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  1. @Allista No big deal. I was able to correct all the issues with a combination of manual save editing and the cheat menu. Presumably other mods like TCA should not conflict with IFS, right? I ask because in the process of narrowing down the conflict it was the 000_AT_Utils folder that when placed in the Gamedata folder caused IFS to fail. That's a library shared by all of your mods, isn't it?
  2. Fired up KSP today with the most current version of IFS running. All my stock tanks no longer have the option to switch fuel types and all vessels in flight have reverted to stock configuration. Does anyone have any thoughts as to why that might happen? The only change made to my configuration was to install the KAS update that came out recently. I have deleted and reinstalled the IFS mod and tried loading back to a save from before this happened, but same issue persists. Edit: Looks like Allista's Configurable Containers mod was conflicting with IFS. After removing CC I was able to get IFS working again in the VAB, though I'm still unable to switch contents of empty tanks in flight. Sadly all in flight vessels had their tanks revert to stock and will have to be manually edited or rebuilt.
  3. I absolutely love the functionality of this mod, but I do keep running into a problem. Whenever I switch back to a vehicle that has completed its voyage, it bounces into the air (or space) and flips over. One or more components typically explode. Has anyone else encountered this problem or know what might be causing it? To me it looks like the vehicle is clipping into the ground on load.
  4. Hi folks. I have a question that's not about the engines from KSPI-E, but hopefully someone can clear up it up for me or point me in the right direction to find what I'm looking for. I've looked at all the guides I could find and searched the forums, but keep coming up empty. My question relates to contracts in career mode which I assume come from KSPI-E since I never saw them before installing this mod. They are contracts of the "Research <blank> at <blank>" type. If I take these contracts I can achieve all the objectives just by going to the specified location, i.e. orbiting Kerbin or the Mun, except one objective, "Complete the experiment" remains incomplete. I'm not sure what precisely the experiment is, or how to complete it. It doesn't seem to be a special part that I need to take along, since I complete the "Transport experiment to <blank>" objective with any craft. It occurs to me that maybe there's some other mod these contracts mesh in with that I don't have. Has anyone run into this same issue?