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  1. Mining and Overheating

    Thanks, good to know they won't explode then. Absolutely fine. Rura Penthe is a cold, cold place.
  2. Mining and Overheating

    It's a glitch, and a reproducable one. When I turn on both drills and LfOx production on the convertotron I can run it on time warp for several days and the load on the TCS doesn't go over 25% ( with full fuel and ore tanks oddly ) However when I go back to "normal" time the heat ramps up very quickly to overheat levels.
  3. Going to Minmus

    Feel free Minmus Station has a science lander. I was intending to do orbital drops to the various biomes then back up to the station to refuel before dropping on Rura Penthe to fill the lab. I will definitely be adding a refuel Rover, Minmus station is mostly fuel tank too but it's perfectly possible I'll have something that won't dock well with it. That design does indeed dock properly on all ports. I tested in on Kerbin grasslands first
  4. Mining and Overheating

    Given that I should have more than enough cooling I'm wondering if it was simply a glitch as I'd left it alone for hours before that. I belive having multiple engineers helps too? The presence of a second engineer stacking with the first? I've finished my going to minmus thread with a video of retreiving the final batch of ore from Rura Penthe and transferring it to Kerbin. Via Minmus station and the ore barg. 3050 was a huge amount to acquire. Incidentally - "Land your ore at kerbin" means LAND.. not splash down. First attempt splashed down in the ocean and didn't get the mission complete. I got all the ticks bar "Land your Ore"
  5. Going to Minmus

    And that concludes Going to Minmus. Rura Penthe will of course be expanded. Kerbin Orbtial Tourists will be transferred to work on the drills and in ore processing. More LfOx and RCS tanks will be added. But for now the base is functional. Incidentally the VERY tall Orange Tank is a refuelling ship. It's built on the same basic block as the rest of the base but incorporates landing gear. Rather than using the power of the wheels to translate across the minmus surface it uses the RCS thrusters., That way it doesn't fall over splat into the base.
  6. Going to Minmus

    So here we are at the final leg of going to Minmus. With Rura Penthe Almost complete Empress Valentina has demanded that the final shipment of ore be transferred to Minmus station and the Ore Barge. This required a brief reconfiguration of the base so the Orange storage tank was detached from the base and redocked at the lab/ore tank intersection. The Sky Crane then took off, landed on the end ore tank module, refuelled and prepared to lift it to Minmus Station. Apologies for the pause in the video. Something odd happened during rendering. The only thing missing is the transfer burn from Minmus to Kerbin. Deceleration was done in several burns at Kerbin Periapsis, use was made of all the monopropellant too. The sharp eyed will notice a few explosions during re-entry - these were just the communotron 16 S antena burning off. Aside from that minor excitement the mission was a total success with a rather surprising landing.
  7. Mining and Overheating

    My Engineer at this base is only 2 star. I guess I'm still only early game having only been to the Mun and Minmus so far ( a couple of my Kerbals have been to a solar orbit, but only 2 scientists and a pilot ) and I still have a few boxes to go on the tech tree ( 3 of the 300's, most of the 550s and all the 1000's).. I hadn't realised they affected cooling as well as the rate of ore production and conversion. I can easily add more cooling if that's going to be the issue but basically I want this base to just run 24/7 with no interaction other than when I want to siphon off the fuel to another ship.
  8. On Rura Penthe I am running a convert-o-tron 250 which requires 200 KW of Cooling and a Max Cooling of 750 KW two Drill'o'matic excavators requiring 200 KW between them and a max of 200KW between each this seems to be a total of 400kw required my base has 4 x Medium Thermal Control System fins - each with a core heat xfer of 250 KW, max cooling of 19494 KW surely this would be more than enough to keep everything cool, so why are the fins glowing red hot, running at more than 100% ( keeps flickering to 100.5%) and sparking? I shut down the drills and ore processing ( the tanks were all full anyway) to stop explosions happening. The picture below shows my base layout. Is in fact happeneing because all the tanks got full?
  9. How does this happen?

    So basically I travel by butterfly. Oddly enough some of the best navigators in the world.
  10. How does this happen?

    The first one is moving at 280 m/s but is 2 days out so it will have slowed somewhat. The second one is just a few hours out from Kerbin and moving at over 900 m/s which is expected for a Minmus transfer ( relative velocities of course). But as you say, I shall put it out of my head. Dump the pair in orbit around Minmus, out of trouble, and deal with them in the order I need to once they're both there. Sometimes I get an idea of how something should work in my head and then worry when it doesn't even when it doesn't matter.
  11. I'm still building my Minmus base, Rura Penthe. I decided to run two missions at once. One to launch a triplet of ore tank modules and one to launch an orange fuel tank storage module. As you can see I launched the two missions pretty much two days apart with the idea of giving me two days grace to orbital maneuver and landing the Ore Tanks on Minmus etc. Both had the same dV requirements naturally and I set up maneuvers to capture into Minmus Orbit. However: Instead of two days grace I've ended up with two hours and indeed the second mission is arriving before the first ( taking two days and two hours less to arrive than the first mission!) I'm sure there's a logical explanation for this. Can someone tell me what's happened?
  12. Things that NASA never said at a press conference.

    We regret to announce that one of our astronauts, Commander Willoughby Crinkly-Bottom has died during an EVA mission. It would appear that he got drunk on coolant and removed his space suit while trying to get the Hubble Space Telescope to "Look at the Moon!"
  13. Waiter, theres a _____________ in my soup!

    We have, it's just adding a few extra ingredients that chef forgot, sir. Waiter, there's a black hole in my soup!
  14. This is not the most efficient way of landing at a target. But it will certainly help you land accurately. I'm pretty sure had Scott kept burning on the retrograde marker it would have been fairly close to a suicide burn. The way he does it uses more fuel but affords you more control and more room for error. And does it with no mods at all. I don't know anything about MechJeb but I gather it can do the flying for you on a suicide burn. Either way I'm sure this short video will be instructive all the same.
  15. Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted: Whatever you turn it into is made of the same cardboard as the box and it goes "Boink" every 5 seconds, continuously. I wish for a Star Trek Runabout Class Starship and enough fuel to power it for 100 years.