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  1. Jeb, please stop putting rocket fuel into burgers Bob must be of
  2. Won't go space But your ____ will be able to ____
  3. can you add back firespitter? you can't change it to burned in flight
  4. good question, I don't like the stock one but I think with coding it can be done in flight
  5. Is there a mod for 1.4.3 that adds an Idle-pilot instead of an autopilot? in previous versions i used mechjeb to make my spacecraft continue to its AP while I landed the first stage of one of my boosters but that no longer works at least for me. So could anyone suggest and/or make an Idle pilot mod?
  6. I've set up my joystick axes' multiple times but no matter what I do it always holds on one angle unless I move the joystick, then it holds at another, even when I center it. Any solution? Also, just a side note kerbal should really update the control stuff because if a game made in 2004 can automatically set the axes then kerbal should be able to.
  7. have you right clicked the tank? also have you installed the B5 addon?
  8. could squad make an option to add a button in VAB to turn off sun tracking on the solar panels?
  9. I think kerbal should really rename suggestions & Development Discussions to JUST development discussions and add another forum called suggestions and disallow addon suggestions in addon discussions. why? Because suggestions & Development Discussions is used for talking about KSP development and suggestions... suggestions should be disallowed in that forum and should be separated into another forum called KSP suggestions because addon discussions is almost Exactly the same. Addon discussions allow mod suggestions which is, suggestions. So it should be only for discussions about add-ons. In case you don't understand Rename suggestions & Development Discussions to Development discussions Add a suggestions channel for mod and kerbal suggestions Disallow mod suggestions in addon discussions Disallow suggestions in suggestions & Development Discussions It would make things much simpler and less diverse
  10. when someone quotes the entire original post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aANF2OOVX40

  11. I know its compatible with RO, but i dont know were it is... @Kartoffelkuchen help pls
  12. The problem with that is that it's a big mod most so it's basically getting a big rig when you need a car
  13. I think kerbal should have 2 new parts, a fuel tank with a center tank, and a cargo bay with a center tank both with fuel and to mount wings on... here's a center tank on a 737
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