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  1. Or you can do it longhand... it's not so difficult once you figure it out. First, you'll need to work out the Pe and Ap for a resonant orbit (either do the maths yourself, or use the mods suggested by @Geonovast). Once you've got your carrier ship in that orbit, wait for Pe (1 to 1 1/3 resonance) or Ap (1 to 2/3 resonance) , release the first satellite, switch to it and accelerate/brake it into the correct circular orbit. You will need very precise thrust control (use thrust limiter at .5% if necessary). Then repeat for the other two satellites. Pictures in this imgur album of when I did this for the Terminus challenge: (starts about halfway through). Happy circularisations
  2. Vexillar

    Mod suggestion: Light sensor

    This is a great idea. Crew Light confirms that the coding is possible. Having a part that activates action groups would be fantastic for surface bases (for one thing).
  3. Vexillar

    KSP Weekly: Mapping with Magellan

    With all the effort we see from the art department and an upcoming major release increment formally announced, it might be that the developers are also working away (and equally listening to feedback/bug reports)? I like to think so, anyway. Squad can show us art-in-progress, the rest not so easy to show just yet. And could the release number jump be an indicator that there will be some changes to the game logic in support of a new DLC? Or some other change that makes (what appears to be) a complete art pass on parts and Kerbals alike a necessary thing??? No inside knowledge here, no NDAs breached, no hype, just conjecture and wishful thinking. What any of that means for consoles, I wouldn't even speculate.
  4. Vexillar

    KSP Weekly: Mapping with Magellan

    Loving the new looks here, and agree with the majority of the feedback above. Particularly happy to see variants: and ones that are more than just paint jobs. For illogical reasons, when I was small, I was somehow never comfortable with the surface texture of the real-life Mercury capsules, so I'll be happy to use the "smooth" variants here. Big thanks for bringing back the warning caption . The new IVA is a big improvement over the old one, too.
  5. Laythe is a great place to bathe, But Eve you wouldn't believe! While the first has great views Of Jool's greenish hues, The other one few people leave.
  6. Vexillar

    Please Help I Forgot How To Play

    TLDR: T Z [SpaceBar] [SpaceBar] <wait> X <wait> Z G X
  7. I actually misread that as "Laythe is better than Eve".
  8. Wow! I still have my Hornby model in its box (sadly I no longer have a track... perhaps when I hit retirement...). It's great to see the engine all refurbished, but I do wish they'd gone for the L.N.E.R. livery it wore when it gained the speed record in 1934, rather than the later British Rail (ex-G.W.R.) green.
  9. Hi @4472TJ And "hello worms" too Does your user name mean you're a flying scotsman (like Mr Manley?)
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    Hey @_UNIvErSe_. Welcome! Are you looking for plane designs?
  11. Check out @RoverDude's other mods, too, such as Konstruction and Modular Kolonization System. There are some really useful ideas and parts. @Nils277 also has a great rover parts mod - the Feline Utility Rovers. He's also the author of the very popular Kerbal Planetary Bases mod.
  12. Does your screenshot look like the one @mystifeid posted? No bars on the comms display means no probe control. If that's the case, is the Mun between you and Kerbin, blocking the signal??
  13. Vexillar

    2mm hole in ISS

    Which, IIRC, is equivalent to a flat disk, which makes it a flying saucer?
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    Welcome to the community @SpaceFruit. Have fun, share your experiences, and keep asking those questions. So long as you're PC-savvy enough to copy files/folders and unzip zip files, then you should have no problem managing your own KSP and mod installs.
  15. Vexillar

    Future SpaceX employee... Hopefully

    Welcome @SpaceFaringOrBust! No problem in setting a high Ap for your career orbit: engineering is a great career for the curious with a few functioning brain cells, so however high life lets you get, I'm sure you'll enjoy the ride.
  16. Do you have any non-command seating modules? If by chance you do [and assuming that the lack of guidance isn't for the reasons above, i.e. lack of comms signal], transfer the pilot to a seat in the back where he can't fiddle with the switches.
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    Hi @chicco. Yup - cool avatar Enjoy the forums and welcome to the community!
  18. Vexillar

    KSP Weekly: Closer to Bennu

    Thumbs up on the revamped HECS II. And functional improvements on the way too. Looks promising
  19. Vexillar

    2mm hole in ISS

    Thanks for the assurance, @Green Baron. The "hold their breath" was of course sarcasm, but if the normal procedure is to suit up before departure, and there's an airlock between the ISS docking module and the Soyuz orbital module, then I feel more relaxed for the folk up there. As it's been pointed out that the orbital module is jettisoned on/before reentry, then there's no worries about plasma burn-through for the crewed section of the craft. I'm old enough to remember Apollo 13 and was (along with the peeps in mission control and a lot more watching on live TV) turning blue waiting for the radio comms blackout to end so we'd know they got back safely! And thanks @tater for the photos. I just need to go stock up on duct tape.
  20. Vexillar

    2mm hole in ISS

    That's good to know... but wait... isn't the descent module pressurised? So do they suit up before returning, or will they have to hold their breath while crawling through?
  21. Vexillar

    2mm hole in ISS

    Different parts of the station are designed with different amounts of protection, and types of shielding. Lots of detail here:
  22. Vexillar

    More science experiments

    It's a difficult balance - adding more science experiments makes for a richer experience, but dialling back the science rewards would make the early game very frustrating for newbies, as not everybody coming to the game has a good feel for physics, nor insight into how real missions are and were flown. Squad put in the difficulty options to make it easier for newbies to learn the principles, while keeping it a challenge for the experienced players. I'll admit that even after several years, I still play most of the time on Standard settings. Exploration, colonisation and trying out new ship designs are what interest me. Having completed the tech tree, gathering science is now just another way to earn Currency to fund non-contract missions. Perhaps the difficulty scale could be extended upward, now that there are so many seasoned Kerballers, but perhaps not quite the "Hyper Hard" mode that Mr Musk plays.
  23. Vexillar

    KSP Challenge: Terminus challenge!

    Things have been keeping my busy, but this challenge was too good to pass up on... even if I'm a week late. Duna is a popular destination: The full imgur album of my trip is here: On the pad: Inside are a scanning satellite: a trio of relay satellites and a lander with rover Result: Deploying rover And everything where it should be.
  24. Vexillar

    Hi and SOS.

    Hi @cryhavoc, and welcome! And welcome, also, to the cadre of unintentional lithobrakers. A similar faux pas is to carefully set up your manoeuvre node, warp to it... only to remember that you forgot to extend your solar panels and now you have no battery left and no control.
  25. Vexillar

    KSP Weekly: Lunar Water

    Great to see the revamp of the Mk1 Pod - it looks sooo "HD". It is a very welcome improvement visually and physically, yet doesn't IMHO represent a change to the part within the game universe. Thanks also for lending an ear to the feedback on the new kerbal mesh and suits. The (continuing) constellation of comments just goes to show how much of a connection there is in the community with our little green spacefaring friends and their iconic appearance. Looking forward to whatever else the art dept is cooking up