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  1. System locked up 50 minutes ago. Disk read for the ksp process is at 104 gb. Write at 15mb. Read soeed 109mb/s memory usage 12.3 gb. Im hitting the reset button So there we go. the computer locked up at 16:38 the last log entry was at 16:38 I hit the reset button at 17:50 I have removed kOS and I'm now going to wait at the launchpad again. (I'm saving the last log before I start the KSP client ) link to log
  2. So the last client took an hour and a half (approximately ) to crash out. The current one was loaded at 15:04, it's now 16:09 and memory has climbed from 4.3gb to 7.6gb Now to 8.8 at 16:18 everything in the log looks normal.. the only repeating stuff is about game state and autosaves
  3. No problem. Will post the next one. Memory is climbing slowly again - I remember KSP used to have a leak when sitting looking at the space centre scene. I wonder if this is something similar.
  4. Back now. KSP has crashed and the tail of the log says: [LOG 13:34:33.179] [OD] <--- ScaledSpaceDemand.UnloadTextures destroying NewMunSurfaceMap00 and NewMunSurfaceMap01 [LOG 13:37:58.007] Flight State Captured [LOG 13:37:58.007] Saving Achievements Tree... [LOG 13:37:58.007] Saving Achievements Tree... [LOG 13:37:58.007] Saving Achievements Tree... [LOG 13:37:58.010] [MessageSystem] Save Messages [LOG 13:37:58.022] [BetterTimeWarp]: Settings saved [LOG 13:37:58.031] Game State Saved to saves/Sandbox 1/persistent [LOG 13:37:58.105] [AutoSave]: Game Backed Up and Saved [LOG 13:43:00.335] Flight State Captured [LOG 13:43:00.337] Saving Achievements Tree... [LOG 13:43:00.337] Saving Achievements Tree... [LOG 13:43:00.337] Saving Achievements Tree... [LOG 13:43:00.342] [MessageSystem] Save Messages [LOG 13:43:00.358] [BetterTimeWarp]: Settings saved [LOG 13:43:00.370] Game State Saved to saves/Sandbox 1/persistent [LOG 13:43:00.372] [AutoSave]: Game Backed Up and Saved [LOG 13:48:02.150] Flight State Captured [LOG 13:48:02.151] Saving Achievements Tree... [LOG 13:48:02.151] Saving Achievements Tree... [LOG 13:48:02.151] Saving Achievements Tree... [LOG 13:48:02.158] [MessageSystem] Save Messages Which is entirely unhelpful I will now put a ship on the launchpad with no kOS parts on it and wait! Same ship - KAL9000 Removed. On the launchpad. Freshly started client. Memory usage is at 4.3gb
  5. I certainly will do that. I was going to do it anyway because I thought a comparative test world be useful. I will do it overnight while I sleep.
  6. 10.9gb 11gb I have to go though.. back in about an hour
  7. 10.5 gb.. but I have to go out. I'll catch the logs when I get back in. [LOG 13:32:56.029] [MessageSystem] Save Messages [LOG 13:32:56.043] [BetterTimeWarp]: Settings saved [LOG 13:32:56.053] Game State Saved to saves/Sandbox 1/persistent [LOG 13:32:56.127] [AutoSave]: Game Backed Up and Saved [LOG 13:34:11.331] [OD] <--- ScaledSpaceDemand.UnloadTextures destroying NewMunSurfaceMap00 and NewMunSurfaceMap01 [LOG 13:34:22.750] [OD] --> ScaledSpaceDemand.LoadTextures loading NewMunSurfaceMap00 and NewMunSurfaceMap01 [LOG 13:34:33.179] [OD] <--- ScaledSpaceDemand.UnloadTextures destroying NewMunSurfaceMap00 and NewMunSurfaceMap01 ( latest entries and the start of KSP panicking )
  8. I have been sitting here typing and the ship has been on the launchpad with nothing runnig other than the KOS terminal and my memory usage has gone from 4.2gb to 8.2gb. it's been about an hour. I'm expecting a system freeze soon ( I have 16gb, with the OS overheads and chrome running I'm expecting it to fall over when KSP hits around 11gb )
  9. I'm actually quite excited to get this to work because I want to use it to control a mining operation. First pseudocode: start fuel cells deploy drills deploy radiators while (lf !full && Ox !full ){ If ore is empty run the drills until ore is full while ( ore !empty) { run ISRU until charge empty stop isru until charge full if Lf && Ox full then break } } stop isru retract drills stop fuel cell retract radiators I'm just reading up on how to not lock the game up while in loops and triggers and so forth. Just curious however - will KOS run a script while in timewarp? That is.. will I be able to warp while mining using KOS to control the power use like I want to?
  10. I wasn't running any script at all, the ship was just sitting on the launchpad while I was reading the KOS docs. 3rd time around I watched the memory bloat from 4.2gb to 8gb in an hour before I shut the game down myself. I can't be certain it's KOS but it's only started doing this since I installed KOS. As for the Key things I'll try removing afbw as that tends to pop up unannounced when typing stuff in the editor too. The output log no longer contains info pertaining to the crash as I've run the game since then and exited safely. I'm going to run it now though and do exactly what I did before - which was browse the net while leaving my ship on the LP ( with the KAL9000 monitor up )
  11. Hi, I installed this today - I put a KAL9000 on one of my ships. Put it on the launchpad and retired to the documentation. First goal to programatically deploy an airbrake. After a while my computer locked up. Then KSP crashed. I reastarted KSP and it happened again. This time I hit CTRL ALT F2 to see if I could find the process that might be causing the lock up when all of a sudden I get a message that KSP_64 has been killed due to lack of memory ( prior to installing KOS I could leave KSP running for hours on end. I'm getting around two hours out of it at the moment before it dies ). I installed the mod via CKAN. And it's technically for 1.4.1. Is there a more up to date version? ( the answer is no ) Killed process 14791 (KSP.x86_64) total-vm:14970552kB, anon-rss:11824248kB, file-rss:21688kB, shmem-rss:532kB Out of memory: Kill process 14791 (KSP.x86_64) score 642 or sacrifice child also when trying to use the internal editor the R, S and E keys do not work as they seem to be tied to Reload, Save and Exit and do not function at all.
  12. Minmus Testing - It needs to run either the drill OR the ISRU not both at the same time. If you run both the drill stops when the power reaches zero and doesn't auto start. The ISRU on the other hand will just turn on and off so it effectively just slows down.. Almost tempted to install KOS so I can program it to automatically toggle between drill and ISRU.
  13. I've uploaded a video of the last engine being deoribited. Why? Because I could. Just a bit of practice doing video stuff really. Found out that OBS and I have very differing opinions on what constitutes "High Quality". I will have words next time. Minmus looks like a paint by numbers sketch most of the time. Where's the video? It's uploading! after which you tube is going to do something dreadful to it I'm sure. I shall pop the link in when I wake up tomorrow.
  14. MK IV Link -
  15. Ok. So, the MostlyVersalLander Mk IV Tested on Eloo - refuels very slowly but can do it. Can achieve LKO with no need for boosters so should be able to do Laythe just fine. Can make a powered landing on Kerbin - keep the top tanks dry for this, lock engine gimbals to 25%, lock winglet authority to 0% deploy air-brakes after shock heating has passed Because it's now tall and thin instead of wide in the hip, try not to land it on slopes. Main issue is it's 50% heavier than the MK III and so the HOK is going to struggle some pushing this big bulk around. Those extra 3 tons of payload for the 250 convertotron sure cost a lot of extra fuel weight!
  16. Yeah.. Eloo means the lander goes dead. I shall think on this.
  17. I did a cheat test on Tylo and it was fine. I may do one out on Eloo then to see what happens. I'll copy the save file over to a sandbox game and try it so I don't prematurely reveal the ore there in my main game. Your rememberance is both interesting and concerning thank you.
  18. With the HOK on mission it has been decided by the Emperor that Minmus Orbital needs to be rebuilt followed by Rura Penthe Penal Colony Popular Tourist Destination. No longer needing to pander to the vagaries of outside contracts Minmus Oribtal was quickly slapped together carefully designed to be launched in one main piece as a refuelling station with the ability to be expanded later. Holy Cheesecake it flies and is relatively stable! I honestly can't believe this worked. An interesting thing for me at least is learning how to use more than one maneuver node. Here I used two, one for a main burn to kick me out of LKO with roughly the right dV and then a second node fine tunes and performs the inclination change ( where it's cheaper ) to get the Minmus encounter. Once the whole thing reaches Minmus the engines can be undocked and deorbited leaving three Docking Port Sr. The station then has a number of other docking ports available in the various sizes. Although it doesn't need it due to the Minmus relay network it has some relay dishes on the side for looks. I also fitted it with two Fuel Cell Arrays. Not sure why. Possibly just in case the Sun goes out. The station does have some fore/aft thrust from vernor motors and it can hold attitude with some internal reaction wheels. Really though once it's in place it should never move again.
  19. Incidentally, how many flags can a Kerbal Place on one body?
  20. The first Mün anomaly spotted. I wonder what it is?. Looking at that I suspect it's one of the Mün arches. For anomaly spotting I'm choosing the lowest fastest orbit that can view the entire body on an equatorial orbit. I don't know if that's the best way. A lower level orbit would potentially give me greater accuracy on the waypoint placement, but then to cover the entire body I'd need to be in a polar orbit and do multiple passes to cover the whole body in one day before the detection chance resets ( HECS 2 has a 24% chance re-rolled at 00:00:00 each time ) Any scanning tips would be appreciated
  21. Here we go, finally fully fuelled. Mostly, I couldn't be bothered refilling the MVL once the main tanks on the HOK were full. I had a really nice intercept straight from Minmus launch too: Topped up to almost brimming the HOK complete with lander has just over 6.2Km/s dV. I don't think this is overkill either. Because it's not going to be possible to refuel on every body visited and the MVL will need to refuel itself from the HOK on occasion. Better to have too much than run out. It's acceleration is ~4.5m/s total mass 657 tons. A bit heavier than I thought it would be to be honest, I was pretty sure it would have a good 1g of acceleration. Still, 0.5g is enough. Here's a shot of the HOK doing a mid course correction on the way to the Mun. I won't include too many burn shots as they'll quickly get boring as they all look the same. The MVL has indeed been tweaked again, some vernor thrusters ahve been added to the nose and the ladder has been angled so that Kerbals don't get their helmets wedged between the slanted tanks when climbing down. But as I say this is what the Mun and Minmus sections of the mission are for. Learning and tweaking. Slight confession.. after refuelling I overdid it on the mun intercept and hit the surface. When I hit the reload last autosave it did instead reload the last quick save ( controls in linux are slightly different to the manual I think ) and it put me months back in the mission and on a previous version of the MVL. And then it autosaved. DOH. So I ended up cheat-fuelling it and putting the correct MVL back on it's nose. Which reminds me I've now left two Kerbals on the Surface of Minmus in the MVL Mk II. Serves me right. I'll have to send the MK II to the Mun too and intercept the HOK.
  22. I should mention that the main power is by a fuel cell array hidden in the nose cone. The solar panels are for support. This will not provide enough for continuous mining but it's "sufficient".
  23. Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the public launch of the MostlyVersalLander Mk III. First of all I'm sure there are two questions on your mind: 1) What does MostlyVersal mean? 2) What happened to the Mk I and the Mk II? To answer the second question first, the Mk I was a prototype and proof of concept but did not perform as expected. The Mk II suffered from stability issues under full thrust. MostlyVersal means that it can land and take off from MOST planets and moons in the Kerbin System. Technically it could land on EVE but will be unable to achieve orbit again. It can achieve LKO and perform a powered landing on Kerbin. It can land and take off from Laythe. Power is provided by four Aerospike Engines. These have been chosed for their low profile and performance. Providing significant Specific Impulse in both atmosphere and vacuum. It can also refuel itself with it drilling and ore refinement capabilities and from many of the smaller moons can carry enough fuel to partially refuel it's parent ship. Docking is made possible via the shielded docking port underneath (remember to close the shields on re-entry into an atmosphere ). When re-entering an atmosphere the ship must be in retrograde. Ensure that the Authority Limiter on the AV-R8 Winglets is set to zero. This will help keep the craft from spinning along it's longitudinal axis as the winglets try to perform SAS. Once shock heating has passed ( on Kerbin ) the AIRBRAKES may be deployed safely. Terminal Velocity is around 230m/s. It is advisable to carry about 1000m/s dV in fuel for final powered landing on Kerbin. In normal space flight It is advisable to keep SAS on as the craft can sometimes exhibit a small longitudinal rotation. This is easily corrected by the advanced reaction wheels. Control is by either up to two crew (Engineer and Pilot recommended ) or via the HECS II in the nose cone. If flying by wire then a relay network in orbit of your desired landing body is strongly recommended. The ship itself has a single internal Communotron 16s. Please note: This vessel has no full RCS capability only reverse thrust by four vernor engines on the nose ( not shown in pictures). It is recommended that a mothership have a four star Pilot or a HECS II probe core to provide taget tracking and assist in docking. Download Link:
  24. YAS.. I'm going to upload this to the spacecraft section and share the craft file.