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  1. kinda like this: monolith -----------------------------<---------------------\ Launchpad | | /-------->------\ vab / | sph \ / ^ / ---->---\--->----|--->----\ | | recruit \ ^ | <-- trough the bridge | | / -->--- \ |--<-----| \------<-----/ ^ do a circle around the flag and through the entrance-roof I hope this makes sense xD Edit: enable desktop-site or it will get distorted on the phone Edit2: Ok, pure electric cars are actually pretty fast! I already got it down to 2:20 and thatsjust because they are so slow on the monolith straight. You can get to the launchpad in under 2 mins!
  2. i dont think there is, but there are some small corners in the reserach lab so there is an inofficial length limit because if you get to long you wont even be able to do the course
  3. That would be awesome, in this category everyone has the same speed and just the skill matters
  4. Cant get under 3 minutes, but i will try Edit: just as i posted this i got 2:50 :D @qzgy nice work dude
  5. As i said two comments earlier i will try Sadly my Posts aren't approved fast enough to allow me to join your little converation.
  6. I might try to beat you ;D
  7. I don't even get why im this fast myself My best time was 2:35, now with the exact same car but with 4 upward facing junos i did it in 1:30. The 1:47 run was actually my second ever try with the 4 junos, now the car is sooo easy to control somehow. Even more strange is that just 5 hours playtime passed since my first try at this challenge
  8. I agree to this change, but maybe without the "expert mode". The expert mode is almost impossible To the spinning Problem: the faster you go the less spinning will happen. The sweet spot for my car is above 30ms. If i go slower my car will tend to spin. My average speed through the science complex is 35ms. At this speed my car is very stable in corners and no spinning occurs
  9. Im just uploading a video of me doing it in 2:35 seems like i have to get faster to beat you Edit1: 2:35 run: https://youtu.be/tNlpNUvk6uw EDIT2: Thanks to spacetrashcans genius idea i did it in sub 2 Minutes! 1:47!!! VIDEO: https://youtu.be/CAwZFMP7Uiw
  10. First Post I did it in 2:45 but had some chokes in there. I will try to get better results! https://youtu.be/R0cUn-Jn5vM