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  1. I think Kerbin look very habitable, but isn't actually habitable, you can hear bird song or crickets if go to spacecenter though, but there isn't much life anywhere, in early space missions animals is used to test if space travel is safe, and in later missions, they are sent up for science, and one of the main goal for developing rocket technology, space exploration, landing on other planets etc. is to find alien life. So my suggestion is: some creatures live in the ocean of Kerbin (and maybe Laythe), some on land and in the air. They can eat each other, and maybe even if kerbals disembarking on Kerbin isn't careful, they can be eaten. Planes and launching spacecrafts can be destroyed or damaged by aerial creatures (depending on the speed). Like animals on Earth, they are not able to eat spacecrafts or spacecraft parts directly.