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  1. Try opening the debug/cheat menu(Alt+F12) and use the cheat to fully upgrade the facilities, that might fix it for good.
  2. Hopefully someone who can read logs will reply to you, until then here couple random things you can try: Go to AMD software and select High Performance for all Kerbal exe applications, do the same in windows display settings. Try lowering the graphic settings, especially the texture one. Make sure in windows settings the dedicated graphic card is set to your Amd and if you can disable its software and/or install older drivers.
  3. I am a bit disappointed with most of the KSP2 related posts. KSP has many flaws, no one denies that. But there is no need for this overhype crusade that makes KSP look like an empty shell and a broken game. KSP2 will do this, KSP2 will do that, KSP2 will be the game that we so desperately need. Hopefully it will be a great game but why all this effort to diminish KSP just to build up more unhealthy hype. Wait, be patient, don't succumb to this need to have the next great thing. I truly hope everything goes well and KSP2 is great, just...ugh...this tendency lately everyone saying KSP is so bad, KSP2 will fix it. Overhyping never ends well and bashing the original game its just not fair.
  4. My best guess since you using laptop you having issues with the game using the onboard gpu and not your amd. I don't remember how to fix that if it is even that, but google might pop up some solutions. Like with amd program force this application to use your card or something like that.
  5. There is a real sandbox mode. Start A Career Save and use the Alt+F12 debug/cheat menu to give yourself whatever and whenever you want. You can quicksave/quickload to do diffferent R&D levels and set of parts and etc.
  6. After you select 1.11.2 you close the window with X and steam will download the files needed. So i am guessing you already in the version you want.(can check main menu for version) No need to enter a code or anything. Make notice though saves that are loaded/saved in the latest version are not fully backwards compatible. Make sure you backup your saves away from steam to avoid this issue.
  7. This looks like a Planet Shine problem, i think i remember a similar thread. I am not sure if it is connected but there is a stock bug called Shadows Flickering. Usually Scatterer had a fix for it but lately i am seeing more and more posts about people with Scatterer that face this problem. Here is the community fix, you might give it a try although it might not work anymore or some mods override it: Changes in settings.cfg: SHADOWS_FLIGHT_PROJECTION = 0 SHADOWS_KSC_PROJECTION = 0 SHADOWS_TRACKING_PROJECTION = 0 SHADOWS_EDITORS_PROJECTION = 0 SHADOWS_MAIN_PROJECTION = 0 SHADOWS_DEFAULT_PROJECTION = 0 To: SHADOWS_FLIGHT_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_KSC_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_TRACKING_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_EDITORS_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_MAIN_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_DEFAULT_PROJECTION = 1
  8. I feel you, fighting through root parts, decouplers and multiple staging its almost an impossible task to calculate Dvs, most of the times even KER and Mechjeb will give up. My advice is cheat orbit the vessel and create a ridiculous high maneuver and see how much Dv you covered, i know its not the best but that's how i overcome this problem.
  9. I am going to give it a try, although its rather an impossible task since its something objective and we both have already settled in directly opposite views, so its more like an argument rather than a debate. But for the sake of trying here is one of my older posts that i feel managed to capture most of my concerns: Ideally in a game like Kerbal you want to create the best tools for the players to express their creativity and their ability to overcome obstacles, always maintaining ease of access. This requires a long period of development time and of course a lot of money. Neither of those are provided nowadays, there is an immense pressure to release early and usually get underpaid. Realistically and i can't stress this enough, i hope i am wrong, there isn't gonna be enough time to create what is needed to support multiple playstyles. So you probably gonna focus in a certain playstyle to be the best at it. Filling the game with modular designs. These wings for example, you are encouraged to miss the opportunity to learn and experiment how flight control surfaces work. Of course it's an amazing way to optimize and solve so many problems current Kerbal has, but even if we get some limited customizing options the experience will be subpar. Lets go even further, exploring and colonizing multiple planets, the rockets, the stations, the bases. Pre-made modular designs, with a few options to personalize them and some few variations of a ''pseudo'' evolve roadmap that will give you a sense that things progress, magically appearing and changing, through invisible deliveries of upgrades inside our favorite containers. Variations that will consume most of the dev time so there will be not enough time to create a more personalized open-world experience in crafting. So eventually the game will become more of a management style instead of actually creating your own space fairing civilization. Again this is only a concern, i do not know what will happen, and even it happens it doesn't mean it will be a bad game, just a different game.
  10. I never questioned or polled if anyone would prefer an endless development of Kerbal 1.0 but i can see the why it would be interpreted like that. I think its because i wasn't very clear and also i feel its really hard to fight through all the emotions and evade all the hope and hype for Kerbal 2 to actually understand my concerns.
  11. Sorry if i am being a bit rude but you make me question if you read what you quote.
  12. I made this post because i am concerned KSP 2 will stray away from the recipe that makes Kerbal great. There are many sequels that have a negative impact on their originals and diminish their greatness. I didn't make this post to question if we had enough updates or not, that's at least for me is out of debate, we got so much more than i ever expected and i will be always grateful and fulfilled in that area.
  13. That's a very good point, like it was planned to overlap but due to the various troubles and delays brought us here, to a gap. Wait what? How does that clarify your point? All of these games are made and maintained by huge publishers, they re not ''indie'', i am confused. You say only in hindsight but i don't see anyone being cautious about KSP 2, its the same pattern, the need for something to be good fogs our ability to criticize and be cautious. So many new games are defended because we need them to be good but which of them are truly are.
  14. There are several games that focus on releasing DLC's and upgrading their game engines, i am sure its not the best profit you can make and as i said its a dream case scenario where you please both the customer and the company which is a rare occasion i know.Its more like of something i wish it could work but as i said, yeah i agree its an extremely difficult thing to do. I doubt any of that is true, did you not see how troubled was the start of KSP 2 development? Do you think it was all smooth like you describe it and everything went according the plan? To me it looked as it was pretty messy and all sides were pressured and thankfully somehow it all sorted out, and that's why we see this alignment taking place. Of course its good for KSP 2 and the many many of the people working in these two games. But i have no clue where you sourcing that whole dreamy idea of everything was planned and laid out perfectly.
  15. Yeah i agree on that, it will be insanely hard to be sustainable, but still i think it can somehow work as a best case scenario for the consumer and the company. That's extremely infuriately wrong. Huge publishers like Electronic Arts buy out studios, and like vultures they tear them up, they disassemble any original mechanics, they basically play Frankenstein and in the end they create multiple average games with no passion and nothing to represent that magic that it makes you want these games. You love someone's original idea and creation but you want someone else to steal it and make it....''better'' And that someone else is a titan company, being super greedy and not really caring about what you hoping for. How often does that end well in the gaming industry?
  16. Sometimes i wonder if KSP 2 was never planned, if KSP would continue to develop through engine upgrades and DLC's. Now with KSP 2, what if this game fails or even if it has considerable success, will it ever become the KSP we enjoy and spend endless hours?
  17. Yes, like weekly showcasing the best mods and/or crafts on Steam and here, like The Daily Kerbal threads but for mods and creations.
  18. Maybe there should be a small redesign on forums to promote and somehow motivate more all the amazing mod creators, i don't know how exactly but it would be nice to see some added support to the modding community, its going to be a long ride till KSP2 and things like that would definitely ease that transition.
  19. I am gonna be honest i feel mostly sadness, i don't care about KSP2, its way too early for that, no way its gonna release in an enjoyable state anytime soon.
  20. I wish you the best! Kerbal is an amazing game, i...was also kinda expecting this but it doesn't make it easier, so many feelings. Thank you for all this content in the last patch...every single one of them is amazing and most off them heavily requested. Alarm clock, Maneuver planner oh my, thank you!
  21. I don't fully understand but the game/save never ends, even if you unlock everything, you can keep going and going and....anyways.
  22. This is a known issue, especially when you change the stages after you launch, my advice is if you have many stages with multiple decouplers/fairings you should use the Action Groups for staging, and now that you can edit the action groups on flight you don't have to worry about not using them for other things. After you do that you know with certainty when you hit each number what is gonna happen.
  23. Its a bit weird that we needed an official response to clarify that fireworks are not the whole update. We getting all these cool stuff and from what it looks even more, every bit matters, someone worked to create these fireworks and make them look awesome. Not to mention its not a paid DLC and personally even if it was i wouldn't mind.
  24. I said ''rare'', we will still need to harvest resources but we will be able to use the most common ones, like water and process them depending what we need. I really hope so as well but i think space will be filled with robots and automated factories supervised by maybe 50-100 people at a time and maybe not even all the time, just for service visits or difficult repairs.
  25. I strongly believe that any mineable/harvestable resource outside our planet will never be used in a meaningful way back to Earth(ground not orbit). If we somehow reach a level of technology that makes the whole thing sustainable then we probably would have reached a point that we don't need 'rare'' resource deposits.
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