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  1. Sound going choppy from my experience can be: 1)CPU reaching 100% can cause the audio to crackle and might even cause the crash(but not very likely, it should just make the noise choppy) 2)You have two different audio conflicting drivers installed, for example, Realtek and Nvidia battling each other and causing that crash you experience(I had this problem for a while). 3)A recent windows update might also cause problems like that 4)Maybe your memory has partially failed or even the thermal paste in the cpu, HWMonitor is a nice free program to monitor temperatures. Hope
  2. Black Flag as a standalone naval game would be one of the best ever created!!!! What a missed chance was that one! Ubisoft is so self destructive and wasting all this potential with their games, it wrecks my nerves.
  3. I was locked into open-world games and building/management(factorio etc). I do feel that focusing in the same genre blurs the games and make them feel like you playing just one. You have a good point there. Feels like an average copy-paste of Sid Meier's Pirates! and Port Royale but it looks fun i guess, i might look into it.
  4. Its Rush(2013) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1979320/
  5. Uhh you can hit escape and load the quick save from the load menu in case you missed it. F9 is wonky...sometimes it doesn't work....just press escape->load and select the ''quicksave'', its the one thats created with the F5 hotkey. Also make sure you backup your saves but thats just a general tip.
  6. Hmm, thanks for the summary. To me then, that movie, looks like a heavy manipulated plot just to showcase some moral values. I don't meant its bad but usually i get a bit itchy when i am watching movies with that type of mechanisms(i might have seen it back in the day, their faces look so familiar) Assigning and categorizing our health problems its part of the process to combat them. Things like boredom, not being motivated do belong in the mental problems category. Depression is just a way to start accepting, you need to do something, its not only about the clinical
  7. I feel i failed to express my point fully and i apologize, i consider treatment as valuable and needed as it is to go out for a walk. Its a human ingenious way to improve and discover what life really is. I am not against it in no way. But sometimes people tell me they regret the time spent before they were diagnosed. I say you shouldnt regret nothing, if you experience both states of mind then you have achieved a more complete state of mind. Edit* Sry english is not my native language and i repeat same words again and again, i am kinda limited on how to express f
  8. Yeah, i always know in my heart thats the truth but i was always wondering in what level you can overplay your own brain and make it believe and use different areas than its supposed to What if depression is not a chronic disease but a major part of who we are? Learning to live with it or learning who you really are? We have many bad things inside our body that they are essential to our being Yeah sry about the war reference, currently i am debating some things around it and i am kinda in that area of things.
  9. I dislike chess because my ability to foresee that i lost is way better than actually planning how to win.
  10. Just a random guess but maybe your problem is with the game's/monitor's resolution, here are two posts THAT might help, but its a total guess from my side https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/186591-black-screen/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/137472-11-fresh-install-black-screen/ or this Add -popupwindow to the start up Properties>Stet launch options Again its just a random google search , hopefully thats your problem
  11. I can sleep 3-4 hours max without waking up due to health issues(due to my own stupidity when i was weight lifting, too many nasty stuff shallowed) Do you think i can achieve some satisfaction by building stuff in games? I am not sure about that, i been wondering how real or if its just an illusion from building stuff in games compared to real life One of my main goals is to overcome my mental problems by myself. I feel the struggle and journey to achieve that is pure and more rewarding than to surrender to a different persons perspective and mutilate my own reasoning and my pe
  12. Those mods, that amount of fairings/parts and those specs, low RAM etc...i am gonna cast my vote and say that lag is your laptop crying for help.
  13. That really hit me, you are so right on this, i get now what you meant before.I love that statement You are correct on the job thing and the free time, when i was working full time, coming back home and playing it was almost ceremonial, was really fun. I have no physical hobbies but i love dystopian books/movies/games, i have no ''real life'' friends and i honestly have zero interest in activities, they just don't ring a bell, like since forever. True true, its like when you suffer from dehydration you need to drink slowly, i think thats the main mistake i did when i got a
  14. The Scatterer mod creator said he fixed it with 4 lines of code and he submitted the fix to the devs. Hopefully next patch will be fixed for us that want to avoid visual mods, main reason is the perfomance cost, the mod is great though and you can turn many features off ingame to make it lighter.
  15. Have you ever tried this, its a bit outdated but it still might work, backup first as with every new mod install.
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