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  1. Help with Buran Style shuttle

    okay i found the perfect balance. just use 1 tank on the rear and this thing flew like a boss months ago i was inspired by the XB shuttle and made a similar style setup.
  2. Help with Buran Style shuttle

    turn off only the tanks on the back added for balance, the main rocket remains untouched. once in space you can enable the use of them. use low thrust as balance is still awkward and you should be okay. if you turn on the mono engines on the shuttle and go for orbit it seems to fix the stability issue and you can go full speed.
  3. Help with Buran Style shuttle

    yeah i know. lol was too lazy to spin the rocket also dont forget a battery like i did and have to use the cheat menu
  4. Help with Buran Style shuttle

    its a balance issue so heres a dirty way to fix it. its still not perfect and starts to wobble a bit once out of the atmosphere but it makes it to space and will let you play with it. okay the shuttle weighs almost 7 ton, so we take a fuel tank or 2 and we make it the same weight on the other side, right click the extra tank and turn off the fuel. we will use that fuel later. i added a tail fin for flight stability, and 2 reaction wheels. (pic 3) ------------------------------------------------------------ since we are professionals we can just fly 45 degrees from the start TALLY HO! we can now turn the fuel to the tanks back on and shoot for orbit main tanks drained and decoupled, shuttle on its own fuel. (mono) now its time to land.
  5. Question on testing

    this game shouldnt have been ported. it cripples decent pc's i can only imagine how bad it runs on console and watching all the dev notes and posts for month its clear they bit off more than they expected. honestly they should just fully refund all sales if they cannot give users a game that isnt broken. hasnt it been a year now since its release? and its still broken?
  6. What did you do in KSP today?

    invision reporting in. it seems the cold in space has caused some small issues and we are currently experiencing shrinkage
  7. What did you do in KSP today?

    we have a mission to go deep probing. mission control said its going to be hard. it wont be too long.
  8. i wouldnt build a pc right now, the prices of graphics cards are through the roof and it would be silly to pay 450.00 for a 225.00 card. i bought a gtx 1080 1 week before christmas for 520.00 and now that same card is 900.00+ this effects all modern graphics cards
  9. How do you fly the navball?

    i left a computer core on them so it was counting them as vessels
  10. i felt the same way, i wanted to smash my keyboard. how could a game be so hard? this crap dont work. unfortunately its one of those games where you have to learn space nerd stuff to git gud. hang tight and ill give you a pretty easy to understand picture tutorial........ okay so we want to head east thats towards the ocean next to us we start turning about 5 sec after left off towards the 45 degree marker on the navball and we pretty much hold it there for most of the flight we decouple the boosters it asks us to press M for the map, bring up your navball if it isnt. we can still control the rocket from this screen. at 900 ms bring the rocket to 35 degrees on the nav ball. when the AP on our orbit line reaches 60k bring rocket to 90. we will be completely sideways now burning for horizontal speed. we are going so fast now our height will increase on its own. hold this until it reaches 75k and stop. okay hard part done, now we time warp to 73k and we put thrust on low and try to time as we pass over 75k our orbit burn is done. and thats how to get into orbit \o/
  11. How do you fly the navball?

    speaking of asteroids. when i figured out how to grab an asteroid i was quite happy. so over the course of the next few weeks i would gather one when i played and put it in kerblin lower orbit. i started to notice the game played worse and worse. my pc was not impressed with me. i would launch and watch my fps tank to 10-15 fps when i got into low orbit. i ended up just starting over.
  12. i think it pauses there for everyone and ive always assumed it does that because the file is much larger than the others.