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  1. Awesome!!!Cant wait!!! Will the comets appear in current savegames as well? Will they be in tracking station or only when taking missions? Sry if these questions have been answered before :p.
  2. This is amazing! One question, will the suits save for each Kerbal or they will reset to default after they return from their mission?
  3. Happy with the new parts and the flags. A solid update, good work!
  4. I agree the removal of time warp limitations were triple A addition. Considering some recent grey area news for KSPv2 i think it has gotten some extended life before it ''ends'' .
  5. Is the fairing a new part?I am all in for even few new parts. At this point i am just really happy with every update even if its small. Game is in a solid state right now, and mods can supplement things that lack, like landing legs.(Kerbal Reusability Expansion, love it).
  6. I might make a base that is my go to ''tracking station'' I have used it in the past but i dont think i found that option, might be there though, need to check again
  7. Hello in my tracking station i see a lot of contract orbits or sites that i havent even accepted to do. Is there any way to hide them? Tnx
  8. Wow, cant wait!This is awesome! Snacks????? As others said maybe a light life support system??? PLEASE .
  9. Take all the time you need!We will be patiently waiting! My personal opinion is that even in Fall 2021 the game will be in a very alpha state, especially from optimization standpoint. Most games lately are having that oh we released but we still gonna have a long fix it period. Even triple A, its not like i am blaming indie devs. Its like a new standard that even with full release there is a one or two year grace period to do some important fixes... So Fall 2021, i guess maybe, hopefully Fall 2022 we could actually fly those humongous creations with 60+ fps.
  10. So the solution is to not bind altgr to anything? Because i never had the problem with altgr throttling down. Check what Cheesecake said, maybe the solution is to just unbind it from everywhere ingame.
  11. Do you have an option in your windows to Disable the Accessibility Shortcut Keys etc. that might also fix it.
  12. I have G213, i spent some google time, it doesnt seem like an easy fix, maybe try to switch to another layout like US or different UK and see whats up, lots of confusing info on the internet in this matter :D.Btw try not to download any programs they offer, they usually have malware.
  13. Hmm i have logitech keyboard as well and it has a Game mode button that disables certain buttons like alt tab i think? do you have logitech software for that? Maybe its something there you can do? Logitech G hub
  14. Yeah 1400 hours here, always ctrl and shift to throttle, alt to physical warp no effect to throttle. Do you have a weird keyboard? like a local language keyboard? Windows right?