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  1. Hi there, I have a link to a tool for you to help with Satellite networks and orbits in general. I've checked the links to the calculator and they're still good. You can use this to work out a suitable elliptical orbit that will let you drop satellites evenly around a planet so that they give best coverage.
  2. Right. I've caught up. If I'm feeling up to it I might actually get around to Out of Science episode 2 a year late.
  3. For this series I was using a custom Krew. And when I try to "Create Kerbal" in 1.10.1 the Kerbals level is maxed to 5 even though I have Kerbal Experience enabled. A restart fixed that!. Time to play katch-up
  4. I was only 2 boxes into my out of science game so I will just recreate it I guess in 1.10
  5. Turns out that you can revert KSP in steam. Library -> KSP -> Right click -> Properties -> Betas -> Select the Beta you would like to opt into and choose an earlier version. I've switched to 1.10.1 which has worked. But now my save games are incompatible
  6. Well then. I shall be leaving KSP as I wanted to specifically carry on with that version. See you at KSP 1.11.2 I know it probably seems silly but it's just not the way I was aiming to play at the moment and I don't want to start yet another project in the mean time. Dang it. 1.11.3
  7. It didn't New game. All options carefully selected. Kerbal Experience enabled. Kerbals instantly level up turned off and Valentina still has all skills on first launch.
  8. Oh Frabjous Day! Thank you for that. Oh that doesn't seem to be it. I don't have that option checked. Only "Part Upgrades" is checked. Perhaps I should turn that off too. **edit** nope that didn't fix it either. New game time
  9. Nice! It always puts a smile on my face to see someone's first Minmus landing. You've built a nice looking little probe there.
  10. Hi there, I've been away for a while and have just come back to KSP and immediately hit a roadblock that may stop me from carrying on my project. I was doing an "out of science" start 10% science rewards and Kerbals must level up However When loading my old 1.9 save I found that my pilots had ALL the skills available to them even though they were zero star pilots. I thought this may be a bug in translation of the 1.9 save to the current version so I created a brand new 10% science game again with kerbal experience enabled. But once more Valentina right at the start on the firs
  11. Thank you Episode 2 will be up soon. Not sure what I'll be doing.
  12. Haha, nice one! Of course it wasn't accidental right? You knew what you were doing all along and the commentary was just showmanship Really nice. Less than 1m/s touchdown!
  13. Hi Guys, It's been quite a while since I played KSP. I think the last time was December 2018. I was doing an out of science mission and I also bought the expansion and when I was done updating my Out of Science mission was kind of done as the Wolfhounds had been umm "rebalanced". Duna Mission which I'd spent a long time planning, designing the craft for and deploying got rebalanced with it and ended up dead in space as it relied on four of those lovley 415isp Wolfhounds. Rather than try to pick that thread up and receive a slapping for necromancy I thought I would just start over.
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