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  1. Operating Systems Used for KSP

    Windows 10, because I bought Windows 10.
  2. Ok, so small test done. Put three kerbals on launchpad, time warped a bunch of days and all good. EC replenishing as soon as sun comes up. Changed to another ship, timewarped,returned to LP and same result. All good. Went to tracking station, timewarped about 100 days at full warp, same result, all good. About to start that Mun drilling mission now so that will tell me more. Hope that helps some. Edit: Mun mission completed, no problems. Nice work mate
  3. Absolutely love this mod mate, for now it gives me a chance to sort my comms out around the system. Take your time bud, I understand time management myself so all good. Again thanks for taking the time with this mod.
  4. Delta-V questions

    Sorry kerbal101, I didn't even check who it was I quoted. My question was aimed at you so I do apologise. Your response has helped a lot and will definitely check that video out after work today. In saying that, I have enjoyed reading what others have said, also very helpful. I'm sure responding to my questions was done with the best intentions, but can see why it would irritate someone if they responded without giving the quoted person a chance to reply. All good guys, really appreciate it. If one of the biggest problems here is too many people trying to help someone, then I think we're doing OK as a community. I not sure other communities/forums could claim such a thing.
  5. Delta-V questions

    DeltaV map, nice one. I've been away from ksp for a couple of years and I used to just play stock, so yeah, not new to the game...just the whole modding thing and the amount of info I now have. I used to just bang things together and see how it went, revert and try again. So I'm taking a more educated approach this time round. Appreciate the help bud, cheers
  6. Delta-V questions

    I do use ker, (and plenty of other mods) I'm just getting my head around what everything means and how I can use the info to know if what I've built is going to work. I don't use any auto pilot stuff, I like to turn and burn on my own. So for now, anything that will give me a read out of whether or not I have the fuel for a landing would be nice. Otherwise I'll trial and error and take note of the numbers in ker, and use it to do the math.
  7. Delta-V questions

    Do you mean, this is a way of figuring out how much dv is needed to actually land on a body (let's say Mun) , or just the burn from orbit to where you want to land? Can you please elaborate on the subtracting the "after" from "before" thing, not sure what you mean there.
  8. Mod Install Questions (RESOLVED)

    Open the mod game data file and copy the files inside to the ksp game data file. Works for me.
  9. I just had this problem. Took me hours to work out it was Riva tuner running in the background. My x32 would work but not x64. I found the same access violation warning. I then realized I'd ticked the overlay box in afterburner which I believe uses Riva. Uninstalled Riva and boom! Game ran as normal. Might not be the same in your case but maybe check your background monitoring/fps software.
  10. All good, Got it sorted. After going through all crash and error logs it turned out to be Riva Tuner running in the background. Uninstalled Riva and works fine.
  11. I've opened it up on here because now it's not a modded problem, some may look at this thread and not the modded one. I clearly state in the op that there is no difference in fixing the dll issue. Therefore it must be something else, and being that this is a totally reinstalled stock game, I believe it belongs in here. Leaving aside the properly bizarre idea of responding to a thread you already know you won't look into, telling people you will not open a google account isn't really helping in any way. In other news, after running program compatibility troubleshooter, it simply tells me that x64 is an incompatible program while x32 has no issue. Any help appreciated.
  12. Hey all, so i started a thread in the modded forums askind why my game now won't run. Bassically, I was looking in my TACLS dll files and accidently set them to open with notepad by default, after which I couldn't load the game anymore. The only help I could find was this How to change back a dll file back to normal? and so I tried that but nothing. I've now reinstalled the game and taken all mods out so it's running stock. X32 plays no probs but x64 crashes before loading Output log
  13. 64 Output Log Ok I've reinstalled and taken it back to stock. Weird thing is, 32 plays fine but 64 still crashes before loading?? Output Log link above. Any Ideas?? Edit: Turns out it was Riva Tuner causing problems. Game running fine now
  14. Hey all, Somehow while being my usual idiotic self I have managed to change my default dll file opener to notepad. I was curious to see what was in a dll file inside of TACLS and opened with notepad, not realising that now that has become the default. Now when i try to launch ksp it crashes before even loading. Not sure if this helps but... Output log If someone could help a minor imbecile out it would be greatly appreciated. DJ
  15. What mod features have been incorporated into stock?

    Handy thread on here, let's you know what's working with latest release and what's not.