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  1. Does anyone have a solution for this one? Based on my limited MM knowledge this should work, unless i missed some change in the syntax. And another small thing: both Tundra & Duna PDUs don't have "FillAmount = 0.95" (USI_Converter) compared with the other MKS Reactors (ModuleResourceConverter). Is it handled internally with the USI_Converter or is it just forgotten?
  2. Can you keep a reactor at 1000K temp after the drill patch or is it just me?
  3. I never understood if that is a bug or by design. Either way, the fix is quite easy. Just edit the MaxCoolant of each drill in question by its separators. For instance: @PART[MKS_Drill_02] { @MODULE[ModuleCoreHeat] { @MaxCoolant = 300 } } 3 separators X 100KW Credit goes to @Skystorm In my case however, once the drills were patched, the reactors became impossible to cool.
  4. Thank you for the clarification.
  5. @RoverDude I'm currently adding a Plutonium -238 generator to a part and confused about the module. You have mentioned in the USILS thread that ModuleResourceConverter_USI is replaced by USI_ConverterSwapOption. What about the USI_Converter ? Do we need to make the transition to this one too or did i misunderstand something?
  6. @JadeOfMaar Doing a fresh install, is USI life support fixed or do we use Nicky21's cfg one page back for now?
  7. Fresh ksp install and it's been ages since i last built a new rover so i can't help you with that ima. Glad you're taking a look under the hood. Thanks for the response.
  8. Maybe a bug-maybe a conflict, dunno but here it goes: All cargo containers from the smallest (attachable freight) to the largest (freight big) can hold the exact same quantity of mks resources (1700 or 600 for Ore). Ksp,mks and feline utility rovers all at latest version. Edit: Same thing for fuel & usi life support stuff.
  9. No worries, i'll make do with the argo plume. Thanks for checking
  10. @JadeOfMaar I went ahead and modified the razor vtol into a hybrid... (i know - i'm a horrible person ) Atm i'm using the original exhaust for the air breathing mode and the Ari exhaust for the closed one. But the Ari doesn't quite fit visually, so i've come to shamelessly ask for any ideas for the closed mode exhaust. (still a horrible person...)
  11. Bummer, thanks anyway. (My cfgs are childish scribblings tbh-working nonetheless but childish. No way i'm letting them out there.)
  12. Thanks for the explanation. In that case; just let it be tbh. We'll manage . I got my 2 out of 3 wishes in the list green-lit anyway so i'm fine .
  13. I'm guessing that you are also using a different set of tools from RoverDude's ART, to calculate extracted space created in the asteroid after mining, hence the incompatibility? Any chance to make them play nice in the future? Also i've seen that you have color coded the feature wishlist. Green are a go and no color undecided? ps: i've given up on making a hangar conversion. Atm im just slapping a whole small hangar inside my spaceplane with a modified zero weight cfg . I eagerly await the promised video tutorial .
  14. Thank you for the update! 2 questions: 1)any plans for a USI life support patch? (using a custom cfg atm but i'm terrible at balancing) 2)any plans for a SAS module? (again using a custom cfg & the drone core)
  15. Not that i ever noticed lousy english/stuttering from your vids but yes please