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  1. I updated the original post to show some of the ship's stats, along with adding an image to the post directly. The imgur album wasn't loading properly, so I'll see if I can get it to work in this post. Edit: Nope. Full album will be linked to in the OP.
  2. I've been playing for a while now, and have built some cool stations and bases and such within the Kerbin system, but have never had a successful interplanetary mission. Until today. This thing got into space and performed the transfer burn so smoothly, I could barely believe it. I know it isn't much, but I'm super proud of how it worked out. This craft is heavily modded. Mostly Near Future stuff by @Nertea and SpaceY, by @NecroBones. The craft file for the drive section is here: Link. The full Duna configuration is here: Link. Alone, the transport has
  3. Whoo! Finally caught up! (Yes, I just read through 81 pages. Don't judge me!) @Nils277 I love this mod so much, and wanted to thank you so much for continuing to maintain it. I've been using it since I started playing in 1.2, and it has become my go-to mod for planetary research outposts. I honestly don't think I could play without it. I wonder if you've ever considered going larger with some pieces? Right now, the base pieces sit nicely in a 2.5m form factor, when placed bottom-to-bottom. I wonder if you'd ever consider making pieces that fit in the 3.75 form, or even going to 5, 7.
  4. Am I the only one whose part CFG's are jumbled up? Game can't read them, so the parts don't appear...
  5. This was all on a fresh install from the start, which was what threw me so hard. Regardless, it seems to have resolved itself. Thanks for your time, sorry it came of naught. And thanks for the mod. I love these rovers.
  6. Actually, after a few other crashes, I just cleared everything and started reinstalling one by one. Now it boots up fine with FUR, so it's has to be something further down the list. I'll let you know if I discover a weird interaction, but at this point I've only got 6 left and I'm pretty sure they're all stable. Might just have been trying to load up too many mods at once for the first time. Edit: Yep. Boots up just fine, now. No clue what happened earlier. Sorry to be a bother.
  7. Game is crashing on startup. According to the error log, the crash happens when it tries to load this mod. Crash log is here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bz-afT0AVIohTi1QMlYzNC1Rb3c Anything I need to change? It is an interaction with another mod, maybe? Just looking to make it work.
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