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  1. i find it hard to come up with names, i usually think its stupid or ill put too much thought into it and just never really name it. finally i just name it "POD" just so i dont have to deal with it anymore lol other names ive used ghetto shuttle SP-1 "space plane room for 1" lander rocket probe
  2. a few months ago i ran out of fuel coming back from duna, i made it to kerblins orbit. i was really bad at docking and used mechjeb to fly me out there and do all the work while reaping all the glory.....or so i thought thats what was going to happen. so i flew out a new craft to save the other, did the mechjebs things, and like a good hero i went to make coffee. while making coffee i hear mechjeb doing its usual maneuvers and then silence for a about a min, i figured this must be where the crafts will meet up, and meet they indeed did. while jamming large amounts of sugar into my cup i hear BOOM.................. i come back to see the engines to both crafts are torn off....nice....... now im annoyed with mechjeb, this is the 2nd time its blown me up, so i make a new rocket and fly back out this time no mechjeb, it took me forever but managed to save the first craft and landed back on the ground. that was the last time i used mechjeb.
  3. nuclear jet capable of full orbit from take off
  4. ive found it uses less fuel without a proper orbit set up but you have to make sure your craft has enough thrust the gravity pull wont overcome your craft. minmus is super easy to do this on almost any engine, the mun needs a bit more power or you will smash into the ground and ive had this happen a few times.
  5. that GPU is more than plenty, i run ksp on a Radeon 7970 clocked at 1025mhz and it runs the game at 60 fps.
  6. i can land rockets better than planes, you need that foam stuff on the run way when im coming in
  7. was going for low mun orbit at 5k AP or so and a mountain snuck up and tore off 3 out of 4 engines engines, flew back home with thrust barely on because the craft just wanted to spin. i managed to land back after 10+ passes around kerblin to slow down enough.
  8. you actually dont need a very big rocket to get there.
  9. i know some dont use mods but you should consider this, its adds some really good nuclear engines and all sorts of nifty things that become quite useful
  10. mission to jool for 2.7mil woot the eggsplorer is on it main engine de-coupled using the moons to slow us down for easier intercepts i was going to try and crash into laythe but didnt have enough fuel so we plunge into jool instead
  11. finally made a plane that doesnt suck, its pretty much impossible to tumble it out of flight, which seemed to be my most common problem once high speeds kicked in. the Kerbal ghetto blaster
  12. beach house
  13. i like building small to medium sized rockets the most.