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  1. 'Artist': Oh let me take this career path that doesn't offer much monetary compensation. ~Some time passes, 'Artist' is struggling to support themselves 'Artist': Oh no, I don't need to take an actual job, I'm an artist! ~More time, running out of money 'Artist': Support the arts and give me money for doing nothing!
  2. Yep. Everyone should just think like you.
  3. According to them we are apparently nothing more than 'whiners'.
  4. Now that we are halfway through the year, the 'Early 2017' window is fully closed. At this point, should we even be hoping for 2017 at all?
  5. I do think they could give it to consoles for free. Since its been almost a year now that we haven't had a game with much long term playability.
  6. The pressure worked. Hopefully when it comes to KSP, they will remember.
  7. Oh well I guess that settles that! Because there is no possible way a PR rep would ever lie.