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  1. It's been a while but i had similar experiences, i think that sound is the fairing being re-deployed breaking the staging and maybe even detaching some parts causing debris/confusion to the game. Putting the fairing deploy in an action group and removing it from staging prevents this from happening if that's what you experiencing.
  2. I don't mind loosing few action groups and minor things like that. As long as the crafts load normally after removing it, i am sure most will be fine having this much needed fix. I think there is some misfire from how we feel about this major bug and where these feelings are being directed. I hope it works, i am trying to be as much positive i can be, especially when someone tries to help.
  3. Dropping a fix so fast its amazing, few bumps here and there are even welcomed, don't mind at all, this is a pesky bug to deal with! Can you explain a bit what that means from a player's perspective? I kinda understand the problems surrounding the other mods working with this one. When and IF the official fix comes and we remove this mod what will happen to our launched crafts? Will they be safe from the mighty kraken?
  4. Thanks for doing this, hopefully testing goes well, good luck!
  5. Anyone tested this with 1.12? I am going to try it tomorrow with the last Kerbal patch, hopefully it works, i love this mod .
  6. They have so many smart and great people working on this, if there were few problems here and there they should have been able to fix them. Maybe the whole project is just not there yet, hasn't reached an acceptable state and they need more time to work on this. Time i doubt they will ever get with all the deadlines and pressure.
  7. Shadows flickering bug. There is a community solution, its a stock bug, scatterer used to fix it as well. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/195975-shadow-flickering-problem/ In the settings.cfg file find these settings and make sure they all = 1. SHADOWS_FLIGHT_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_KSC_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_TRACKING_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_EDITORS_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_MAIN_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_DEFAULT_PROJECTION = 1
  8. That is ''normal'' with Kerbal 1-2 files are always needed to validate. Try disabling cloud saving that might be the cause of some problems, its rare but worth a try especially with heavy modded installs.
  9. That's so high, isn't that close to the safe limit of that card? Do you have any ''heavy'' games to see if it still reaches such high temperatures just in case its a problem with your overall cooling or overclocking etc. I haven't seen many posts with this problem, hopefully its something else and not the games fault.
  10. Is your 3060 EVGA? I read this interesting article for an unrelated game https://www.pcgamer.com/evga-confirms-new-world-rtx-3090-rmas/ Try turning Vsync on and/or limit your max fps, cap them to around 60 and see if it helps. Most mods affect mainly CPU but i guess maybe some visual ones may affect GPU, its not really bad if GPU is utilized but i understand the worry.
  11. That's a good point and makes total sense otherwise they wouldn't have any effect on the vessel rigidness. I wonder if that part of calculations is lighter or heavier than the visual struts. I might try wherever i can to disable some struts, i do need any cpu improvement i can get. I forgot about the drift problem, also autostruts don't go through the ports for now, waiting for the next patch to fix that.
  12. Are you on Steam? If yes try Verifying files, right click on Kerbal->Properties->Local Files. After that you can click Kerbal in library then at the right there is a DLC section, you can click Manage my DLC and see if there selected. Also try disable cloud saving just in case.
  13. If i had to guess its a Unity Engine problem/limitation so they basically trying to work around that but doing this with docking ports seems so risky, i don't get it... especially since we know robotics drift problem for a while now. Hopefully they revert or fix it for good...i would prefer the first option myself or at least gives us both variants of docking ports.
  14. Haven't even launched the game for this exact reason, me and my autrostruts go a long way back, no way i am playing without them and also don't want to miss the new content, so no Kerbal for now .
  15. Maybe if KSP2 gets delayed for few more months(hopefully it doesn't) we might get something.
  16. I hope they fix it but its going to be so difficult.Maybe just revert to the older docking ports as you said, or at least give us the option to choose both versions. I don't know much but it doesn't seem that the klaw and robotics use any similar function but might be wrong.
  17. Autostruts are our magic saviors, they don't add to the part count which is the main reason for CPU maxing out and having low frames. GPU being close to 100% is not a bad thing, it means its been utilized and even taking some load off your CPU, sometimes its better to increase GPU intensive settings for that reason. The ''normal'' visual struts do add to the part count so preferably you should mainly use autostruts. A good trick i learned mainly for bases but also stations is to have more of them with fewer parts and not one big craft. So for example for bases, inside the physical range its better to have multiple bases than one single base even if they have overall the same part count.
  18. So in these scenarios lets say the original vessel is rotating at a certain way. Is it possible that after the separations happen, very gently as said above, all the individual parts to start drift off at the same/close rate. Or it would be pretty much a randomized chaos?
  19. Have you made a pact with the Kraken? Using all heavy.......no no no haha, i bet thats why its bending like that. Its better to go full spam grandparent part than heavy or root. Maybe have one or two heavy, the end goal with autostruts is your vessel to become a grandparent tree branch. Your program is living on edge for sure if you go all heavy!
  20. I love Kerbal Reusability mod, the landing legs are so good. I am not saying its super easy but you can definitely land back boosters with some waste of DV and even without the mod legs you can land on engines. Get the rocket around 90-100k apoapsis, as soon as you reach upper atmosphere separate and start an ''aggressive'' circularization of the payload/stage. You should have enough time to get the second stage and payload in orbit and switch back to booster before it even reaches 70k height. Switch to the booster and land back or boost your orbit and land at that middle spot, it gets quite manageable after few efforts. To land easier you better waste some fuel and have some airbrakes, its not easy to manually suicide burn so zeroing the horizontal/vertical speed few hundred meters above surface is a bit unrealistic but it helps a lot. An easy way to zero those speeds is to hold retrograde with SAS and the moment the retro marker goes crazy its the sweet spot, you then let the rocket gain some speed and bit of final burn, you landed, or exploded. Good luck!
  21. Looks like a warp gate cool cool. If you are using autostruts in a complicated vessel like that, especially heavy and root that might also be the cause of docking ports bending. They are extremely helpful but sometimes hard to deal with.
  22. Try lowering that a bit, it might be they magnetize so fast that the game doesn't catch up and do it right. It also could be that the two vessels you dock have very different masses and a combination of the above.
  23. Don't be mad at me, its probably not that but just in case...did you press Numlock key for any reason? That toggles the keypads factions.I haven't heard any issues with quicksaving, myself i been waiting for the next patch to play Kerbal again.
  24. Is this the Shadows flickering problem? I was wondering if it got fixed If it is here is a community solution, its a stock bug, scatterer used to fix it as well. In the settings.cfg file find these settings and make sure they all = 1. SHADOWS_FLIGHT_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_KSC_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_TRACKING_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_EDITORS_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_MAIN_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_DEFAULT_PROJECTION = 1
  25. Blaarkies mention of hdmi cable isn't far stretched, might be time to replace that cable, it is possible. Good luck!
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