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  1. i have a small questionL: how is the wolf transportcapacity calculated? is it the total weight of the vehicle? is it empty Fuel Tank space? what do i have to exactly increase to get higher capacity? thx
  2. yes. i have the same problem with the latest version. shadows flickerin around when moving the camera
  3. hi there seems a little issue with the science definitions using x-science it shows a bunch of science which is new e.g "simple temperature scan", "simple pressure..." etc but i wasn't abnle to find the device to do the science so i searched for those definitions and found the following => experimentID = UStemperatureScan => which is part of the microsat => BasicMicroSatWedge.cfg MODULE { name = ModuleScienceExperiment experimentID = UStemperatureScan experimentActionName = #autoLOC_502067 //#autoLOC_502067 = Log Temperature resetActionName = #autoLOC_502064 //#autoLOC_502064 = Delete Data useStaging = False useActionGroups = True hideUIwhenUnavailable = False xmitDataScalar = 0.5 dataIsCollectable = False collectActionName = #autoLOC_238018 //#autoLOC_238018 = Take Data interactionRange = 1.5 rerunnable = True usageReqMaskInternal = 1 usageReqMaskExternal = -1 which refers to EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION { id = UStemperatureScan title = Simple Temperature Scan // #autoLOC_501014 //#autoLOC_501014 = Temperature Scan baseValue = 4 scienceCap = 4 dataScale = 1 requireAtmosphere = False situationMask = 31 biomeMask = 7 ingame if hovering over the item with the mod so called "extended information about Science experiments" it shows only the #loc entries insted of the science experiment but going inflight with the aboce device doesn't provide the expected science experiment. it still counts as a normal temperature scan. if you need more information let me know greets
  4. hi after starting up with the latest release and loading a vessel i got the following error Exception occured while loading contract 'RemoteTech.RT_OuterPlanetRelay.KopernicusWatchdog': System.ArgumentException: 'KopernicusWatchdog' is not a valid CelestialBody. at ContractConfigurator.ConfigNodeUtil.ParseCelestialBodyValue (System.String celestialName) [0x00046] in <ef0243a06f2841fe9bf57034a334902e>:0 at ContractConfigurator.ConfigNodeUtil.ParseSingleValue[T] (System.String key, System.String stringValue, System.Boolean allowExpression) [0x00179] in <ef0243a06f2841fe9bf57034a334902e>:0 at ContractConfigurator.ConfigNodeUtil.ParseValue[T] (ConfigNode configNode, System.String key, System.Boolean allowExpression) [0x002bc] in <ef0243a06f2841fe9bf57034a334902e>:0 at ContractConfigurator.ConfigNodeUtil.ParseValue[T] (ConfigNode configNode, System.String key, T defaultValue) [0x00012] in <ef0243a06f2841fe9bf57034a334902e>:0 at ContractConfigurator.ConfiguredContract.OnLoad (ConfigNode node) [0x00121] in <ef0243a06f2841fe9bf57034a334902e>:0 greets
  5. i did a clean install with KSP-AVC ,Craft Manager and ZeroAVC (currend version and before) . it is loading.. so i guess there must be another mod causing this behaviour... as i'm playing with about ~250 mods installed this would be hard to find out
  6. ok.. as far as i can see.. installing the mod with updated zero AVC doesnt encounter the problem. @linuxgurugamer if there is any other support i may cover let me know if any other pople experiencing the same problem try to deinstall KSP-AVC
  7. @linuxgurugamer your wish is my order. as requested => https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am0PDmGqv17_g8JVA3IGH80-puGcGw?e=zRd3bj
  8. @linuxgurugamerHere are my logs. The thing is, when i uninstalled the Mod "KSP AVC" everything loads well. This happens since the last update of Zero MiniAVC BUT: i also tried to have a clean install only with those 2 mods (and their depencies) mentioned but it worked...?! KSP Log => https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am0PDmGqv17_g8JTKx4CnfDP8w5ngw?e=5LGQ8Y Player.log => https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am0PDmGqv17_g8JS9tnaGnutgR3tXg?e=6gvcGc no big deal for me to keep KSP AVC uninstalled cause i use CKAN anyways greets
  9. no need for a logfile. i have solved the problem with deinstalling KSP AVC
  10. ok the problem is the Mod "KSP AVC" . after deinstalling it, game is loading again with original filestructure of ZeroMiniAVC
  11. @linuxgurugamer i think there a again duplicated files in your release. should there be 2 DLLs within the Pluginfolder? ZeroMiniAVC.dll KSP-AVC.dll cause games doesn't load anymore. but after i deleted KSP-AVC.dll it works again
  12. i have a strange problem with the halberd engine. the engine is available in the partselector when the game is newly loaded. After i selected it and doing a new search with the partmanager it disappers. i also tried to find it again using The Janitor's Closet and filter on Warp Mod but it is gone. Loading a vessel with the engine on it works as intended also when the part isn't available anymore within the partselector. reloading the game makes the engine to appear again in the partselector i looked for some errors in the log but couldn't find something. has anybody of you expertienced the same issue or something similar? here is the config from the MMCache i will try this also on a complete new install with only KSPIe installed and let you know. UPDATE: i did a clean install with only KSPIE and wit all reconnmended mods and it is still happening. How to reproduce: open part explorer search for halberd attach halbert to any rootpart change fuelconfig of the halbert engine to LFO (i do not know if it also happens on other fuel configs) go to part explorer click any function filter search for halberd again it's gone greets simon
  13. hi there. i want to confirm the above. if the rover stands still steering seems to be correct. But as soon you accellerate the weels turn in different directions on their own (i do not steer). stock wheels and KF working as intended greets
  14. i can confirm the above. since last update KSP won't load due to contious loops ab erros with real plume
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