? Without signal can I toggle hibernation on and off? Almost sure I couldn't when try, but reading looks like it isn't a problem.
  14. Since Jebediah had gone to a better place after a not sucefull test of a thing from SPH, Jeb is not the same.