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  1. Hey, did you find a Solution to this? Just having the same Issue, no Comm Connection, despite having it enabled, power and an Antenna...
  2. Reinstalled and works fine now. On the other hand, i still get a lag, everytime i click an experiment. Is there a workaround?
  3. Hey everybody, i am playing on 1.3.1 and since last day when I click on an experiment it does not open the Science /exp. Window but instead says that "xxx data was transferred to the command module. Any idea what is happening there ?
  4. Hey everybody, i just updated my GPP Game in 1.3.1. I played a Save in 1.3.1 with an older Version of GPP and updated to the latest Version compatible with 1.3.1 (GPP Now all my Science Reports i did on Gael are gone... anybody else who experienced that or has an Idea? The Science Reports on other Planets are still there. Best Regards
  5. Had the same problem with the missing Cockpit, in my case the Mod "Janitors Closet" was the problem. When i removed the Mod, both Cockpits were back in the VAB and visible. Hope this helps.
  6. Okay, figured it out by myself, for me it was the Mod "Janitors Closet", somehow it made the Cockpits missing. Deinstalled the Mod and reinstalled the Shuttle Mod worked for me, every Part is there again.
  7. Hey Guys, i also have the same Problem as mentioned above regarding the missing Cockpit, cant find it anywhere... Dont have RO installed, and also tried the v1.0 installation from SpaceDock, no help. Every Part is there except for the 2 Cockpits.. Any Suggestions? Best Regards