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  1. Hah, you are right, its under Scenario->KerbalAlarmClockScenario .Thanks!
  2. Hello, first of all, thank you for this amazing mod. I installed the new version without copying anything from the previous and i still have my old alarms in my save. I tried to find the CONFIG.XML inside the mods folder but i couldnt.Does anyone know what file i need to delete/backup that has the alarms?
  3. Hey if it works like airplanes that can fly even with one engine then i am fine with it. If it has multiple ways to keep some rockets alive and still make a somewhat safe land, then its perfect. We have to remember that we talking about deploying parachutes and keeping rockets alive.Thats so different, it might look the same as a number, but for the hatch of parachutes to fail...i mean.. I bet the odds are way lower than having a rocket/fuel system fail. But yeah its true in the end i see your point of most of spacecrafts in the end depending in one thing that if it fails there is no return.
  4. What do you mean pretty much all spacecraft? Most of them have redundant abort/parachute systems .
  5. How will the crew feel when it turns to land?I bet its gonna be really uncomfortable.
  6. Yeah thats true, was kinda talking about the best Earth Only way to have such a vessel.For other planets for sure, there is no doubt Spacex has so far the best way to go on.
  7. Yeah, i really hope so as well.I love SpaceX but the more i think about Starship and Earth, it doesnt make sense to my mind.For other planets for sure but here...i think like its not really any better than Space Shuttle, even so feels more dangerous and complicated.
  8. I am guessing the wings that it would need to glide land wouldnt add more mass than having all the required things to achieve power landing. Not to mention how complicated that last minute turn is and the powered landing compared to a ''simple'' shuttle landing. All i am saying is i am feeling this is getting way more complicated and dangerous than a space shuttle...
  9. I mean i understand for other planets to have the ability to launch/land vertical but i guess its not viable to develop two different ''models'' one for earth and one for other planets. In retrospect i get it.It doesnt really make sense .
  10. I dont know but i am getting confused.Starship looks to me like a big space shuttle that can also power land. If it will glide down to earth why not land like a space shuttle?Is the size the problem?Is it to avoid building/having huge runways? I am just a kerbal player i have no idea about these things.
  11. Its probably not the problem but do you have steam cloud saving enabled?That causes some problems, its worth disabling it and see how it goes.
  12. Try hitting Alt+f12 to cheat place the craft in orbit and try land again(you can also put infinite fuel there).Or else you can use the cheat menu to just cheat orbit a new vessel in minmus orbit. I usually save before starting anything, like landing, de orbiting etc when the engines are turned down.
  13. Do you know the ingame debug/cheat menu? In Mac is something like ALT+FN+F12= Debug , but maybe have to google that. You can add money, you can upgrade buildings, science points, everything.And without mods!Maybe something there will fix your problem!
  14. Are you talking about the new new engines? robotic parts, helicopter things, those have no sound YET.Just in case if you were talking about the new ones.
  15. Oh ok, Friction control, need to check it out, i though traction and friction was the same thing.