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  1. Trying on 1.4.4, It tries hard to pitch down so it can't get airborne. Is this normal, or can be considered as a bug?
  2. This should be better, as it's on topic: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/167807-properller-planes-got-to-orbit-how-far-can-you-go-with-props-prop-nerv-sstos/
  3. Wow... I can't believe this! Can I get this to make a propeller SSTO plane? I guess this could be used to make an Eve SSTO as well.
  4. Wow, nuclear helicopter launching nuclear ssto, that sounds great! Besides, I want to shamelessly post my own work (Nerv-only SSTO) . Because I'm too selfish... https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/170159-nerv-only-ssto/
  5. Ofc, I used nuclear engine. Since it's too massive, I'm going to switch to the new MH vacuum engine.
  6. Uhm actually, I found that I did this in the past. I'll just replicate the design. Sorry!
  7. I know how to make propellers. SSTO was hard, though.
  8. It has to be stock, and yes it has to take off using the propellers.
  9. Anyone could make one for me so that I can learn the principle?
  10. This is why you make the two propellers to counter-rotate to each other.
  11. Well you can always target a Kerbal on Kerbin from anywhere =P
  12. Wait, was there a glider in minecraft? So one more way to fly other than the jetpack? I've been playing it for years, how couldn't I notice it?
  13. Looks good, how much bandwidth does it take? I guess it should work on my end.
  14. Please provide these 2: 1. The image of the propeller vehicle 2. The type of propeller you used These information is necessary to diagnose the problem. IF you are using fairing-based propellers, you shouldn't undo anything because it will break the fairing. You need to rebuild it to fix it.
  15. Hmm.. okay, I'll admit I never tried the landing. Sorry for being lazy. I'll try it when I get to the computer.
  16. Oh, water landing. I didn't think of it - I'll say, it doesn't count. It can reenter safely, as the heat has the same effect on the ascent and descent. The thing is, the small wheels are flimsy at best. Maybe upgrading it couls solve that, but not with the same vehicle - the dry mass takes over in the case.
  17. Sorry, what's WoW? You mean wow? -But that doesn't make sense.
  18. Unlike reality, you can't orbit a kerbal in this game. Even if it's a very fat one, like 10^21 metric ton fat. It Just doesn't have n-body physics implemented.
  19. It was just for a note. And also drag depends on the TWR, and sometimes high TWR is better for efficiency. (Especially as gravity drag tends to be huge)
  20. Sorry for nitpicking, but I want to point out that mk0 LF fuselage has better wet to dry ratio of 11 to 1. Also the ratio of Mk1 fuselage is 9 to 1. Just a note, it's way draggy for a 2.5m part.
  21. But... It's already challanging to fit a strong enough electric/rocket propellers into mk3 cargo bay. Let alone a eve ascent vehicle, I guess.
  22. Found that the implementation is discussed here: Do eclipses happen on the map view? I read, and I think, that special-casing it could be feasible on rendering side. (Or it isn't? IDK, Ofc I'm not a professional programmer, I just wrote a few shader codes) So the problem is the processing power needed for finding the eclipsing pair. Seems like it can be found by checking pairwise, as there's not so much celestial objects in ksp. And check angle between sun and the two objects if it's below certain angle for eclipse. But I understand that it could be bug-prone, hassle for devs to work and hard to test.
  23. Well, I've seen some who's translating whole texts on parts with other localizations. They said it's easier to work on than translating the career contracts, and there were people who wanted to read those as well.
  24. Oh. I know that pain... I used to flip tons of my planes for challenges as well. Maybe you have too much dry mass? It didn't take as much time as 10 minutes for me - at least time warp could be used. Try wet wings, and shave off everything unneeded. I see. Thanks! Thanks. I didn't know I was the first one to make a SSTO only with Nerv engine. Still, I just got one step ahead from where @AeroGav had been - he only detached the wheels.
  25. Today, I made a Nerv-only SSTO. https://imgur.com/a/oUeOF https://imgur.com/a/20C69
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