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  1. NewtSoup

    Can I get some Linux Help and Advice?

    I did try that from a live USB but even then I could not work out how to get it to let me resize the logical partition. All the options were greyed out. I can possibly do it with command line as I know the commands now. First though. Synaptic. Synaptic Says I have and 34 installed.. but not any earlier ones.. yet I have files for them. I am going to do what I said above. Just backup one of the kernel images to a USB live stick, delete it from my HD and then reboot.
  2. NewtSoup

    Can I get some Linux Help and Advice?

    That's a big help.. I only need 4mb of extra space to do a distribution upgrade. I'll try synaptic and remove the earlier packages. I was pretty sure I could remove the images that were not *.0-34 but I wanted to be sure before I did. If synaptic comes up blank then I have copied the files I will remove manually to a live USB. that way I can restore them if needed. First though I have infinity war to watch with my son. We've been lent the DVD and I've not seen it yet. Also I've had nearly a whole bottle of Malbec. Not a great time to go mucking around with /boot
  3. NewtSoup

    Can I get some Linux Help and Advice?

    Just before I do go messing around with a live disk - given: ruth@ruth-ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get autoremove [sudo] password for ruth: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done 0 to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 0 to remove and 0 not to upgrade. AND uname -a Linux ruth-ubuntu 4.15.0-34-generic #37~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Aug 28 10:44:06 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux What can I safely delete from /boot? Those package files seems to be between 10 and 60mb each.
  4. NewtSoup

    Can I get some Linux Help and Advice?

    Thanks for the ideas. Sorry for being slow. I forgot to hit the "Notify me of replies" button. Yes I'm on a 500gb SSD not an SD card or a USB key. I've already removed all the kernels and headers except the ones I'm using. (Or at least I think I have ) Moving USR and VAR won't help - they're inside the Logical Volume which is the one I need to resize, boot is a "regular"partition and is 500mb. I think a 5 - 10 GB boot partition is a tad excessive but 1gb is fair. From what I can tell I need to reduce the file system within the LV first. THEN reduce the size of the LV and then I can increase the size of /boot... hopefully
  5. Hi there, I'm asking here because basically the KSP crowd are generally nicer than the people I meet on the official Ubuntu forums, to the point where I deleted my Ubuntu One account. I realise there may be some overlap of course. I currently run Ubuntu 16.04 with the Gnome 3 Desktop Environment. Ubuntu 18.04 came out six months ago and the software updater is finally suggesting I update ( decided to wait rather than trigger a manual upgrade ) However when I try it tells me there is not enough free space on boot. Except there is. I shall furnish people with a screenshot of the pertinent information The installer wants 232 MB free space. I have 244 MB free space. apt-get autoremove won't do anything because I've already cleared space. I created a live CD but the live CD says I have no operating system installed on SDA which I clearly have and it wants to do a new partition table and a fresh install rather than an upgrade. I thought OK I shall just resize the boot partition. When I installed 16.04 I chose the LVM option as it said "this will make it easier to resize partitions later". It really doesn't all the options are greyed out. Would be easier with standard Ext4 partitions! Even when I deactivate the root partition / file system. So, my questions are: 1) Why is it telling me I don't have enough space to do the upgrade? 2) How do I get around this issue? 3) Do I even want to upgrade to 18.04 ? I mean everything works great at the moment. Your collective wisdom will be appreciated. Apologies for not continuing my exploits in going everywhere, I've been rather ill and spent time in hospital.
  6. NewtSoup

    Hello world

    Forums -> General KSP -> KSP Fan Works -> Mission Reports
  7. NewtSoup

    Hello world

    Welcome and good job! Jeb gets too big for his boots anyway and sneaks on to any vessel you build. Even when you want other crew. I look forward to a mission report with screenshots of Jeb's rescue.
  8. NewtSoup

    Help with ksp withdraw?

    Try this game for your phone / tablet: That's for android but I'm sure you could get it on iOS if you have an apple phone.
  9. NewtSoup

    Mun slingshots.

    I was exactly the same, then I just went and did it. Go to Duna, it's not much harder than going to Minmus really. In the mission reports there's a record of my first trip to Duna that I did a couple of months ago. I fairly simple. It was far from perfect but Duna is quite forgiving..
  10. NewtSoup

    Mun slingshots.

    I shall remember this - I was just testing my MVL on Tylo to make sure it could land, refuel and take off again. Takes about a year to refuel.
  11. NewtSoup

    How to do precision landing?

    There's a lot of good advice here so all I can really add to this is encouragement and a bit of praise. Really to hit within 3km or so is pretty damn good when you're starting out. You're doing fine!. I quite often land that far away too.
  12. NewtSoup

    Mun slingshots.

    That's because there are 5 of the things, and it's hard NOT to bump into one. Ike is so large relative to its orbit that you frequently encounter its SOI as well. But the reason I don't use Mun slingshots is that you have to wait for 2 windows, Mun's and the target planet's, and then it's quite a pain to chart a Mun fly-by that ejects you at the proper angle. Quite by accident I managed to use Ike to get into a lower eliptical Duna orbit with an ion powered craft. Was really quite happy with the results. I'd love to learn how to do it on purpose. I've included the picture I took at the time - so a ~20m/s burn put me on an Ike flyby which catapulted me into the dotted line eliptical orbit. That's such a change in AP and PE there must have been a fuel saving. I captured into orbit really high up in Duna's SOI because of the TWR of just two ion engines powering the craft.
  13. NewtSoup

    Going Mostlywhere

    Seeing as the Mostlyversal-Lander (MVL ) was available and built - I sent that up next @bewingsays it can be flown to LKO if you fly it Perfectly. Well I'm not perfect. So what I did was put MOAR boosters on it, attached via the aft docking port.. Five kickbacks cured it's Orbital Shyness taking it up to around 14km and over 600m/s before they were ditched and the aerospikes took over. It flew surprisingly well on it's tower of boosters. Once rendezvous in orbit was achieved the two ships spooned up together very, very carefully because neither has any RCS controls. So it's goodnight for now. The interplanetary engine clusters will be attached tomorrow. If I'm feeling REALLY tidy I may even de-orbit the mamoths rather than leave them in LKO.
  14. NewtSoup

    Going Mostlywhere

    Having Invented the Mostlyversal Lander ( with some help ) I have now created a craft capable of pushing it ( I hope ) Mostlywhere. It's not Everywhere because I won't be visiting Eve, not the surface anyway. But pretty much everywhere else, the plan is to find all the anomalies and this is the first launch of the series. So, I'd like to introduce the Heart of Kerbin. It has space for 40 Kerbals in total ( I use the 6 Kerbal Science Lab ) and although not full houses every Kerbal I have currently at the space centre. The first stops will be the Mün and Minmus for practice in flying and landing the Mostlyversal Lander. The H.O.K has achieved a stable 106km orbit around Kerbin and is awaiting a change of engines from Mammoths to Wolfhound clusters. The engines are held on by docking port. The whole ship fully fuelled weighs around 590 tons.
  15. NewtSoup

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I just started upgrading my Synchronous Satellite Relay Network to RA100 clusters. Planning to put 4 of these around every planet and smaller ones around every moon.