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  1. You are very close to the main concern for this game/company. Did you know a fun fact, the majority of people that played Witcher 3 did not finish the Main story line. (that's confirmed by CD PROJEKT RED statistics). The company said they maybe made it too long but the truth is, putting a lot of stuff in a game doesn't necessarily make it a good one.
  2. Here is 1 hour gameplay, mostly spoiler free, from a demo they gave to content creators https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTqGdQ_7MPA&t=2405s It won't be for years to come, i think That price, probably 2022 Summer
  3. Uhhhh you mean you haven't seen any of the videos and ads that they cost maybe even more than the development of the game? Or you mean, you are cautious and want to see the actual game because it might be overhyped?
  4. Have you played Titanfall 2? Its pretty solid, the campaign could be a bit longer but its a fun ride.
  5. I tried Halo games with the xbox game pass, please don't hate me...i just....i can't get into it, i mean the feeling of how you move and shoot, not the story that i am sure its amazing. Same goes with Gears of War, i just don't like it.
  6. I found this gem of discount, it has all Homeworlds(1 and 2), and you can also get a crazy deal with the desert one as well.Crazy discounts...i am buying it for sure. https://store.steampowered.com/app/244160/Homeworld_Remastered_Collection/
  7. I think they said/meant you will be able to weld docking ports wherever you want them to link and dock them in the traditional way. From my understanding it won't be possible to weld/link two crafts with the engineer.
  8. Did you know you can clip two cargo bays or even more to make an even bigger one? And doesn't look or feel cheaty, its almost by design, just try to clip two with open cargo bays and eventually you will see what i mean .
  9. I am not well informed but i think they said they will be a progression type of a system that has to do with colonies. So i am guessing to go further to the endgame you will have to slowly colonize your way to there.
  10. What do you mean? From the beta menu you can select even versions from years and years ago. Except if you mean something else.'
  11. Does it have any Singleplayer value?
  12. Let me solve everything, don't put voice and everyone can imagine their own favourite person in their head narrating while watching a cool animated sketch with subtitles.
  13. Same here, browsing for two days and i can't find a good discount. Hades is interesting, maybe next discount season, hopefully.
  14. Yeah i think that's normal behavior even with stock versions of the game Just checking, do you know about Advanced Tweakables and Autostruts? Modded Kerbal needs more memory and more CPU, SSD helps but its not the priority. For me nothing can replace what Kerbal can offer, not even Kerbal 2
  15. Steam sale has started. Post here if you want to share an interesting game/discount
  16. It usually shows 1 corrupted to me as well everytime i verify, i don't think that's the issue.
  17. Yeah i was like, hmm no one is replying or voting, this must be the wrong place, was kinda funny and a bit sad at the same time .
  18. I am not gonna lie, i was having a bad morning...but not anymore!!! This will be definitely an amazing update! Thank you so much, my mind is bursting of things to do when this one drops! And worth mentioning not only we get free goodies but those without DLC get it too...that's double cool.
  19. It made a lot of a sense, hopefully in the future we will get more usage from this system and maybe...gulp...maybe...an optional light life support system
  20. Extensive repairs should cost you something, which game mechanic you would use? I am guessing/hoping we will be able to repair more stuff in the future, how would you balance that?
  21. I want so badly to hit that buy button but i am so scared it's gonna be a ''mediocre'' mix of Witcher 3 and a futuristic GTA. Will you buy it? Do you think its gonna be a masterpiece? Are you worried its gonna fail and be just another ''good'' game?
  22. I know, its just hard and also ops unfortunate choice of word used
  23. No offence to the big old U S A but many European countries are doing full lockdowns and mandatory mask everywhere, everywhere. It will be almost a month of full lockdown, i was just hoping for a short pause to take a breather but i am not very optimistic anymore.
  24. Guys, do you think European lockdowns will temporarily stop for Christmas, around 15th December, I don't know anymore, especially after Toronto went in lockdown, this might mean the world is preparing for a Christmas quarantine I hope they do even for a little to get some money moving around...
  25. I have so many abandoned rovers that lost their solar panels and went dark....i can't wait to bring them back to life
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