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  1. Nice to hear that you'll be on board for KSP2 Jim! Thanks for your contributions thus far and looking forward to more... Congrats!!
  2. Wow! Five years went by so fast... thanks for all you've done managing and communicating with us all. You will certainly be missed. Very best wishes for your next challenge and hope to see you around the kerbalverse!
  3. ... and there was me thinking that Bill had used a batch of them in a combined engine/landing leg experiment. Either that or Jeb had released the clamps before hitting the ignition button a few times too many.
  4. Thanks so much. There are very many here who will miss you... and wish you every success in your new ventures. Fly (and rove ) safe!
  5. Tastes like minty dessert to me
  6. “A work of art is never finished. It is merely abandoned.” ― E. M. Forster I'm really hyped for this next set of upgrades - even if, slightly sadly, it will be the last - to a game we've enjoyed so much for... yes... a decade. But KSP 2.0 has been incubating for a good while now, and this does point to it being not too much longer before an even better KSP comes along! As for KSP 1, it's been a wild ride, and will continue to be so for the future. Thanks to everyone a Squad for bringing us this far, with a great boost into the far beyond!!
  7. I've submitted my application for Dear Moon too! But I think they sent me the wrong certificate .
  8. Hey, but those of us on UTC get to see it 24 hours ahead! Right?
  9. Nothing at all to worry about! It's a perfectly normal real-world physics phenomenon caused by a signed integer overflow of the simulation.
  10. Wow!! I am so happy for this update. THANKS Squad! KIS and KAS have always been essentials for me - so a great big shout out and thanks to @IgorZ for creating and maintaining them. Nevertheless it is great to have this kind of capability now in stock. The same goes for the the new lights - another favourite mod of mine is Aviation Lights: shout outs and thanks to @Bignose and @MOARdV - I think Christmas is (likely) coming early! BTW - love the laser welder and visor .
  11. [Sorry for the late (note quite necro!) post... I missed this somehow and only saw it from yesterday's 1.11 news...] This really made me laugh... it's just like the stages I go through on a coding job as the deadline gets closer. It's great to see our little green friends getting more animated Keep up the good work!
  12. 1.11 - full of Kerbally goodness! There are a lot of things on my ticklist there Can't wait to try it out.
  13. After a few days away from the computer... what a lovely surprise to come back to!
  14. That's a much better reflection of reality, but I guess that the hiring cost model we have in KSP1 is designed to discourage us from treating our little green friends as expendable. I like that though...
  15. It's really been 9 years? I must be stuck in timewarp!! Happy anniversary Kerbalkind!!
  16. So long as Kerbals can reverse the polarity of the Neutron flow, I'll be happy.
  17. @cineboxandrew Hey - this is great! Looks like it solves pretty well all of the limitations from the existing decal part mods. It's particularly nice how it works with the bump maps. Like @Beetlecat and others, I was/am expecting the new stock decals in 1.10 to be similar to the ones we already have; but eagerly awaiting the release to find out. When I get the time, I hope to update IDFLAGS to use the stock parts, and would love to add an integration for Conformal Decals too. From the quick tests I've done today, Conformal Decals works fine with my flag images - the single letters and digits fit very well, though (like other 256x160 images) the double digits it most cases need to be scaled down to around 60% to avoid horizontal clipping. I don't think that's too hard to work with, so basically, nothing for me to do there . For the remaining decals in my modlet, looks like I'll need to add a new part along the lines of the ones you've done for semiotic and general decals.
  18. Now, if only the forum could be updated with the ability to give 100 likes to a post... LOVE this!
  19. Moar science parts - very welcome IMHO. And the decals? Well, I have to like them, don't I? (looks like I'll need to revamp my modlet post 1.10!)
  20. Indeed - the caves could not be "holes" in the actual planetary surface, but would have to be modelled as discrete objects like the Mun arches or the buildings etc.. (The Mohole should be considered a "featured anomaly" rather than a precedent for more general subterranean adventuring). What the limitations are to the depth/extent of such objects are I couldn't guess - and presumably it would be impractical to mine tunnels/caverns at will - only to "break in" to predefined areas. Personally, I find this an interesting idea, but not a feature I'd exchange more than one limb for. Per experimentum et defectum ad astra!
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