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  1. True it did let me down, although it was one of the most happiest letdowns, so all good .
  2. Use the Abort Action Group for the tower if it needs only one ''stage'' to work! Its default key its backspace and feels really good to use it .I think you can also click the alarm button at the top of the screen(Again mind foggy, still havent slept ). Right click to see if you can disable Staging in some parts of it, so they dont appear along the others. If it needs more ''stages'', try putting them in high numbers 8,9 etc in action group .
  3. I am kinda this new game(not KSP2), the one we talking about here, will be made by the people who sold Squad or it will be made by Take Two's Squad?
  4. You need to use SAS as a guide and not lock to prograde as the post above me said. Launching and following the prograde is not a good idea, you will eventually loose control.Just stay a bit above it and adjust slightly. Make the SAS follow your guidance and not the other way.
  5. Uhh its late sorry, i just read the version of your game.I am probably wrong
  6. I havent used that mod for a while but it looks to me you are trying to put stuff into the new stock Inventory window thats only for the new science parts. Which i doubt it will work.There should be a different menu for these mods.Right? Againt havent used them for a while.
  7. Sometimes in official threads i see people posting their creations in full album size. For me its a bit weird while reading about an update and the discussion around it to see some full sized album reply showing off personal creations(which most times are trully amazing). I understand the pleasure to share off a nice looking creations but i never really felt the itch to do it in an official thread that needs more ''relative'' discussion in general. Its not a big a deal and i am not trying to be toxic, it just tickles me when i see it and i wanted to share it.Thats all .
  8. It happens sometimes but only when something is not triggered/staged the right way/order. For example if you are in Stage 1 and trigger something from stage 3 or 4 with an action group number or manually(NOT with spacebar) then when you hit the spacebar, it will trigger everything from the stage you ''accidentally'' triggered something. So make sure you have everything in order and if you have to then put more stages to single out action group uhh actions that you dont want to overlap. I hope i made some sense!Its late .
  9. What exactly is the glitch? Are you on Steam?If yes try Validating the game files and disable the Cloud Saving. You can find both from Steam Library->Right Click on Kerbal->Properties.
  10. Your craft is maybe consider debris if it has no probe control.To fix this go to tracking station, select the craft and at right double click its name and change the vessel type. 1)You can also use alt+f12 to cheat rendervouz/orbit to compensate about unfortunate events/bugs. Use Time Warp to stop it spinning if it doesnt have a command probe and you bump with it.
  11. A strategy/resource/management KSP, top down view and all of that. Please haha .That would be something awesome .
  12. You make some very good points.Shame they didnt pick Unreal but, again only from what i heard, using Unreal for these type of games requires HEAVY changes and getting deep into difficult areas of programming. That means more hours, more staff, more complications, more almost everything. Maybe i am wrong but i feel like Unreal its like a super wild beast that if you manage to tame it becomes vastly superior than almost any other engine. But how many resources are they willing to spend?And yeah its confirmed Unity as the post above me said.
  13. I am a bit scared!And anxious!Please make a worthy sequel!Good luck!
  14. wow, nice!!!!!What a great surprise!!!!I am sure its gonna be great!!!These are amazing news!
  15. Have you tried to open the debug menu and hit clear input logs? I think its ALT+FN+F12 to open cheat menu in Mac, not sure though.