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  1. Well, now happened to me again but now with a modded part. Time to try to clean all mods and start again.... or just wait for a bugfix?
  2. I'm using MM 3.1.0, maybe this is why still works for me? (After making steam check and repair files worked)
  3. Yes I've got Module Manager and Kerbal Engineer (Working although with a message saying is incompatible with current game version when loading the game). Today I've tried again, saving the ship and loading it again and apparently no issues on me.
  4. Verifying files solved my problem (Steam found 3 files corrupted), at least while building a new vehicle, but I haven't been able to do more testing today. I'm using a heavily modded game. Probably it's a conflict with a mod, but if only happens with this part, there must be an issue with the part itself. Because after this weird menu, my secondary button stopped working.
  5. Hi everyone, In VAB and SPH when I place an MK2 Lander Can and use the secondary mouse button to change it's settings (variant, name etc) no menu appears, but an infinite list with of blue arrows on left and right on which each row says "Variant: Variant Name". The only way to get rid of this list is deleting the part. Anyone having this problem?
  6. Seems that only happens when I control the ship from the pod instead from the Probodobodyne probe onboard the station. Solved it just lowering the torque from the station reaction wheels. Actually is not a complex craft, didn't happen on more complex stations, but probably since using a Jr. Docking port could lead to this, having such lightweight station with that powerful reaction wheels, docked with a probably heavier ship. Thanks for the suggestion but I try to not to use this mod, by now. Thanks, that helped to stop wobbling while in IVA, unless I switch the control to
  7. So, I've made a small space station (skylab) which has an Advanced Reaction Wheel Module on it. When I dock an Apollo sized ship and disconnect the pod reaction wheels everything seems normal. When I switch to IVA, the ship starts to wobble, only to stop if I switch back to external view. Doesn't happen if the pod reaction wheels are working too. The ship is docked with a Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port Jr.
  8. The Z axis is rotated 180º other landing pods have the IVA windows looking "the right way" although still, the Navball is ok.
  9. Is anyone from KSP looking those forums? I've asked twice about this possible bug and no response from them...
  10. It has nothing to do with the CoM, engines will also gimbal opposite while the MEM is in clamps.
  11. So, i first posted it in the modded section because I had a modded install, now, I have an unmodded game and still have this bug which apparently hasn't been solved in the patch. The MEM module has its control axis inverted, so when I want to pitch down it goes up and viceversa. Everything is set to default. Also the KV2 Pea and KV3 Pommergranate have the kerbals "looking" east when placed in the VAB, and then, when pitching up they yaw right.
  12. No more help? I've deleted all mods and checked game files integrity and still going inverted.
  13. All control settings are set to default and happens when controlling it from the lander. The MEM lander when placed in the VAB appears "looking" south instead of north like other Lander pods like the MK2 Landing Can (i know those landers always are controlled looking to the sky but I'm talking about where the kerbals and windows face). Also the KV2 Pea and KV3 Pommergranate have the kerbals "looking" east when placed in the VAB, and then, when pitching up they yaw right. (again knowing they are controlled looking up to the sky)
  14. I've been trying to find if anyone else has this bug but no luck. My MEM pod seems to have it's axis inverted so when I want to pitch down it pitches up and viceversa, same on the other controls. Any clue?
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