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  1. Thumbs up! The new parts, and the suits, are looking great. Big thanks to Squad for putting out the prototypes and listening to the community. Feedback - positive or negative - has come good. And having three or four variants of common parts really helps with creating new and interesting ship designs and avoids monotony. That makes more Fun. Farewell to KSP Weekly. I'll miss looking out for the post each Friday (though I was busy and missed this one). But looking forward to KSP Loading... Hopefully it will keep up the momentum. Please do include the space news and history inserts. And please do keep the forum as the go-to place for news. Yes, social media channels are essential these days, too, but (amazingly?!) some of us don't use them for lots of reasons. (And from a Windoze player... I do feel for the console guys... here's hoping that there's some really good news for them very soon.) Really happy to hear that serious work has been done on the landing gear. 'Nuff said . The move to a regular release schedule could be a good one, IMO. (Does this mean Squad have transitioned to an Agile/Sprint type dev process?). Glad also to hear that thought has been given to the hard-working modders in connection with that. Anything to ease the process of updating / regression testing mods against a new game release is a Good Thing.
  2. Bingo! Nice one @Thygrrr Now all we need is a good modder...
  3. I'm hoping the name is on account of specialism-and-rank specific IVA and EVA suits... but that's just me. It certainly bodes that there's a lot more coming than we've seen so far, and that it will includes long-asked-for improvements to game play as well as part overhauls. So long as there is significant bug-squashing to boot, I'll be well happy.
  4. Hi @TanDeeJay This has been suggested a few times. Yes, it would be great for visuals and immersion. But... the issue is that it is pretty difficult to implement - not so much from the coding side, but more to do with object management and memory use. If you imagine that each footprint or metre of track is represented by an object placed on the surface, you'll start to see how tricky this could be, especially as we know about scene change / surface object jumpiness, terrain resolution height differences, ground tiling and a thousand other problems that would come up. Maybe one day... who knows?
  5. Ooh - nasty. I've never seen anything like that. It looks rather like some polys from the background scene have exploded into the foreground, some in front of the menu. (Can you still operate the menu with the mouse? If so, what happens then?) Kind of suggests a corruption in the files, so I'd go with @Xd the great and re-download a fresh copy and reinstall. Otherwise, there's some horrid mismatch with you graphics drivers, maybe?
  6. Given the extent of the art pass we've seen so far, I'm wondering how much of the game will look different this time round - a refresh of the opening and closing menu screens seems likely for one. The new delta-V readout on the navball has a slightly different feel on top of the functional improvements. I'll take a ticket, please!
  7. Good looking parts... I'm very happy to see the Rovemate being more made more user friendly as well as prettier. It's scanning capabilites were useful, but the lack of attachment points and orientation made it rather awkward. Moreover, it is great to see the first glimpses of enhancements to the gameplay, beyond shiny parts. And the strapline for 1.5 has me very excited!
  8. Personally, I like to use KAS/KIS, because it gives the engineers more to do than just sit in the mining control room all day making the drills and converters run nicely. Just more immersive (and keeps Bill and his trainees out of mischief).
  9. You have it spot on, @Gargamel! One of the beauties of the game is a player can choose how much of the flying to do. If tweaking an orbit to the last meter gives you pleasure, then great. If it's tedious (especially if you've done it a few dozen times already), then automate or edit as much as isn't fun any more. This is true also - the mechanics may not model gravitational irregularities in the planets, high atmospheric drag (above the Kerman line) or solar winds, but even a meter-perfect orbital alignment will drift eventually. If you have fuel available in your satellites, you can adjust the orbits in-game, or again go in and edit the parameters as you please.
  10. Or you can do it longhand... it's not so difficult once you figure it out. First, you'll need to work out the Pe and Ap for a resonant orbit (either do the maths yourself, or use the mods suggested by @Geonovast). Once you've got your carrier ship in that orbit, wait for Pe (1 to 1 1/3 resonance) or Ap (1 to 2/3 resonance) , release the first satellite, switch to it and accelerate/brake it into the correct circular orbit. You will need very precise thrust control (use thrust limiter at .5% if necessary). Then repeat for the other two satellites. Pictures in this imgur album of when I did this for the Terminus challenge: (starts about halfway through). Happy circularisations
  11. This is a great idea. Crew Light confirms that the coding is possible. Having a part that activates action groups would be fantastic for surface bases (for one thing).
  12. With all the effort we see from the art department and an upcoming major release increment formally announced, it might be that the developers are also working away (and equally listening to feedback/bug reports)? I like to think so, anyway. Squad can show us art-in-progress, the rest not so easy to show just yet. And could the release number jump be an indicator that there will be some changes to the game logic in support of a new DLC? Or some other change that makes (what appears to be) a complete art pass on parts and Kerbals alike a necessary thing??? No inside knowledge here, no NDAs breached, no hype, just conjecture and wishful thinking. What any of that means for consoles, I wouldn't even speculate.
  13. Loving the new looks here, and agree with the majority of the feedback above. Particularly happy to see variants: and ones that are more than just paint jobs. For illogical reasons, when I was small, I was somehow never comfortable with the surface texture of the real-life Mercury capsules, so I'll be happy to use the "smooth" variants here. Big thanks for bringing back the warning caption . The new IVA is a big improvement over the old one, too.
  14. Laythe is a great place to bathe, But Eve you wouldn't believe! While the first has great views Of Jool's greenish hues, The other one few people leave.
  15. TLDR: T Z [SpaceBar] [SpaceBar] <wait> X <wait> Z G X
  16. Wow! I still have my Hornby model in its box (sadly I no longer have a track... perhaps when I hit retirement...). It's great to see the engine all refurbished, but I do wish they'd gone for the L.N.E.R. livery it wore when it gained the speed record in 1934, rather than the later British Rail (ex-G.W.R.) green.
  17. Hi @4472TJ And "hello worms" too Does your user name mean you're a flying scotsman (like Mr Manley?)
  18. Vexillar


    Hey @_UNIvErSe_. Welcome! Are you looking for plane designs?
  19. Check out @RoverDude's other mods, too, such as Konstruction and Modular Kolonization System. There are some really useful ideas and parts. @Nils277 also has a great rover parts mod - the Feline Utility Rovers. He's also the author of the very popular Kerbal Planetary Bases mod.
  20. Does your screenshot look like the one @mystifeid posted? No bars on the comms display means no probe control. If that's the case, is the Mun between you and Kerbin, blocking the signal??
  21. Which, IIRC, is equivalent to a flat disk, which makes it a flying saucer?
  22. Welcome to the community @SpaceFruit. Have fun, share your experiences, and keep asking those questions. So long as you're PC-savvy enough to copy files/folders and unzip zip files, then you should have no problem managing your own KSP and mod installs.