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  1. If you do, maybe you could add more metals like copper, silver, and platinum as well? My thinking being that copper and silver wile not being worth as much as gold or unobtanium are also more common, platinum being less common than gold but more common than unobtanium would act as a middle ground between the two.
  2. It still worked last time I checked that was KSP 1.8.1 though
  3. All of the magnetometers, the top soil scoop, and probably a few others I cant think of at the moment.
  4. Is it just me or do some of the science parts not work in 1.8.1?
  5. I'll test it shortly and report my findings. Edit: I'll be testing with both -force-d3d9 and -force-opengl
  6. Could also use a mod called Throttle Controlled Avionics to help fly multi-rotor helicopters.
  7. You mean tail cargo ramps for mk1 and mk2? If so, then the mk2 could basically just be a mk1 cargo ramp but with a mk2 structural shroud.
  8. Well, my computer shouldnt be able to run KSP 1.8.1, or the other 2 games I pointed out then, but it can and does
  9. Then the 240M must be DX11 compatible since my computer can run KSP 1.8.1 and a few other games that supposedly require DX11 like Empyrion or Astroneer, weird.
  10. I assume the Nvidia geforce GT240M doesnt support DX11, so thats probably it. I am using Windows 7
  11. Everything I have tested in B9 so far still works in 1.8.1 for me, its likely something is conflicting for those who are having problems
  12. Im pretty sure that only some of the engines have a fix at the moment
  13. Some textures not working right is a known issue if I remember right.
  14. Breaking ground's "engines" are terrible, about the only thing they have going for them is that they can be customized, other than that they are worse than prop engines from any mod I have used in every objective way.
  15. A turboprop engine like what the Lear Fan's would probably fit this mod well.