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  1. 5 hours ago, Kerballing (Got Dunked On) said:

    yep... like spending an hour trying to get your Kerbals to Duna orbit only to realize that, crap, your 10% dV margin is gone and you have to quick load back to when the craft was in LKO and its all you can do to keep yourself from chucking your old computer out of the window with its terrible processor, but the main reason you don't is because you have a giant writing paper due in a couple of days and if you chuck it the paper probably won't be done on time with my procrastination skills... ugh.

    Yeah, please don't defenestrate your computer.  If I'd got to Duna Orbit and run out of Fuel I'd likely run a "Blunderbirds" mission to refuel it.  ( assuming you have docking ports or a grabber )

  2. Thank you, without going into too much detail it's something I've lived with since my early years and will experience for the rest of my life.  I'm just relapsing at the moment but outlook and mood wise I'm at the best I've ever been.  This is my year!

  3. @FleshJeb

    1) Thank you, I'll get there but it will take a few years
    2) Oh I Wish, I'm a little old for Avenging but I could certainly be a Sorcerer.  I'm actually doing murder mystery evening but I don't get paid for it until the end of April
    3) Yes :) not enough to get a full VR setup but will definitely put a large dent in the price tag for the whole system upgrade.

    Trouble is my day job is paying less at the moment ( wages vary from day to day depending on demand )

    Today the weather is throwing 50mph winds at me so it's too dangerous to work ( I'm a cycle courier with a large backpack )

  4. I'm so sorry friends :(

    3 Things have prevented me from continuing this adventure at the moment.

    1) I've not been well  ( I have long term illness )
    2) I've landed my first professional acting job, this mixed with my day job is taking up so much time
    3) My graphics card has died and I can't currently afford to replace it - I need a GTX 1160 or better as someone introduced me to VR and now I HAVE to have my own setup.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Rauko said:

    NewtSoup, you inspired me so much that I drop my former career and started a new one with 10% science.

    I use KEI for the KSC points and DMagic Orbital Science, so it could probably be easier, but to spice things a bit more, installed Kerbalism and Remote Tech.

    I am happily strugling. My first orbital flight gave me the last only point I needed to get Basic Science, but without solar panels, I dont think it will let me visit mun with a probe. Too much time to depend on batteries...

    I hope not to be in a dead end.

    Anyway, its being really funny.

    Wow, that is incredibly humbling.  I'm really glad you've enjoyed reading this so far.  I assure you, you can visit the Mün without a probe core and on just three tech boxes.  Go for it!.

    Ahh I don't know what Kerbalism is - I'm playing with the following mods:

    6 Crew Science Lab
    6 Seat Mk3 Cockpit
    Better Burn Time
    Better Crew Assignment
    Better Time Warp
    Kerbal Alarm Clock
    Kerbal Engineer
    KOS ( not used )
    Maneuver Node Evolved
    TAC Fuel Balancer

    The rest of my mods are all visual and don't affect game play beyond tanking my frame rate.

  6. 1 minute ago, FleshJeb said:

    Proof of how little I know. I thought OBS could edit as well. Thanks for the heads up

    I think maybe it can.  I just don't know how to use it.

    * Edit * A quick look suggests it can do "cut" and "fade" in studio mode but isn't exactly what you'd call feature rich.

  7. 22 minutes ago, FleshJeb said:

    I appreciate your journeys through the tech tree—I always learn a few things, and it’s a mode I’m not willing to play.

    Will you be bringing the lander back to Kerbin?

    Will the Overkill get left in Kerbin orbit, or discarded?

    The lander may get left in Duna Orbit if dV is looking a little slim.  As for the Overkill - you'll have to wait and see.  My plan is to record certain sections rather than just screenshot.  So the launch of the core.  Maybe attaching one arm ( 4 would get tedious ) I'll screenshot a refuellling trip to save the snores.  Mostly I'm going to try and capture the interesting bits

    some of this depends on how frustrated I get with KDEnlive though :D  It seems to be quite powerful.  But also hard to use.

    Dammit Jim, I'm an actor, not a video editor!

  8. Something I just learned in testing before actually launching and assembling:

    The arms made of a fuselage and girders and holding the solar panel array -

    First of all I put down a Docking Port, then I added a small adapter plate.  To that I attached the structural fuselage, then another adapter plate and then 3 girders and on the end of that another docking port.  The solar panels were attached to the girders.

    I then wanted to hide batteries and reaction wheels inside the fuselage so I plopped them onto the node available on the docking port at the end of the arm and used the movement arrows to slide them right down inside the tube.  All well and good!

    Except, once you have done that you can no longer use the docking port as a docking port.  It's node is of course occupied by the battery stack.   Glad I realised/confirmed in testing before I did the actual mission launch!  Time for a quick redesign.

  9. Hooray for struts and auto struts!  Hooray for Solar Panels.  Hooray for docking ports!  It's time to go to Duna! On this much Tech:


     First of all A lander was designed that would be capable of landing on Duna and getting off the surface again.  Secondly a ship was designed that would be able to transport the lander to Duna ( and Ike ) and then get home again.  The key to doing this is the ability to assemble the ship in space and swap parts ( I do love my engine swapping ).  Though this will be trickier than usual with no RCS ability yet.

    Here is an Artists Impression of what the vessel will look like once it's fully assembled in LKO



    KSS Overkill:
    3800m/s dV
    0.39 TWR from 5 Terriers
    4 Krew - 2 Pilots, 1 Scientist, 1 Engineer

    Duna Lander:
    2200 m/s dV
    3.01 TWR from a single terrier
    2 Krew - 1 Pilot, 1 Scientist ( Away team from main krew )

    Because there were no extendable solar panels available I put loads of them on the arms which are made of girders and a structural fuselage.
    Each Arm is attached by a docking port to the core of the Overkill to facilitate assembly in orbit and provides external docking for the whole structure to allow refuelling.  The structural fuselages hide batteries and reaction wheels that provide almost enough torque to pull the ship apart :) 

    The ship has enough fuel to service the lander on an Ike landing ( maybe 2 ) while we're in the area and get into LDO and back to LKO with little to no air braking.  The main Krew compartments are the four re-entry pods which will be used to return the Krew to safety.  Thanks to the magic of auto-struts ( careful use of ) the vessel despite being made of way more tanks than it should be has some rigidity instead of flopping around like a fish on land.

  10. So my choices were as follows:

    Electrics - for solar panels 
    Miniaturization - for a docking port 
    Flight control for fins and an inline reaction wheel
    General Construction for STRUTS, FINALLY SOME RIGIDITY.

    My tree now looks like this:


    Yeah.. Duna and Ike are going to be easy peasy!


  11. So, a quick jolly to Minmus was in order as science points were in demand.  The cheese containers were primed.  The batteries were charged. The rocket was fuelled.  Batteries were feared to be the deciding factor in mission length as once the main engines were jettisoned and the ship was on terriers only, batteries would be the only source of power and must last.  After a quick "spin" through the lower atmosphere the onion was finally peeled leaving only the core.  This brought tears to the Krew's eyes but not too many.


    An uneventful and undocumented hop through local space later Valentina settled the imaginatively named Science Ship II down on its landing tanks and then stood with Devis on the surface for the obligatory selfie.

    After visit to 5 of Minmus' 8 biomes fuel in the lander war running low.  Battery power had lasted well however with judicious use of SAS and was at just under half capacity.  Although the return vehicle was replete with go juice and some could have been transferred to the lander the mission was to return to LKO before landing so it was decided to say farewell to the great cheese planes and minty mountains of Minmus and return to Kerbin.


    Thanks to Valentina's fine piloting skills ( and not repeated reloads in LKO ) the ship was dropped within spitting ( well a short bus journey ) distance of the KSC.


    One last Selfie was in order to celebrate a safe return with no unplanned explosions.


    With a haul of 290 precious science points bringing the total to 305 the mission was declared a resounding success.  Next stop.  Duna!  ( now that we can afford solar panels )


  12. 5 hours ago, Lo Var Lachland said:

    With one hand or two? Sometimes the kerbals will "clap," which can be translated as a wave. 

    I might have been a clap which I caught out of the corner of my eye in the bottom right of the screen as their faces appeared.  I've never noticed the clap before either.


  13. Turns out those SRBs were producing some unwanted torque effects this time ( AKA rotating uncontrollably ) so It got changed to this:


    Same everything except the SRB's just boost together at full power whereas before the inner ones had a smaller max thrust to burn for longer and this time everything is pseudo onion staged.

  14. Science Vessel II - The strut free version.  Also features no alternators on the terriers.

    However, dumping the Reliant engines in favour of Terriers upped the dV by over 1000.  This ship has ~8200 dV now.   Also changed fuel tanks for bigger ones and fewer of them, this does not affect the dV only the rigidity of the ship, still woeful though and no struts or autostruts.  Also removed the landing gear, now relying entirely on Landing Tanks!  Upped the battery capacity to 700.  Hopefully will be enough!.   I think the next electronics box really should be next on my purchase list.


    Time to sample the finest cheeses of Minmus.

  15. This is a really interesting way to play.  With only 10% of the science rewards available the emphasis becomes on being able to get to more places to do what little science you can rather than maximising your science potential.

    I did a mun mission.  I did not document it as everyone has seen a mun mission.  I got 57 science whereas normally that would have been 570 and opened up a slection of around 5 6 boxes.  This time I could choose just one tier 3 box and so it was Advanced Rocketry for the Terrier and Thud Engines and the larger fuel tank which will help stop "concertina" behaviour in my ships. 

    I did not have enough science to get electrics.  I could have gone aviation and scavenged further points around Kerbin but this time, that is not the efficient way.  Better to extend my range and open up more space opportunity.

    Also - Pilots are much more useful now.  I can't just slap a probe on because I don't have the comms or electrics available.  So it's got to be krewed missions to keep the stability options open. 

    So now I have 7 tech boxes and I can think about going to minmus now.  Or at least exploring more biomes of the Mün.

    I wonder if I can do Duna on 7 boxes?

    Also learned.  Micro Landing struts are pointless.  Land on fuel tanks very gently or on girders.  You do not need all that bounce even when their sliders are  upped.  Micro struts are really only good for probes which you can't make at this low tech.

  16. New Test - build the same ship in sandbox hack into orbit

    And KRAKEN!  Any time SAS is on  Kerbals on EVA go really weird!.

    This must be mod related then and it must be because I updated a couple of mods to 1.5 when I'm on 1.45.

    I will update my game to 1.5 and retest  ( I actually have a 1.5 game ready in steam - I just kept a copy of 1.45 as that's where I was playing and modded for at the time )

  17. Nope it's my save file.  Happens any time I press R to activate the thruster pack on a scientist.

    BUT... Having just Reloadsd I activated the thruster pack on a scientist and it was fine.  

    What was different?  SAS was turned off.  I got the scientist back inside.  Turned SAS ON then EVA the scientist

    Presss Space to let go.  Press R and KRAKEN!

    So new theory - this is an SAS related bug and the reason it appeared to be just scientists was because when you EVA a pilot SAS turns off.

    New test - Reload and launch the ship with 2 pilots.


    Oh and it seems to have also bumped the Science Vessel into a solar orbit!

    New Theory confirmed

    Hacked Ship into Orbit with 2 Pilots

    EVA a pilot with SAS on the ship OFF.

    No Kraken

    EVA a pilot with SAS on the ship ON

    Kraken Present ( but hiding.  did not present until I touched the ship )

  18. I have rebuilt the ship from the ground up.

    Added 2  more parachutes and coaxed it into orbit with a little extra dV for over engineering's sake.

    Same Krew - Devis and Zelfrid.

    I think EVA Devis as a test..  Hit R - she gets pinged off the ship and her RCS fuel is empty!  Pretty much the same bug as before just without a crash.

    It must be Devis.  It's not the ship, it's not the game it's not the mods I apparently have a corrupt scientist.   I am going to try this in the same save file with a different Krew.