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  1. Yes! Thanks a lot AccidentalDisassembly. I was coming in here to say someone pointed that out and I tested it, which worked. Thanks a lot for the help =D
  2. Hello there people. I am in the process of finishing a contract by this pack, but I seem to either have got myself a bug or I just can't understand what it wants me to do. The mods I use are here and the contract is asking me for Visual Observation. At first I thought it was the Orbital Telescope, but obviously I can't use that while landed, so I failed with that. I tried EVA, crew report, taking a rock sample and planting a flag, but sadly no dice. Lifting off a bit to do any of these, does not fulfill the condition either, but of course if I do, I lose the landed situation. Anyone can help me?
  3. Hello there everyone. Game crashed today for a second time and honestly this type of crash is not uncommon even from the past. This is a new clean install that I have done yesterday. I decided to ask for some help, if it will be at all possible. It happens usually when I am moving from the VAB to the Launchpad and it can happen randomly and sometimes with the exact same rocket/spaceship. It does not matter if I use 30 pieces, 100 pieces or whatnot, it just happens at times. 1.3 makes me feel the game runs much faster, although it could be cause I removed a lot of mods I did not need, but I do not feel the game is chocking (except the random hickups, which I guess it is something like cache cleaning). First of all, you can find all the logs and pictures I have here. I use CKAN to install my modules and the only things I installed manually are, Stock Visual Enhancements v1.2.7.0 with medium textures, Environmental Visual Enhancements v1.2.2-1, Scatterer v0.0324 and manually added the textures from Stock Visual Terrain in Texture Replacer along with a custom Galaxy texture box. I use MemGraph's padheap and have it set to total : 3072. On the Scatterer I have Ocean: accurate Sky reflection off. Even if I install my mods through CKAN, I run my game through Steam - > Launch KSP 64 Bit. Some extra info if needed Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel Core i5 2310 @2.9GHz, 12GB RAM, ATI Radeon R9 280X 3GB. I run my game at 1536X864, 2x Anti-Alising, V-Sync Every Second V-Blank, 30 FPS limit (forcing it through external app). I would be grateful for any help!
  4. Thank you so much siimav! Really appreciate it that you shared your dll!
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