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  1. So just to be clear this mod is simply cosmetic and all fuel tanks and engines still have the same weights, thrust, and efficiency but with a revamped look, right? So everything preforms the same except for some minor drag cube stuff.
  2. After launching a new probe all the way to Dres I was able to find somebody's sweet ride with the IP-15 being diverted from Kerbin return to refuel here. The IP-15 then returned to Kerbin and was given a new cockpit with scanning equipment and rechristened the IP-16 and sent off to Eeloo for a frozen sundae treat. Meanwhile Jeb was driving around in his new rover when he found something interesting in the dessert.
  3. This fills the Donalddahlen shaped hole in my heart.
  4. It is not that I don't like the stripes it is just that they don't fit in with anything anymore. This means they look rather out of place.
  5. I REEAAALLYY want the reaction wheels remodeled especially the 1.25m one with those ugly stripes.
  6. I also have this one. To get the submarine probe below the limit on Jool I used Hyperedit to give Jool an ocean and it probably would have sunk all the way to the core of the planet. Look at the altimeter.
  7. I decided to strap some engines on a land rover and well... It actually flew.
  8. This happened somehow and I'm not sure why or how.
  9. I would really like a half length version of the flight deck with sides.
  10. Careful Hydrus is also known as dihydrogen monoxide and it is the main cause of rusting pipes and the government is putting it in our homes. http://dhmo.org/truth/Dihydrogen-Monoxide.html
  11. Thank you so much for introducing me to this. It makes more sense then the brown triangle because of its ability to abort at all times and its modular construction.
  12. Oh boy an update, can't wait to play around with these parts!
  13. Oh wow, I had no idea the base parts were going to be deployable. That will be fun! This is an article I found on the Orbiting Lunar Station it has pictures and some dimensions. https://falsesteps.wordpress.com/2016/08/13/ols-the-orbiting-lunar-station/
  14. Thanks for the reply! I assume that part is the lunar surface base? Anyways I hope the next update comes soon. (No pressure)
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