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  1. Figured it out successfully. I didn't realize initially that the structural grapple device has a much narrower angle of attack than the claw. But all is not well . The asteroid hatch has a mind of its own and randomly detaches from the asteroid. I can't figure out if there is pattern. One moment im closing in on the asteroid with a supply ship and the next a sudden jerk and it comes loose. I've had the same behavior while switching between vessels near the asteroid (<250m) Maybe there is a weight/stress limit on the hatch itself? asteroid factory+isru+nuclear reactor (usi)+ 1 configurable tank currently sit on top of it. Even tried to reinforce it with some portable struts but the darn thing broke away as soon as i attached the first strut... Update: Fixed it . Removed everything attached to the factory, removed the structural grapple device and attached anything i wanted on the asteroid directly with kas/usi. (attachment point+construction port). Haven't had a detachment again . I'm guessing the structural grapple device was the culprit, not the extra weight on the factory.
  2. Trying to figure out if im doing something wrong/not understanding something/gremlins/all of them. Got the asteroid factory to the asteroid, docked, started drilling - so far so good. "Hey, why not use the structural grapple device and attach an mks station to the asteroid!!!" Plan failed The grapple will not attach to the asteroid at all. Am i supposed to undock the factory first (just a thought-don't know if it matters) and try again or is it a known limitation/bug?
  3. Ok got it. Thanks for the reply and the awesome mod. So many possibilities, so little time... Back to planning
  4. What's the resource conversion chain for asteroid mining when installed alongside MKS/OKS? Just Ore->Metal->Tank using the Mobile Smelter or am i missing something? Planning an asteroid miner and trying to figure out what resource tanks/converters it requires.
  5. Hello there! Long time lurker, stumbled upon this mod and loved it but unfortunately plagued by this bug. Any fix on the horizon?