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  1. Sorry, I don't have 1.2.2 version and not tested with it. May be yes, may be no. ) Must be compatible. My plugin does notthing complex with game logic. Just pumping resources in/out ship/spacesuit. Thank you guys for compliments.
  2. I think it is compatible with anything. ) I downloaded TAC-LS only for demonstration, there is no special code for compatibility with TAC. I don't test this mod with USI, but if USI does not doing some special extremal, all will be fine. Can you test and say, please? ) Cheers! I've been looking for you for so long ... Yes, I will wrote you to messages.
  3. Now we have English, Russian, Spanish and Chinese localization; Gratitude fitiales and Acea.
  4. Hi! Suit Refuel plugin need localization. I already have English, Spanish (thx @fitiales) , Chinese ( @Acea) and Russian languages, requesting all other. Forum link: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/163185-13-suit-refuel/ Github link: https://github.com/HuXTUS/KSP-SuitRefuelPlugin/tree/master/Localization This mod is very small, only 12 strings of text. Good day.
  5. Released: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/163185-13-suit-refuel/ @linuxgurugamer can you check this for compatibility? Thanks.
  6. Hello. This mod includes one part - Suit Refuel - for refueling your EVA-suit with monopropellant. The propellant is taken from the ship's supplies. If you play with mods that add some resources to EVA, you can enter right click menu pumping settings and customize behavior for resouces: do nothing, pump in, pump out. Watch this detail as a fashion accessory. Now your station will not cool enough, if Jeb should return to the capsule for refueling to continue extravehicular activity. Download for Windows: https://github.com/HuXTUS/KSP-SuitRefuelPlugin/releases License MIT https://github.com/HuXTUS/KSP-SuitRefuelPlugin/blob/master/LICENSE Good luck.
  7. I think yes. For all resources that have the same name inside of ship and EVA and converted 1:1, no problem.
  8. @theJesuit hi, what do you think? In right click menu of part added settings, you can select behavior for resources inside of EVA-suit (In, Out, Do nothing) Result for settings on screenshot above:
  9. @fitiales has in mind another mod: StageColorPlugin link: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/162248-13-ksp-stagecolorplugin/ This mod have english, russian, spanish and chinese localizations. SuitRefuelPlugin is [WIP] under construction. ) This mod don't have any translations at this time.
  10. Added spanish translation (thank you fitiales) Added chinese translation (thanks to forum user ID: Acea)
  11. Thanks guys. @theJesuit I have not tried to play with mods (not so long ago I met the game), including Life Support. But I consulted with those who play with Life Support. His comment (my translation): Do you agree? We can discuss. Peace. ) PS: Maybe I can add a strings of resource names to the cfg-file, which will be transmitted with propellant. @linuxgurugamer I saw EVAFuel before. I'm almost sure that the mods will be compatible. I'm doing the usual Part that does something, I do not touch the logic that refers to the EVAFuel.
  12. Hello. Please look at my first part-addon. Work in progress. This part is for refueling your jetpack in EVA. The propellant is taken from the ship's supplies. Download beta version: https://github.com/HuXTUS/KSP-SuitRefuelPlugin/releases License: MIT https://github.com/HuXTUS/KSP-SuitRefuelPlugin/blob/master/LICENSE I'm really bad at drawing, and Blender and Unity I downloaded a week ago. If someone wants to participate and make a model of this "closet" for me, I will be happy.
  13. This shocked me a little and dissociated. It was as if the earth was gone from under my feet, and I found myself in an unfamiliar room. But now I'm fine. @wasml @artwhaley thank you. I looked for links and play with collider. I make the capsule collider and move it on some distance from main collider. Hmmm... yet it looks as if everything is normal. Kerbal clings and crawls as I want.
  14. I'm absolutely new in Unity and KSP-modelling. I made ladder for my model, and it slightly work: Kerbal can grab it, but... he starts to slide and falls down the stairs. I tried to make the stairs big, long, narrow, short, small, put it close to the detail, far, shove inside... How right? Thanks.
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