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  1. i bought a new samsung 4K TV to use as my pc monitor and "oh mah gud" this thing has put a smile on my face when i see my gtx 1080 finally getting a good workout and pushing 60 fps@4K
  2. invision

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    i know this is going to sound completely crazy but........ *equips flame shield* there are other games to play while KSP gets its flat tire patched. you may even find something you like just as much....ya never know!
  3. invision

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    you must have never met my friends kids
  4. i mainly use modded installs because the base game lacks a lot of things
  5. invision

    Working for SQUAD? :-)

  6. invision

    Software to convert major into minor

    look up which key the song is in, then use the minor version of that scale
  7. invision

    Your hardest missions

    keeping Jeb alive for any amount of time
  8. invision

    1.4.2 is awesome...

    the game runs a lot better in performance than 1.2.2 does by leaps.
  9. invision

    What visual mods do you all use?

    screenshots using EVE + Sci-Fi posted above...........................
  10. invision

    Speeding up KSP?

    high performance mode doesnt shorten the life of your pc, its needed in a lot of circumstances to tell your pc to give the app as much power as it can. like gaming or video editing needs all the power it can handle. also if your CPU supports "boost" mode it will underclock when not in use even when its under high performance mode. my Ryzen 5 is overclocked to 3.9 ghz and will sit idle at 1.6ghz until you boot something then it will kick right in at 3.9ghz and never fluctuate. same with my videocard. i tick high performance mode so it will go straight to 1.9ghz on the cores turbo rather than fluctuate causing stutter because the game wants full power but its being limited to 1.3ghz or less in balance mode
  11. invision

    I always wondered: fan utlization manners

    its a old heatsink fan combo from 5yrs ago you probably wont find it on newegg, it was made for AMD boards.
  12. invision

    I always wondered: fan utlization manners

    just says cooler master on it, no other identifying marks. this thing is noisy as hell you wouldnt want it anyways lol
  13. invision

    I always wondered: fan utlization manners

    this isnt always true. i have a cpu fan on my other pc that will spin upwards of 8000 rpm and sounds like a jet engine.