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  1. invision

    What have you been playing recently? (Other than KSP)

    i recently completed Dead Island Definitive Edition. i played it years ago on ps3 but wanted to take it for another spin as it was remastered and updated. its still one of the best zombie games there is. im also taking Saints Row 3 for another spin as its another game i havent played in years that looks 10x better on pc and playing in 4k
  3. invision

    USB Ports Get Hot And Stop Working

    it sounds like the motherboard is letting through too much voltage which will heat up any electronic part quickly, if that is the case it would be considered defective. you could try the rear USB ports directly connected to the motherboard and see if that problem still happens. if you are using the rear then try the front. either way that shouldnt happen and you should ask for a replacement board. it could also be your power supply and if you have another you could try hooking it up and checking.
  4. invision

    I have a horrible computer problem

    try this if that doesnt fix it you could have a windows update that is messing with the pc. you could also have some sort of malware that shuts down explorer.exe so download a program like CCleaner and some sort of malware remover. you should run those every month or so anyways. honestly it may be faster and better to do a complete reinstall of windows 10 so its all fresh and ready for abuse.
  5. invision

    How do YOU launch?

    launch bring craft to immediate 45 degree climb wait until ap is 55k bring craft to 90 degree horizontal burn until 75k time warp to 74k and circular orbit
  6. invision

    Time for KSP 2.0

    id love a 2.0
  7. invision

    2.0 indirectly announced?

    that banner has been there for as long as ive been a memeber
  8. unless you burn a lot of fuel to slow down you will probably burn up without a shield.
  9. invision

    KSP Challenge: Impact the Mun!

    woot finally right at 20min
  10. invision

    KSP Challenge: Impact the Mun!

    20min 40 sec is as good as its getting as i want to throw my pc out the window
  11. invision

    KSP Challenge: Impact the Mun!

    in game time is very possible i had 22min but cant seem to make up that 2min grrrrrrrrrr
  12. invision

    What Do You Think About Life Is Strange?

    life is strange (the first game) is one of the best story interactive games ive played, its starts off a bit slow but then becomes so good you wont want to stop playing it. the 2nd installment i have not played
  13. good job Squad your making your game known for not such good things now