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  1. I like how the slow stream of new information leads to some very interesting and extremely in depth analyses of various subjects that otherwise would be sideswiped from the hype.

    So i guess there is always a uhhh bright side to everything...

  2. 14 hours ago, Starwaster said:

    It's not simulating reality.

    It's broken. It's a bug. It's defective.

    You can never tell with @kerbiloid comments, it is a mystery what he really means.

    Serious, sarcastic, both or whatever else? I am always confused, in this case i am going to go with sarcastic/funny  :P

    But yeah it is a bug and it is broken but i am thankful we got that workaround update on what it seems to be a VERY tough or impossible problem to solve 100%.

  3. 22 minutes ago, capybara said:

    Hi, thanks for the help. Unfortunately i tried this and it has not fixed it. It got a lot worse, a video will be below...

    That's unfortunate, probably a mod is interfering/overwriting some of those settings, maybe someone else can help with list of mods/log or something, good luck :).

  4. 13 hours ago, capybara said:

    Hey Everyone, i have a glitch with shadows. It just flickers them. It's a lot worse with max facility. Also on HullCamVDS it flickers black and white, i think its related to the shadow glitch because it stops flickering at a certain altitude. My mod folder, log and video of the flickering will be below.

    KSP Log - https://www.mediafire.com/file/xbj5xm2x6t6urn8/KSP.log/file

    Mod list- https://i.gyazo.com/16573aea1c070d023fadc83dd6ba6d2b.png

    Flickering Video - 

    This might be the common stock bug, there is a community fix if that's your problem:


    In the settings.cfg file find these settings and make sure they all = 1.


  5. 11 hours ago, Haguruma said:

    is this a bug?

    Did you save with hacked gravity and then tried to load that save?

    Probably not your problem but generally saving while the gravity is hacked and loading that save might lead to some kraken stuff happening, not only to that vessel but to the whole game.

    I never really tested it out but its one of my biggest rules, before saving i always bring the gravity back to normal.

  6. 2 hours ago, DahbixLP said:

    but missiles just all not one at a time! Thank you!

    I am happy that it works, if you right click the missiles do they have a Remove from Symmetry button?

    Then you can put each missile in a different action group, its a stock feature after you place something in symmetry you can click that and treat each part individually.

  7. 50 minutes ago, Nate F said:

    Yeah, it's listed as a gamepad, but there aren't any options to adjust sensitivity or dead zones.

    I did have it going through a hub, but switched it back down to one of the mother board USB inputs thinking that may have been the issue, but nope.

    The weird thing is that this only happens in KSP, not anywhere else.

    Not tried the 3rd party route yet...

    Check this post i found, far chance but:

    You may be pressing Alt key for something during flight, which is used to trim the craft. Alt+X is default to reset trim.

    If it's not the case, and you have joystick plugged in, try restarting the game without it and see if it was the problem.

    Maybe a mod like this to help?


  8. 16 hours ago, DahbixLP said:

    Hello! I am using the Thrustmaster T.Flight Stick X and I want to battle with it! I can fly but I want to fire guns/missiles (BDArmory) But I do not know how to set a button on the joysick to do that! Well I do but not how to set it to LMB(fire)! Thanks in advance! (KSP 1.9.0) 

    I don't have any experience with that mod but if you can put its guns/missiles/parts in actions groups then you can change ingame the input keys for those action groups(numbers by default) to whichever button you want.

    Again no idea how this mod runs but if i had to guess i would do it somehow like that but...then you could only trigger them once? Sry bit of a random advice and probably wrong but just an idea i had.

  9. 2 hours ago, Nate F said:

    If I unplug the joystick it doesn't seem to happen anymore. Tried re-binding (a few times) but no luck. Steam doesn't give me any options in big picture mode for joystick dead zones, it seems...just options to set up a gamepad.

    Has anyone else ever had this issue? It's so frustrating because it's difficult to replicate, it just happens at seemingly random times.

    It doesn't show in Steam as a gamepad?

    Does it happen when you change the throttle? Maybe there is some weirdness there?

    Do you have your joystick connected to a usb hub? 

    Its super rare but sometimes if it doesn't get enough power weird things can happen but  i don't know.

    Some use 3rd party programs to fine adjust these things but i have no idea if its a good thing to do.

  10. 7 hours ago, king of nowhere said:

    and before I can get control back, it's lost all its speed.

    Yeah the switching navball is a pain sometimes, a small tip when the switch happens you can tap once F to quickly clear/reset the SAS holding without disabling/enabling SAS when the switch happens to minimize some loss.

    I can't remember but at the very start while you are ascending if you manually switch to orbit speed and then back to surface will it still change itself or it will keep the choice you made earlier, 

    probably it will still change itself, been a while, just started my new career, i am so rusty.

  11. On 7/31/2021 at 11:11 PM, C128user said:

    I have noticed a really bothersome effect in the VAB after upgrading to 1.12.1.  When I try to click once on any parts/tanks/engines etc. on the parts section after selecting a pod or payload, I hear a double click, and that part becomes the "parent", and in some cases will not attach to the pod/payload.  I did not notice it right away because I had been launching previously constructed rockets (practicing landing on Mun), but now wanted to do new construction and getting this weird thing.  I have only the base program, no DLC's, and running on Windows 8.1.

    You probably clicking the shortcut for the Root Mode, go to Main Menu Settings->Input->Game->Editor->Root Mode

    and change that key to something else or remove it, its 4 by default which is weird why this is happening to you.

    The double sound must be that sound when you change root.

  12. 5 minutes ago, antipro said:

    Thanks but this is quite well known.
    However this doesn't help at all: I was asking how to know the creation date of the career file, in order to know how many days have passed since I started my career.

    Edit* sry my bad, didn't read carefully and this was already answered as well, time to get some sleep :D .

  13. Hello, i am starting a new career and i though i should share the spreadsheet i have created to keep track of my progress and all the mission logs, science stuff and well pretty much everything.

    Hopefully i get some feedback and maybe even give some ideas here and there.

    This is like my 10th attempt to make it and it still has some critical parts that are unfinished.

    Thanks, hope you like it!


  14. 27 minutes ago, Wobbly Av8r said:

    Well, I re-engineered the vessel - I even unstaged the fairing but found out that the transition to [the problem] occurs immediately after I pick up a stranded scientist and EVA the Kerbal to an empty EAS-1 seat that is located in the payload bay - the moment I clicked on "Board EAS-1 seat", the staging status on the left goes into the "You have two stage 4's that are both empty" as described above, and opening up that seat again does not change it back. Funny thing was that didn't happen the first time I picked up the stranded Kerbal... maybe things changed when I updated to 1.11.2?  I was previously running 10.2 prior to the upgrade...

    Hmm interesting, taking a wild guess here, it sounds like maybe a physics related bug/problem.

    Try before EVA or emptying the seat to time warp for few seconds and then do the transitions and see if it happens again.

    Time warping for just a tiny bit usually normalizes any physics wonkiness...but ofcourse maybe your problem is something entirely different, maybe a bug with the seat.

    Are you using heavy or root autostruts?If yes try sticking with grandparent ones, they attract the kraken less.

    Maybe a log or something but i have no idea how to read those, someone else might help.

  15. Hello, i want to move some crafts to a new folder i made but i can't figure out how.

    Is there a way to do it through the ingame menu? I feel like i am missing something simple :D .


    *Edit i found a way although i wonder if there is something simplier, if you hover in the Save button the folders appear in a drop down menu and you can save again the vessel to the new folder but you also have to delete the original in default but anyways.

  16. 8 hours ago, maddog59 said:

    Thanks for the quick responses. In my case, I wasn't anywhere near the mining unit or the associated rover in the interval between leaving it operating and when I came back to get it converting the ore to fuel. I was on and around Kerbin, preparing a fleet of vehicles to go to Duna. Maybe three or four game days. 

    I'll check out the ground anchor ... hadn't heard of it before, but sounds interesting. 

    Much obliged!

    If you place the drills higher so only the very end goes underground it will prevent/reduce the bouncing effect, it might feel a bit unrealistic but Kerbal drills have that kerbal magic.

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