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  1. I know, no worries. I have the game converted over to HTML5 and working, but I haven't been able to commit to fully working on the remaining features until I finish the ship model, which will be in a few weeks. I like making real stuff out of wood and metal just as much as I do virtual modeling and art and coding, and I have to toggle between them to keep happy, usually in about 6-8 month phases.
  2. Just replied, I'm glad I decided to pop my head in and see how things are going.
  3. Vossiewulf was just trying to get something, anything to work in a truly bizarre Goldbergian process with a stupefying number of steps just to make a simple game part. Seriously, if you set out to create a development process more absurd than KSP modding, you'd probably peg Max Absurdity and the entire universe would suddenly morph into a giant emperor penguin. As a result I have even more respect for those of you who manage to do such great work under a framework that constantly flails at you with teeth and claws and thorns and giant hornet stings and a broken bottle it found at the 7-Eleven. I've also been off doing other things as I do, so I'm going to see if I can get someone to take it over, my eyelid still twitches when I think about it. One of the other things I've been doing, it's about 90% scratch built, I tossed everything from the kit but the inner frame and the gun carriages and I've modified the design extensively to make it more accurate. It's a Royal Navy cutter, which were the fastest things on water for a bit over 100 years.
  4. Hey Gordon, I'll listen if there's more feedback but the intent of the mod was not to make some more average parts, but to make high-quality parts with multiple color schemes, the use of TU, and high-res textures. The latter I decided on as these are intended for use as wings as well, and considering the range of wing sizes, I thought it best to keep them at 1024 so they don't become severely pixelated at larger sizes.
  5. One more thing - the normal maps have to have file names ending in _NRM or they won't work correctly. Why is anyone's guess but the KSP code expects normal maps to end in _NRM.dds.
  6. You have to flip them vertically, then the Albedo files need DXT1, the Metal-Smoothness files get DXT5, and the normal map gets DXT5-NM.
  7. Ok, to rephrase, Shadowmage is once again winning while KSP beats me senseless
  8. Thanks Mecripp but don't do that, I already know what the problem is and have fixed it. The issue now is converting them all to DDS, I keep getting odd results and Shadowmage is getting the same odd results, we're trying to figure out what that problem is.
  9. Update, I haven't yet fixed the CS10 as I'm trying to convert all the textures to DDS but it's fighting me. I've enlisted @Shadowmage again to look into it, so far it's fighting him too As soon as it's resolved there will be a new version with all DDS textures and the fixed CS10. Further, since I've had several requests for wing-like textures for fins suitable for use as wings, 7 of the fins will have three new textures each for our aeronautical engineers
  10. BTW @Shadowmage, the Mk2 with the Panther tracks is cool enough to be a Johnny Quest vehicle
  11. Make sure you set some money aside What I can tell you is no matter what kind of texturing you do, once you've used Substance Painter you'll never ever go back to doing it in Photoshop and then testing and then fixing and testing again, repeat ad nauseum. You texture right on the model in real time and can see the results in real time in an excellent HDR renderer. It's French made (Quebecois actually) and that means it has a somewhat quirky UI and workflow, but as usual with French UIs once you do get it, it's quite efficient. And since it has a zillion procedural effects, grunges and things become stupid easy to do. The example I showed to @Shadowmage that made him disappear from the forums for three days after immediately jumping into SP was this one, a mech model I was working on:
  12. This is very cool, I especially like the pod bay where they all fit in neatly around a hub. Below was my poor man's version, best I could do was fit them around a tank or hab using radial docking nodes, and cover the whole thing on launch with a large aerodynamic enclosure. It will be much easier to launch your version
  13. Oops, those would be the maps for the S2000 somehow copied into the CS10 folder. Thanks, I will fix that.
  14. Yeah, you're right. I just grabbed the DDS plugin for Photoshop, I'll convert them over.
  15. I'll look at it, I would like it to play nice with FAR for those that use it. Only thing is I've never used Blender, I use 3DS MAX.
  16. I tried to keep wings in mind also, for example the CS40 is pretty close to the F-15 wing while still looking good as a rocket or tailfin.
  17. Sigh, I see what happened, please try it now. Apologies to all, it should be accessible by everyone now.
  18. Sorry folks this is a first time for me. Let me check on the download link. I did hit Publish on the mod on Spacedock. Ok, I'm confused as I was just able to download it no problem from Spacedock? What is happening when you folks try it? What happens when you try it?
  19. Long a standard in commercial and military launchers as well as aircraft design, Fintech Industries is also well-known in the rocket-rodding industry, where many enthusiasts wouldn't think of launching from their local rocket pad without Fintech carbon-carbon low-drag fins! At Fintech industries, we constantly strive for both maximum performance and elegant design in all of our products. Order your copy of the Fintech Rocket-Rodders Catalog TODAY! This is a simple and straightforward parts mod that includes 17 new fin designs for rockets and aircraft, created simply because I've never been happy with the selection available even in heavily-modded installs. Hopefully this mod will fill in those gaps, and give both rocket and aircraft designers many new options for looks. Tweakscale is implemented for maximum flexibility, and 14 of the 17 fins have 9 different color schemes each, the remaining 3 having four color schemes each. The relative sizes of the fins have also been carefully included in the control surface configs, so what you see is what you get in terms of aerodynamic performance and control authority. This mod was also intended from the start to use Textures Unlimited. It's not required, but the fins will not look nearly as good without it. Complete list of available fins: Lincense: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Special Thanks: @Mecripp - for the starting help @Shadowmage - for fixing almost everything Version 1.1 Released! NOTE: Uninstall the 1.0 version of Fintech Industries before installing v1.1. Changelog: 1. Fixed CS10 Fin maps that were all black. 2. Converted all textures to .dds format for faster loading. 3. Added three wing-like textures for 7 fins that could easily be used as aircraft wings, per requests. New wing-like textures: DOWNLOAD FROM SPACEDOCK KSP MODS REVIEW!
  20. Thanks, any and all explanations welcome at this point. @Shadowmage helped me by getting one set up correctly so I could see and then I just had to repeat that 17 times. Sigh what idiot thought up this mod? Regardless, the good news is that I now have 17 fully functional fins and just have to finalize the TU configs and decide whether I'm going to mess with the normal map problem anymore- Unity is outputting pink normal maps that aren't playing nice with TU, and I may just dump them unfortunately.
  21. Thanks. When I change the rotation in Unity, let's say 90 degrees in the Y axis, when I try to surface attach those parts they lay flat against the rocket. The only orientation I've found in Unity that makes them surface attach correctly is aligning them with the Z axis. Also I have a new problem... there always seems to be a new problem. Unity is breaking the normal maps, killing the blue channel and outputting a pink normal map if I click on the button that says something like this map needs to be marked as a normal map, with a button that says Fix Now. If I click on that, I get a semi-functional normal map that is pink. If I don't click on Fix Now, it outputs a normal map with the correct blue color space, but it has no data - it's totally flat. What do I do to stop Unity from turning the maps pink and screwing them up?