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  1. a dog is your best security, it will let you know when crooks, squirrels, and leaves from trees are near your property.
  2. it took me FOREVER to learn how to dock. i would smash into the target craft, or completely YOLO and have to start chasing the craft only to make things worse, and then run out off fuel/mono. rescuing 1 ship turns into every single kerbal now needs to be saved. OKAY FINE ILL USE MECH JEB! only for mechjeb to smash into the docking ports at 200/ms............jeb cmon man i could have done that on my own:P * back to manual docking * i take an afternoon to really practice it, it all starts to finally click and make sense. now i can dock like a pro and make it look so easy compared to back then.
  3. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/WhmrLJ 620.00 youll still need windows but that can be found for 20.00 if you shop around that pc would be able to play pretty much anything you throw at it on high/max settings @1080p and the motherboard will be able to overclock it to at least 3.8ghz across all 4 cores before needing a voltage increase. if your not into overclocking then let it run at its base 3.1ghz the gtx 1060 3gb will be able to play any modern game you want
  4. the outer planets mod, forget the name of the planet but it took 45min just to time warp there. i flew a craft to the planet and refueled at its moon, landed on the target planet and collected science, and then proceeded back to kerblin when i was done. the entire mission took just under 4hrs but about half of that was waiting for time warp....RIP
  5. Eve is still really hard to takeoff from even on the highest mountain, i would still prepare the craft to give the good fight against gravity.
  6. you can play this game knowing nothing and a year later you will be a rocket scientist ready to give NASA advice on their next mission.
  7. i use to use it for docking but then mechjeb liked crashing into the docking ports at 200 m/s often enough i stopped using it all together and deleted it
  8. something changed because the rocket ive used for over a year falls out the sky even when rebuilt from new parts.
  9. i dont really have many landing leg issues, i have encountered them a few times over the past 2 years tho. what still happens tho is crafts like to bounce upon load or spawn 200 meters from the ground and smash apart. this has kept me from building surface bases as i fear they will just blow apart one day randomly like they all have. craft wobble is rare but does happen when the ship is quite large.
  10. it will run fine. i use to run a bunch of visual mods on my 6yr old Radeon 7970 without any issues so a GTX-1050ti will easily do this task. plus the 1050ti will allow you to play a lot of modern games @1080p high settings that arent KSP.
  11. 4x8 or 2x16 doesnt matter as long as all the ram sticks match
  12. i think youll be just as happy with the 1070 its not like its a weak card at all just something to consider
  13. i think ive used quick save about 5 times since playing kerbal, the first 6 months or so i had no idea there was much an option so i got used to doing missions that took hours without saving and pray i dont crash. i still play like that
  14. i own over 150 games so i guess im a gamer, tho i dont play kerbal that much anymore because ive played it 1200hrs so ive pretty much tried every concept i could imagine. i still come here daily tho just to see if anyone needs help or has interesting threads.
  15. storage can always be added. same with ram. i was stuck in your spot too with 1070 vs 1080 and spent the extra 125.00 at the time for the 1080 and glad i did. i use a ryzen 5 1600 overclocked with 16 gigs of ram and a 1080 and this pc plays everything easily at 1080p @120 fps and quite a few newer games at 4k 60 fps.
  16. i would sacrifice something like the speakers and get a gtx 1080. the reason for this is the GPU is going to cost you the most to replace, and since a 1070 is still a very capable card its going to take a 1080ti to even be worth upgrading @650.00 vs 450.00 for a 1080. other than that your computer will play anything
  17. welcome to the internet where there is a bit of something for everyone
  18. looks like a mission for Isaac Clarke
  19. Cinebench shows an i7-4960x does about 1000 points on average
  20. will you be buying a case too? i built this for just under 600.00 for you....no keyboard or mouse https://pcpartpicker.com/list/bGx9w6
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