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  1. My apologies everyone! Been away for a bit, work and family, you know how it is. @ LGG I am so sorry about testing a non stock craft. It has been so long playing with the mods I have I had totally forgotten what stock parts even look like any more. But as an IT guy I should know better, so my bad. I see some others have chipped in, thank you. Let me know if you still need a stock sample. And thank you again for all the work on so many of the mods...... a famous Winston Chruchill quote can be used here... "Never in the field of version conflict, has so much been coded for so many, by so few." OK so not his exact quote, but it still applies.
  2. Im still on KSP 1.6 and the KAS update deleted every ship I had in the current save. Got the same warning pop ups, so then I poked around on the forum and saw the legacy page. After reading the Legacy page and seeing the update pipeline. I made a backup ( exited game and copied the whole directory to another folder, easiest way to do it if you have the space ) and then relaunched the game and clicked OK on the pop up warning. I then got the same errors that in flight ships could not load. Ships... bases... orbiting stations... outposts.... I mean every single thing I had off Kerbin could not load. So I do not feel it is a 1.7 issue. Upgrade pipeline is broke for another reason. Hopefully will be resolved soon. For now will need to revert back to a previous backup. Its kinda humorous that the Legacy page says... We've been telling everyone for months... But I, like probably many others, don't read through the forums when I'm bored. I'm to busy playing the game. Cept for like today. Stay strong everyone!
  3. OK more data is good, so I ran two tests. Both sub orbital, focusing on the capsule the whole time. Very simple rockets. First test was a 4 stage rocket named "SR Test". The second was a 6 stage rocket named "SR Test 6Stages". I put the craft files and log files in the github repository. Let me know if you need anything. And as always your efforts never go unappreciated in this house.
  4. Hey LGG, Thanks for the reply. I dont have any accounts at file sharing sites. My own reasons, wont go into it. But I think we may be not on the same wavelength. Because what I described, I had done many times in the past and have had a successful recovery by SR. When I mean "watch" It is meant to say that my main ship has focus in the map view, not the jettisoned stage. The jettisoned stage is the target. (yellow brackets) So that I can hover the mouse and see its altitude. Does the above clarify that it was not the "active vessel"? Unfortunately I do not know what unloaded or packed means within the game. So I couldnt tell you one way or the other. I totally get the overkill reference for the github, but no biggie it was good practice in seeing what the github process is. Let me know if the above now makes it a valid test. Or if you would prefer another one. Again thanks for all the work you do.
  5. OK LGG, Not sure I did everything correctly. But hopefully you can get at the files you need. I wasnt sure if I could add them to an existing repository plus I couldnt find one that dealt with Stage Recovery. So I created one. Please feel free to copy the files you need or take over the repository if that is preferred. Github Repository - KSP-StageRecovery Let me know if there is anything else you need to help resolve. Thanks for the hard work and effort.
  6. Forget what I said earlier. Definately not working for later stages. Rocket is one that has been used many times in the past with stages being recovered just fine. Stages typically have enough parachutes to get stage to less than 7m/s. Summary: I launched a rocket, got into orbit. Solid Boosters were recovered as normal. I exited game and came back to it today. Jettisoned a later stage. (this stage has retros to decay orbit to impact Kerbin) I select the jettisoned stage as target. I watch the stage decay to 24K altitude. It then disappears. No notice in SR as recovered or destroyed. I will try to upload files LGG asked for. First time doing so, so it may take a bit of time to figure that process out.
  7. I've noticed this as well. SR reports Nothing destroyed - Nothing recovered, beyond first stage. Admins at mission control will need to put some creative spin on why the launches are way over budget. LGG - I will try to post a log file and craft file. After I dock.
  8. Before the 1.4.4 update. My stages would be recovered no problem. When I did a deceleration burn at right time. It would deorbit ending up near KSC. Recovered in the 90% range for speed and distance. Perfect. Since the 1.4.4 update the same stage deorbiting burns up. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  9. On 6/21/2018 at 12:46 PM, pquade said: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> * Updated map nodes to be visually different when behind a celestial body. Pretty much hating the way new luminance levels for orbital indicators on the opposite side of the planet now. Especially hate how hard it is to see data readouts. https://i.imgur.com/NFgl09R.png Yes, it's this bad even in 100% stock. Is there a way for players to control this? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> First let me say Thank you for working on the update. Re-entry effects is finally fixed YAYYY!!! Objects Behind Celestial Bodies... I agree it should be a selectable option. Options on presentation of the gamespace is a good thing. I understand why they dimmed stuff behind planets. Asthetics, reduce the visual clutter, what ever floats your boat. But, what the dev in charge of that function forgot, was (previously) when you selected more than one data point so that you can see them at the same time, they would dim slightly. Which was fine, it was a visual indicator you had multiple points selected. What happens now is that when you mouse over an object behind the planet it is very dim and difficult to read. And when more than one data point is selected they 'still' dim slightly (as per the original design, but with the new feature, appears 2x dimmed now) which makes it impossible to read. Ideally it would be a selectable option. And if the option is turned on (dim stuff behind objects = yes) then when you mouse over a data point the data should brighten, instead of dimming. If more than one data point is selected, then brighten it a little less. If implemented this should hopefully satisfy most opinions regarding this topic. Maybe...just a smidge.
  10. Is TRR dependant on Diverse Kerbal Heads to keep the heads changed? I'll switch the heads then close down the game. When I relaunch it the heads are back to the default one.
  11. Rats, was hoping it was something simple. Never coded in unity or whatever the mods are made of. So other than a good screenshot showing it thats the best I could do at the moment. It looks double / fuzzy when not using cam too. Just used it to zoom in for a sample.
  12. @ RW-1 Did you ever find the fix for this? Or anyone else for that matter... I'm having the same issue, where my city lights show a duplicate layer. Makes the city lights look blurry and fuzzy. Im sure its not helping the processor any either. Thanks!!
  13. OK the 1.6.7 version corrected the issue I was having with it. (shortened right click menus) And now when I click on the yellow wrench icon, it actually does something. Brings up a dialog box. So all is now good in the universe again. Cheers!!
  14. @linuxgurugamer you've always done an awesome job with the myriad of mods you created or picked up the torch to maintain. Thank you for that. My question for this mod is this. Is it required to be on the screen during game play? I installed the Raster Props and the toolbar controller is a requirement so it gets installed as well.. I had no idea what it did and clicked on it. Nothing happened, clicked again nothing happened, clicked again nothing happened. So I continued with my game. Got into orbit and started doing some right clicks on pieces to do various things. Problem was that the right click menu were now massively short. Listing only 2 items instead of the 4 or 10. For instance I right click on the capsule and I can only transfer crew. Gather science or crew report all those other items were gone. But as I moved my mouse around the long list would return. Only to go back to the short list as my mouse came closer to click on something. Its like it was taunting me!!!. Anyway I removed the toolbar controller and all was well again. Then reinstalled it and made note of clicking on the icon and the menu behavior. And yes when the toolbar icon is clicked I get short menus when its unclicked I get the long menus. I honestly cannot think of a need for the player to have the truncated menu other than to toy with their emotions. Not sure if its a side effect of the mod stew or if its intended. Since the button doesn't change color I cannot tell if its clicked either. Is there a way to just not have it visible on the menu? I like the raster props but hate the wasted real estate of a button that did nothing than suck 30 minutes away from my precious kerbal time. (which is after the kids are in bed and before the wife calls down wondering if I'm coming to bed or not) Thanks.