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  1. I am having a problem with the lander bodies, they are black instead of grey. When I open the game textures unlimited says that some textures might be unavailable. So I did what it said and put the command in steam but this did not fix it. Anyone know what is happening? Pics
  2. I downloaded the update and nothing seems to have changed. No new parts. the double outer section is still there. No this is an installation problem, the folder the update came in has no changes. Anyone else having this problem?
  3. Scorpiodude

    W.i.P. 1.4.3 Venture Star X 33

    Any updates on release time.
  4. Scorpiodude

    [Airships in 1.3] HooliganLabs Mods

    Sorry figured that I had to download from spacedock instead of github and its all working good now.
  5. Scorpiodude

    [Airships in 1.3] HooliganLabs Mods

    Every time I load this mod the game crashes. I might be installing it incorrectly or have a conflicting mod. Any ideas?
  6. Well I am left-handed so that's not so bad.
  7. 10,000 badly made rockets and 30,000 'scientists' well that's not too different from KSP. I guess I could play KSP in real life.
  8. Scorpiodude

    what's the dumbest mistake you've made in KSP?

    Landing a small base with a Elcano rover attached on Minmus only to find out I forgot everyone
  9. You have a fair point, but I still like the story of it. Another idea Kube 'o' Doh (like the Star Trek food cubes After James T. Kerman was inspired by some modeling Klay he made his own dough with a perfect balance of nutrients for livestock. That idea failed horribly, fortunately S.P.I.C.E. took interest. Now Kube 'o' Doh comes shaped into cubes and sealed in six different flavors per package.
  10. Hardtack - A extremely durable and dry biscuit that lasts for quite a while. Early space flights often included it as one of the main foods until the revolutionary discovery by Desbin J. Kerman that crumbs can severely damage computers. Nowadays it has been mostly phased out of the food manifest.
  11. I knew what I had to do once I saw the stair piece.
  12. I just had to start reading this the other day and the last chapter ends on a cliffhanger.
  13. Scorpiodude

    W.i.P. 1.4.3 Venture Star X 33

    Those landers are looking awesome, with the inflatable habitats and rover bay!
  14. Scorpiodude

    [WIP] Dipole Drive

    This is interesting.