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  1. Well, welcome @Dexter249. We are happy to make your acquaintance. Now, get to crashing rockets into the VAB.
  2. Well no. I don't think Kerbals affect the weight of the craft once they enter. It was meant as a joke, but I could be right.
  3. Even though I posted here once, It won't stop me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA- *coughs* Gee, this cold is killing me. Anyway... Virdin the Burden's List of Things You Should Probably Do In KSP Till the End of Time: 1. Learn the importance of the F5 and F9 keys. I've seen time and time again that casual players, veterans, youtubers, anyone really, forgets the F5 and F9 key. They are there to assist you on your journey. It would be a shame to not use them. For those who've lived under a rock since 2012, the F5 key saves the exact moment in the game when you press it as a 'quicksave.' The F9 key then allows you to load that specific moment in game time if you, lets say, staged something wrong. You can go back in time, tweak the staging, and be on your merry way. So, REMEMBER IT Kiddos. It's like the Time Stone. Once you see it, you never forget it. (or Thanos goes back in time and prevents you from seeing it) 2. Don't be afraid to use physics warp. Some of you might say "Oh, that's dumb Virdin. We should NEVER use the Physics Warp! It breaks my mothership in half!" Firstly, have a brand new mothership Jimmy. Secondly, I'm taking the mothership back because of your comment, Jimmy. Physics Warp (Phys Warp) is an amazing tool when you get to know it. When piloting massive crafts, it's a big no-no, but when driving a rover, or a spacecraft that just deployed its parachutes, Physics Warp can save lots of time. I mean, who wants to wait 153.84 seconds waiting for your ship to land when going at 6.5m/s a thousand feet in the air? Nobody except a masochist that is. So, use Physics Warp. Simple as that. (You can activate phys warp by holding Alt and pushing keys 1-4) 3. When you feel bored, leave the game for an hour or so. Unless you're pulling a marathon of 8 hours of pure explosions and crash landings in the ocean, take breaks. I often leave the game for 30 minutes to an hour. It's simply good for your brain. Focusing on a single subject wears you out, it makes you lose interest until you feel it again at some point. So, why fight it? Take a load off, grab a beer (or water, don't drink beer kiddos) and listen to Eurythmics's "Sweet Dreams Are Made of These" while on your balcony. 100% Virdin Enjoyment Guarantee. 4. But what if I hate Eurythmics? You're a monster. 5. Challenge yourself. I had a friend once, and to this day he can't do it, but he never learned how to correctly pull a Hohmann transfer. This drained him severely, to the point where he wouldn't play KSP. While you could mope about because your 15th rocket snapped in half before it reached the upper atmosphere doesn't mean you should. Just keep trying. Heck, when I first bought the game, I didn't even know what a Hohmann transfer window is, and only played scenarios because I wasn't going to even TRY building a rocket. But I did, and I got better and better and better, until I could reliably traverse the Kerbol System. Don't stop there though. Spice everything up with mods, or try career mode. Better yet, just try ridiculous challenges like getting to Eeloo in a 2.3 ton craft. (Yes, someone legitimately put a car-sized and weighted object on Eeloo) In the end, you'll feel glad that you did. 6. Always seek help. While the 8th grade bully would say otherwise, asking for help IS a good thing. If you can't figure it out, and the chance that you will is near impossible, ask someone (or lots of people) if they DO know. If they don't keep trying by yourself until you don't roll snake eyes, or keep asking. You'll eventually get there. (The latter is more time-efficient) Even if that doesn't work, the 1.0 Update brought something AMAZING. Better tutorials. Go to those, and you'll probably find what you want. 7. Have fun. While this may sound cliché, having fun is the only thing you can really do at the end of the day. If a game can make me play it for 750 hours and counting, it's done a good job of entertaining me. So, be blessed young ones. Fly free. This has been "Virdin the Burden's List of Things You Should Probably Do In KSP Till the End of Time" by Virdin. Have a wonderful day. Sponsored by Vault Tec: Your new home, underground!
  4. Let's see, strapping a kerbal to a mammoth engine in a rover chair because SCIENCE, subjecting kerbals to 350G of gravity, uh... left 3 kerbals on Eve because I needed to lose weight (don't get me started on Bill, the snack killer). Stranded 16 on Laythe because they were worthless degenerates eating up all the darn food, oh yes, and purposefully screwing up a rocket to fire its parachutes on the first stage because I'm a monster. Anyways, this can go on and on and on.
  5. So, ever had a mission where you never EVER had to hit the F9 button? Ever had a mission where you remembered every single part that you need to complete the trip? Ever had a mission that gave you so much gratification that you felt like you were going to pass out from too much dopamine surging through your brain? Post those missions here. Note: None of my missions ever reached any of these criterion, because even though you can build a rocket, it doesn't mean you can fly it without a hitch.
  6. Well, my favorite way to break the Universe? Simple. Going back to version 0.13, modifying an engine part to have amazing amounts of thrust (and be very fuel-efficient) to go into the Sun. At the time, the Sun had no collision, or emitted any actual heat that could destroy the craft. So, I sent the periapsis to the core, and time warped in. I hit RIDICULOUS speeds, and eventually (in a fashion of a Danny2462 video) broke the orbits into disconnected, jumbled line segments.
  7. The most face palm worthy moment of my KSP career? That's a hard one. It would probably be the day when I landed at Duna, without parachutes. In the end, the base was larger than anticipated, stretched all the way across the crater. Hah, take that Elon Musk!
  8. Slammed his body into the ground at 2km/s. He unfortunately spagettified, giving him infinite pain and a 203G slap to the face.
  9. Basically what Danny did. Except mine were much less vigorous. But alot more...whacky...
  10. Using the power of the monoprop engine to hit my kerbal into the ocean at 0.2× the speed of light. Then my camera buggered off towards Dres.
  11. Well, I didn't do anything today, but a while ago, like a few months, I did a challenge with my friend. Get to the mun as fast as possible without cheating or abusing the weirdness of physics-less parts. I won, due to my experience in the game. He was pretty good too, but no match for me.
  12. My feelings are mostly positive. Take-Two own some brilliant games. Like Bioshock. They even Civ, my favorite game series ever. (Besides Beyond Earth...). However they're rumors spreading around. Some of them make sense. Some are outright ridiculous. But hopefully everything goes right and we get more awesome updates from you guys in the future.
  13. Why are you using alt+f4? If you force close the program like that, something is bound to happen. All I can say is remake the craft and stop force-closing the game. Go back to the main menu.
  14. Looking very optimistic about these next few months on here!