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  1. Hey everyone, i am considering to start a save without the ability to convert ore to fuel. I am just wondering how far can i go and how hard it will be.I like the idea of limiting myself to current space technology but i am afraid of how hard this challenge would be.
  2. The cross is there bit small but still it helps a lot.
  3. I ll try and find it, didn't look that into it.Well yeah in game not in map.
  4. Does it work with 1.3? Not sure but i think Trajectories doesn't have the white cross which makes it insanely hard to predict where exactly you land. I ll have to check it out though maybe there is a newer version.
  5. Hey everyone, i am searching of any tips or ''simple designs'' for landing vertical in steep areas with stock legs. Here is my latest weird attempt.Just to clarify i am talking of tower vessels like Falcons. http://imgur.com/a/OE9Yy
  6. Spent the last 2 hours turning auto strut off in my stations/big ships .Once again tnx for help .
  7. Bigger doesn't always mean better.I spent many many hours trying to overpower with brute force the space enemies(gravity,aero drag etc) and even more hours fighting my desire to sent huge spaceships to do things that half a size vessel could have easily done.
  8. Thats not a bad idea Weywot, you can change the autostrut on the fly(well on space) so no need to relaunch.I ll try it, i am sure it will help, although sadly you cant change the legs not even on editor
  9. Thank you, thats actually something i totally missed(the landing leg/autostrut length). I tried the small push and switching to ksc but as soon i return to the station it ''krakens'' .
  10. Its not a mod cause it happened in vanilla too.In this picture i use the cheats in hope to keep it together, thats why it looks weird. My game is very lightly modded and these ships have not any modded parts just the core ones. Still this happens with full stock game as well.
  11. Hey everyone, is there a way to prevent this, it usually happens when i undock a vessel. Any help/suggestion/mod that can help is greatly appreciated, thank you . http://imgur.com/a/4nuFA
  12. Was hoping if i disable a crossfeed will also disable the rcs thrusters of that part but yeah, at least we have the manual way .
  13. Is there a way to disable it like the normal fuel?
  14. I was reluctant to use part mods in case they dont get updated for the next version but this mod is too good to resist! Thank you for adding reusability to kerbal!
  15. Thank you so much for this!Seeing all these great mods updated and maintained it means the world to me!
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