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  1. True for me too. Most of the games I want to play have native linux clients. Of those that don't, only two won't work in Wine - and recently I found out how to get Fallout 4 working in Wine - though I need to build it from scratch with a few patches in place ( wine that is not fallout 4)
  2. Linux is the gaming platform of the future!
  3. I'm very happy to learn how the entire OS is glued together over time, and indeed I am doing, but I want an out of the box solution with full desktop environment :). I'll grow into a full on junkie over time for the moment though I'm just going back to what I know but have a go at replacing Unity with Gnome as I said above.
  4. Yeah the m2 boards are quite a bit longer and my mobo won't take them but it will take the longer of the mSata, however I erred on the side of caution and just went with the reliable Samsung Evo :). As for OS - Yep it's going to be Ubuntu 16.04 LTS again but I may have a go at replacing unity with Gnome 3 while I have a clean install an nothing to lose except time.
  5. Well, I just had a quick play with the Ubuntu 18.04 live and I think that is going to go on my new hard drive. I previously considered Steam OS but it just seems like a whole load of trouble unless you want a "console" that can only play Steam Games. Going to have a look at OK.. so windows is doing MORE updates and now it's forcing a distribution update on me even though I just told it "not now" and I can't stop it. This isn't going to be a fun evening.
  6. So you did, I'm looking at it and considering it. I'm also creating an ubuntu 18.04 live media on a USB stick. I'll have a play with that this evening. I've played with Raspbian too but I don't think I want it as my main OS for gaming. I just want reliable and works with the minimum of fuss and to not be Win 10. Which has taken a monumental 3 hours to settle down after boot! ( updates and microsoft doing microsoft stuff ) 3 hours of it downloading random junk, doing updates I didn't ask for and thrashing my poor little SSD to death. Nope it's still at it.
  7. Just ordered a Samsung 500 GB 860 EVO Sata III 64L V NAND from Amazon. Can't afford it but there we go. Wondered about going the mSata route but it's an unknown to me so I'll stick with what I know So now, what distro do I install? I'm so used to Debian based, I know a lot of people don't like the Debian based stuff but it does just work! I find it reliable and well supported for gaming. So I think Ubuntu 16.04 will go back on. However if anyone has some neat ideas then do let me know!
  8. Aaand I'm back in Windows I can't believe both my main drives have failed in the same week. Lost my media collection, lost my save games, everything will have to be installed again on a new drive I just hope the HD103 can be spun up one more time to rescue my KSP saves and the documents folders So now I'm on Windows 10 on a 256gb SSD. I guess I'll be playing Elite Dangerous for a bit. In a year, after windows has finished insisting on updating absolutely barking everything. <insert "Girl from Ipanema" here>
  9. I've no plan on buying a new mainboard. Mine is fine, my processor is fine. The only thing I may do is upgrade the graphics card and overclock the CPU, 3570K - I've had it run happily on the current cooler @ 4.0 ghz. The cooler is an arctic freezer pro 7 the best and quietest air cooler at the time. It is quite big though.
  10. My MB is a Gigabyte GA-Z77-UDH3 1.1 (you can't buy these any more, I looked ) The mSata port is designed to hold the card at both ends and is about 5cm long so it would actually fit one of these Samsung 850 Evo 500gb I may consider getting one. The port sits right beside the processor socket and doesn't foul the memory slots. However the cooler for the processor does so I can't use all four slots - I could possibly fit the cooler back to front to open up those slots but I have 16gb ram so that's enough for the time being.
  11. I am an actor, just not well known yet. Done some film extra work been in a few stage plays, done work for hospitals for doctor training ( PACE exams ). Hopefully I won't end up in prison. Oh yes, my motherboard has a slot for one of these - mSata - they start at round £125 GBP these days for 500gb (~$170USD ) Some people say I wont make it as an actor and I'm too old but I will not be discouraged! I keep in mind that Morgan Freeman didn't get his big break until he was 55.. which gives me 8 years to hone my craft! It's doable!
  12. That's why I put my picture up in place of Valentina. Subtle hint. Didn't work.
  13. Monkey Feathers is from Avatar: The Last Airbender Possibly a topic for a different thread but I've often thought about expletives, how they are used and what they mean. I feel that they only have the meaning we give to them. Which is why I never call anyone "noob", newbie yes. But "noob" never because it's used in such a derogatory fashion in online gaming I find it exceptionally rude and right up there with the vernacular it's replacing.