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  1. CKAN and mono are definitely up to date, I checked multiple times. Also, I put ckan.exe into the KSP folder. What I noticed was the line "Cannot open assembly '/Users/johannes/Library/Application': No such file or directory." Where it should say "~/Library/Application Support" it cuts off after "/Application ", so the rest is missing and of course this directory cannot be found. I tried different way to write it (e.g. Application_Support) but that did not work either... However the folder does most definitely exist and is accessible through Finder no problem whatsoever. Do you have any idea what the cause of this might be? And ideally, how to fix it?
  2. Hi! I have a problem which does not seem to have occurred yet and which seems very strange to me: Terminal does not seem to find the Application Support folder, regardless of me trying to go to it manually or tries to: franziskas-iMac:~ johannes$ CKAN=$(mdfind ckan.exe) franziskas-iMac:~ johannes$ mono $CKAN Cannot open assembly '/Users/johannes/Library/Application': No such file or directory. franziskas-iMac:~ johannes$ ckan gui -bash: ckan: command not found franziskas-iMac:~ johannes$ I this it is quite strange Since I am quite new to Mac AND to this whole forum thing, I hope you can help me out with my problem and do not mind any supidities form my side Thanks a lot!