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  1. I think this is right, replaced when Making History dropped: The decoupler is replaced by the new TD-12 Decoupler. The TR-18A Stack Decoupler is a Decoupler that allows for staging rockets vertically and in sequence. If you need to complete a contract then the Alt+F12->Contrats debug menu can help you complete it.
  2. Have you tried quicksaving and quickloading to see if you can gain control? If you hit Alt+F12 and Clear Input locks does it help?
  3. If a docking attempt fails sometimes you need to move back a bit and get some distance and then attempt again or else it won't dock, just go back 50-100 meters to reset and you should be fine. Btw small extra tip, your top docking port has Z-Fighting issues, do you see how it blends weird with your craft, in editor if you move the docking just a tiny bit up and separate it just enough you wont have that z-fighting effect.
  4. As Curveball Said, definitely CKAN for new to installing mods, If you google Kerbal how to install mods, you gonna get various results, i found these two guides, they are well written but take notice they need their patience and some mods listed might be outdated:
  5. There is no such thing as enough money, thats the unfortunate glory of capitalism. We shouldn't be naive or over romantic, he is definitely manipulating and investing in this image of the savior of mankind. But is it him you should blame? He is determined and wants to achieve his known and unknown goals or at least get close to, he is trying to move giants obstacles around him to achieve his dreams, he is not gonna do it with only a '' i have a dream''. If you want to blame someone you should blame the system he is forced to work with and against.
  6. First of all...thats an amazing craft, love it This is a known stock bug, reported in bugtracker so many times, there is a community fix, Scatterer mod also fixes it or at least it used to, i seen some reports it doesn't anymore but not sure. Changes in settings.cfg: SHADOWS_FLIGHT_PROJECTION = 0 SHADOWS_KSC_PROJECTION = 0 SHADOWS_TRACKING_PROJECTION = 0 SHADOWS_EDITORS_PROJECTION = 0 SHADOWS_MAIN_PROJECTION = 0 SHADOWS_DEFAULT_PROJECTION = 0 To: SHADOWS_FLIGHT_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_KSC_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_TRACKING_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_EDITORS_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_MAIN_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_DEFAULT_PROJECTION = 1
  7. Just to clarify i never said its his statement, its how i understand when he said would like to die on Mars. And lastly, pondering what you achieved in your life in the place where it most represents it, if he actually builds a colony there is....narcistic??? I don't understand that, i mean i can understand jealously but, anyways.
  8. I think he said/wants to go there to pass his last days or rest in peace or something while pondering what he achieved.
  9. Sometimes it feels like Musk has a mortal fear of going to space, like he feels/knows that it will be his last ever trip, at least that's how i perceive it when he answers if he will go to Mars or something like that.
  10. Can i ask why this post is pinned in KSP Discussion? Its a great post but i am kinda confused, doesn't it belong in Add ons or some other section? Edit* Oh its the thread of the month, so they get pinned for that, nvm then.
  11. Yeah i agree, i think science needs to be also cool and not be 100% perfect, like not everything has to make sense, some things are there to inspire us and give us the motivation to make more, SpaceX is doing it for sure but there are so many people oh this doesn't make sense, this has no such purpose, this is not designed for that.
  12. Thank you that got me closer to what i was looking for. A fast search with that and already found a cool video.
  13. Thanks for the replies, i tried finding videos but not luck, maybe i am looking too specific and its somewhere in a different titled video. I am so curious to see up close how these bolts hold the rockets, i can't recall seeing any images or videos of that, i mean generally not the moment they launching.
  14. If you are on steam cut/paste the edited file somewhere else and then verify game files, then you should have the original version and you can copy it somewhere else to have the reference.
  15. You turn it off, its not really a bad idea as long you know what you are doing and have an anti virus or even windows defender. Or as Mythos said you install on another place and see if that fixes it.
  16. Is there a video or a post explaining how a rocket is kept in the launchpad and what holds it right before the engines fire and eventually what happens at those moments? I am interested more in general but if its like for a specific rocket its okay eitherway.
  17. I think the usefulness of a new part or a new gameplay mechanic is mainly determined by our limits of imagination, especially in open ended games like Kerbal. You can for example make weaponish creations, especially if you don't want to download BdArmory, you can use them as missiles/bombs or flares. i see many customizable options so its probably gonna be used in more ways and if you like roleplaying a bit you can probably expand their uses even further. Lastly i am pretty sure mod creators will be more than happy to actually have stock parts like these ones so they can create even more amazing stuff.
  18. I had a similar problem with saving and it was an option on windows called controlled folder access that prevented me from actually saving in some games. I don't think thats your case but you might want to search if some other program or windows is preventing you from writing new files.
  19. Yeah but i think sometimes it bugs out especially if you editing an already saved subassembly and it doesn't give you the error message and/or it makes you feel like it saved, its been a while i might be super wrong.
  20. I think it has to do something about the root part, it needs to change for some reason to actually save, even if it looks like it saved, something like that, been a while i had the same issue.
  21. Are you on Steam? Do you have cloud saving enabled? That might be the cause. Do you have an antivirus active scan or something enabled? I doubt it but it might flag them as harmful.
  22. I don't know if thats related but i read similar problems that had to do with KSP picking the on board graphic card as default and not the correct one and that is causing problems.
  23. I had a similar problem a long time ago and the problem was an Option called Windows Controlled Folder access. I turned that off and i could save again, or it might be related to Steam cloud saving but i doubt it.
  24. When i look the imgur is exactly the problem i faced and those changes fixed it, in game options do you have the celestial bodies casting self shadows, maybe a mod overrides what scatterer does or maybe its something else but this looks exactly like the flickering shadows bug.
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